- Auluxe Acoustic

Operating voltage
AC100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz(Input)
System Type
Rated output power
Frequency Range
2.0 Channels BT Speaker
10 Watts x 2
70 -18,000 Hz
Temperature range
0 - 40 °C
Net weight
1.837 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD)
250 x 140 x 130 mm
Getting to know your product
How to connect the product
Open the box and check for the following items :
The host machine - Z 2
One power adapter
One 3.5mm audio line
One remote controller
One instruction manual
•Switch ON the unit, Power On
Connect the power cord to “DC in” on the rear panel of the speaker
system. Connect the power supply unit to a power socket.
•3.5mm AUX in
Connect the 3.5mm audio line to the “AUX in” socket on the rear panel
of the speaker system, with the other end connected to the Earphone
Output jack of your desk-top PC, NB, or any other music player. (This
audio line is not needed if Bluetooth is used for playing music.)
•Bluetooth music transmission
A light touch of this button for 2 seconds to activate Bluetooth mode;
On the unit. You then activate the BT pairing function on your smart
phone to search/connect with the “Z2” ; Then you can mat stream your
favorite music via the Bluetooth connection.
Features of Z2
Touch Panel
Aux in
How to connect the product
Effective distance for the Bluetooth receiver is 10m maximum in an
unobstructed range; it may be reduced due to obstacles between
transmitter and receiver.
【Out of range or signal interruption】
When the device is out of the range of the Bluetooth receiver, or when
any obstacle gets in the way of transmission, the connection may be
interrupted. To avoid interruption, please follow these instructions:
1. Make sure that the effective range of 10m is not exceeded, and that
no obstacle gets between the portable device and the receiver.
2. In case the portable device is moved out of the range, moving it back
into the range will resume the Bluetooth connection again.
3. In case the separation from the range is too far and the connection cannot be
resumed automatically, please the Bluetooth function key for 2secs to
activate pairing function on the unit.then to have your smart phone to
re-cinnect with Z2 device.
Touch-panel operation interface
Power Switch. Click this button to switch ON the machine. Press
again to power off.
Hands-Free. Pressing this button when the cell phone is showing
an incoming call will activate Hands-Free function, for the user to
make the call in Loudspeaker Mode. (Press again to terminate the
Click this button for 2 seconds to activate Bluetooth mode; when
flashing blue light, the machine is entering in pairing mode. The
user then activates the Z2 device of the cell phone for paring with
a Bluetooth device. the machine is connected successfully when
blue light turns steady and the system is ready for playing back
Press this button to decrease volume while playing music or in
Hands-Free mode.
Press this button to mute the sound output while playing music
or in Hands-Free mode.
Press this button to increase volume while playing music or in
Hands-Free mode.
The NFC function enables your Android smartphone to fast pair
with another Bluetooth device.
1. Switch on the NFC function of your Android smart
phone (if available).
2. Move your smartphone above the "N" logo of your
3. when a warning window pops out on your phone,select”
connect” or”confirm/ok” to complete the NFC connection.
4. You may also disconnect your device with Z2 via NFC function.
Please repeat step1 and step2 to disconnect the device.
Trouble Shooting
Touch panel is not working properly.
The sensitivity of touch panel might be affected by moist. Make sure your hand
is dry when operating Z2.
The sound comes out from Z2 is distorted when playing with Bluetooth.
Transmission of Bluetooth can be affected by microwave or other wireless
signals. When streaming music via Bluetooth, please make sure Z2 is not near
to the electronic devices like laptop, monitor, or microwave. In addition, the
optimal distance of Bluetooth transmission is about 8 meters.
NFC tag cannot trigger Bluetooth pairing.
Go to the setting page of your smart phone and make sure NFC function is
turned on before tagging.
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