How tape storage systems can be used
by all data backup servers
IBM Enterprise Removable
Media Manager
of the resources. The solution to
these problems requires central
management of tape resources as the
basis for cross-application sharing.
IBM closes the gap!
With the IBM Enterprise Removable
Media Manager (eRMM), there is now
a solution available that meets these
requirements. eRMM is a service
offering for tape management in
Open Systems environments. Its
functions correspond to those of the
Indispensable, but with room for
DFSMSrmm used in the mainframe
optimization: Tape storage systems.
sector, i.e. storage virtualization
Tape storage systems are still a central
and enhanced media and tape
 Central management for the
part of most storage architectures.
management are now also possible
entire tape hardware and
Especially with regard to long-term
for tape backup and archiving in the
media environment
archiving of data, tape systems have
Open Systems environment.
many advantages compared to disk
systems, the most important of which is
What can IBM eRMM do?
improvement in utilization of
the possible capacity: Tape libraries
eRMM extends the range of functions
tape hardware as a result of
can comprise several dozen drives
of libraries with SCSI Media Changer,
dynamic capacity sharing
and several thousand tape cartridges.
e.g. 3584 as well as IBM 3494 and
To access these, servers and tape
Sun/StorageTek ACSLS. It uses a
libraries in modern IT environments are
virtualization layer to detach the data
applications from the tape
connected across a storage network.
backup applications from the tape
library hardware by means of
This, however, only meets the technical
library hardware – the same effect that
requirements for efficient sharing of
is achieved on disk storage systems
tape resources between different
with the help of IBM SAN Volume
 Approximately 20%
 Detachment of the data backup
backup and archiving servers to a
Controller (SVC) and IBM TotalStorage
and sharing (also across library
certain extent: For tapes, there is no
Productivity Center (TPC). The
abstraction layer, comparable to a
implementation of eRMM in the IT
Volume Manager (SAN Volume
environment of a company leads to
Controller). This means that tape
homogenization and consolidation of
resources – i.e. drives and cartridges –
the tape library infrastructure. The
can only be shared by a number of
flexibility and unrestricted scalability of
applications to a very limited degree.
the storage environment managed by
Above all data backup applications
eRMM enable users to react quickly to
usually require exclusive access to part
changing business requirements.
 Flexible drive & media pooling
 Unrestricted scalability
 Reduction in the operating costs
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Savings potential on many levels.
Central administration and monitoring.
The dynamic shared use of drives and
eRMM also makes administration of the
tapes by a number of data backup
tape library infrastructure significantly
servers permits a significantly better
easier: eRMM collects statistical data
utilization of available resources:
regarding drive and tape utilization,
Up to approx. 20% of the expenditures
analyzes it, and reports errors at an
for tape library hardware can be
early stage. This function can be
saved! Little-used drives are easy
used to easily create trend analyses
to identify in the detailed reporting
of the utilization of resources, which
function. They can be integrated
favors precise planning of system
more intensively by means of dynamic
expansions. Logging the resource
assignment, thus contributing to
utilization enables cost allocation.
a more even load distribution.
Access control regulates access to
Prioritization and queuing of mount
drives and tapes, thus protecting
requests across all data backup
sensitive data.
You will find the IBM Homepage at:
backup window: eRMM reduces the
Are you interested?
administration overhead for the data
eRMM is sold as a system solution by
backup infrastructure – and thus also
the service division of IBM in Germany,
the costs involved.
including implementation service and
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servers additionally shorten the data
IBM Global Services & TotalStorage
Automatic adaptation in virtualized tape
Support. If you wish to find out more
library infrastructures.
about eRMM, please contact your
The virtualization of the tape library
IBM sales representative or contact
offers important advantages: eRMM
IBM directly:
means that administrators do not have
to worry about the current availability of
IBM Deutschland GmbH
individual hardware components, as
Juergen Loeb
drives and tapes can be assigned
Product Management
dynamically. Manual adaptation of
Tel.: +49 172 73 40 726
the data backup applications is
therefore no longer necessary –
neither in the event of failures of
IBM Deutschland GmbH
hardware components nor in the
Wilfried Rathgeber
event of scheduled changes to the
eRMM Sales
tape library infrastructure: eRMM
Tel.: +49 171 55 75 845
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accord and makes the usable drives
available to the data backup
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applications automatically.
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