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This simple timer relay is perfect for applications that require repetitive
movements between two set positions. Extension and retraction times are
easily set and any of the Actuonix 12V –S type actuators can be connected.
This type of relay will cycle at the programmed rate until power is removed.
Timer Relay Specifications
Input Voltage
Switched Current
Operating Temperature
Electrical Life:
Mechanical Life:
Time Range
Compatible Actuators
6 Amps Max.
-10°C to +50°C
100,000 Cycles
10,000,000 Cycles
Continuous Cycle
DPDT Timed Relay
0.1S – 99H
L12, L16, P16, T16 –S 12 Volt
PQ12 –S 12 Volt (requires cable adapter)
Home Automation
Hobby Applications
Industrial Test
Connect the timer relay as per the diagram on page 2. Select the extend and
retract times with the buttons above and below the digits on the display. Add
additional time if you want the actuator to remain at the respective positions
before switching direction. For example: if you set the extend time to 15
seconds, and the actuator only takes 10 seconds to fully extend, there will be
a 5 second delay before the retract starts.
Plug your timer relay into 12vdc and it will begin your programmed
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Important Notes:
The ‘-S’ series linear actuators from Actuonix have limit switches at both ends of stroke to turn off the
actuator once it has reached the limit. The timer relay will not turn off the power if it hits an obstruction
mid stroke, so if the actuator is not allowed to reach its full stroke, i.e. it stalls, it will continue to draw
power, possibly draining your battery and burning out the actuator. You should test your application to
ensure that the actuator is reaching its limit switches at each end of the stroke.
Multiple actuators may be wired in parallel to one timer control device, however the total current draw
for all the actuators must not exceed the timer units current rating and should not exceed your power
supply’s current rating.
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Wiring Diagram:
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