Rack Slide Installation

Parts List
Tools List
2 - Slide Rails
4 - End Brackets (2-long, 2-short)
2 - Bags of Assorted Nuts & Bolts
1 - Quick Connect Guide
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Chassis Trak® Rack Slides
Add Screws to Rack Post
Prepare Slide Rails for Assembly
Remove slide piece from the assembly. The remaining
assembly includes slide piece inside slide piece .
The end bracket will be added to slide piece in Step
Attach 2 Panhead screws into rack post where you want
the chassis mounted. Be sure you have measured accurately
to ensure that everything fits in the rack correctly.
Leave the screws untightened until after you place the
slide rail’s fingers (Step ) between the screws as shown.
If your rack has holes too large for the screws, you can
use the Bar Nut to secure your mounting by inserting
the Panhead screw through the rack hole and screwing
it into the Bar Nut on the reverse side of the rack post,
as shown. Notice that the holes on the Bar Nut are spaced
unevenly to accommodate different racks.
Attach Slide Rail to Rack
Attach Rail to Chassis
Attach Slide piece to the side of the chassis.
Position the spring end toward the rear of chassis.
Place as far forward as the hole alignment allows.
Attach rail section to both sides of chassis before continuing.
Attach to inside of rack with “fingers” pointing “out” and the end bracket
to the rear. Secure each Slide Mount with 4 screws as shown below.
Secure with 2 screws to both front and rear posts. After you have secured the
slide rail fingers to the rack posts, tighten the 2 screws used to attach the slide rail
to the end bracket .
Be sure to use all 4 screws in side each for added safety.
Assemble Slide Rails
Attach Chassis to Slide Rail
Extend slide piece out until the safety catch engages. Do this for both sides.
Next, insert the slide rail insde the grooves on slice part as shown. Push in
until it stops.
Measure the rack from front to back so you can confirm how long the rail
must be to fit properly.
re f
t to
Safety Catch
Next, assemble Slide piece with end bracket as shown and secure
with 2 Panhead screws and locking nut. Ensure the Phillips screw head
is located on the “open” side of the Slide pieces as shown.
Tighten finger tight only to allow for minor adjustment during assembly
in the Step .
Depending on the depth of your rack you may select either the long or the
short end bracket .
Next, press on the safety catch on slide piece and continue to push until it
stops again. Press on the safety catch again to allow the chassis to slide all the
way into the rack.
Secure the Chassis to the Rack
Use 2 Panhead screws, on
each side, to secure the
chassis to the rack as shown.
Part Number 09-09902-00 Rev A1
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