Boston Police Department
Telecommunications Division
2017 - Ford F250 Wagon
Warning Equipment Power System
1. Warning Equipment Power System
1.1. See Attached Schematic “2017 BPD SSP2000-200 16”
1.2. Include all hardware, connectors and parts to make a complete installation
1.3. No Snap Lock or insulation piercing connectors
1.4. All aftermarket equipment will derive power from this system
1.5. NO Inline Fuse Holders, all circuits terminate at Fuse Blocks
1.6. All wiring will be Stranded, all sizes refer to American Wire Gauge
1.7. Main Circuit Breaker
1.7.1. 150 AMP Weather Proof Circuit Breaker
1.7.2. Mount so that circuit breaker is accessible under hood, as close to battery as possible
1.7.3. #4 AWG Red Stranded wire from Battery to Circuit Breaker
1.7.4. #4 AWG Red Stranded wire from Circuit Breaker to Power Stud located in trunk area
1.8. Main Power Point
1.8.1. Install Power Stud in trunk area
1.8.2.Use NYLOCK Nut
1.8.3.Cover Exposed Terminal with Red Rubber Cap
1.9. Main Ground Point
1.9.1.Install Ground Stud in trunk area
1.9.2.Ground stud use NYLOCK Nut
1.9.3.#4 AWG Black Stranded wire from ground stud to negative battery terminal
1.9.4.Cover exposed terminal with black rubber cap
Constant Power Fuse Block
1.10.1. 6 position ATO style fuse block
1.10.2. #4 AWG Red Stranded wire from Power Stud to Fuse Block main power
1.10.3. Mount fuse block in trunk area
1.10.4. Label above Fuse block “Constant Power”
Ignition Power Fuse Blocks
1.11.1. QTY 2, 6 position ATO style fuse blocks
1.11.2. Wire each block to a BOSCH 75 AMP relay then to Main power stub using # 4 AWG Red
Stranded wire
1.11.3. Mount fuse blocks in trunk area
1.11.4. Label above each Fuse Block “Switched Power”
1.11.5. Connect coils of 75 AMP relays in parallel, connect one side of coil to ground stud, the
other side to an ignition switched feed from vehicle
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August 4, 2016
Boston Police Department
Telecommunications Division
2. Equipment Cover
2.1. To secure and prevent damage to all warning and communications equipment installed
3. Equipment Mounting
3.1. ensure that all thumb screws can be accessed on the MW810 CPU and Radio Chassis Brackets
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August 4, 2016
Boston Police Department
Telecommunications Division
Console / Interior
1. Gamber Johnson Console for Ford F250
1.1. 2, 12 VDC Outlets, constant power
1.2. 2, USB Power Ports
2. Gamber Johnson MW810 Mount for Ford F250
3. Red White LED Dome Light
4. Red White LED Gooseneck Light Mounted on console, ignition power
4.1. D&R P/N CA-0129
5. Two Mic Clips (1 PA, 1 Radio)
5.1. Mounted on Dash (Left and right of AM/FM radio)
6. Cup holder (2 cups)
7. Armrest
8. Brackets for Siren and Radio
8.1. Siren and Radio mount on Riser
8.2. Mount Radio Speaker on console rear, facing up
9. Equipment Locations
9.1. Unitrol Siren upper Console Riser
9.2. Radio Control lower Console Riser
10. All Wiring in console needs to have 2-3 Feet of service slack
Lights and Siren
1. Provide and Install Federal Signal SSP2000B-200 Siren
1.1. See Attached Schematic “2017 BPD SSP2000B-200 16”
1.2. PA MIC
1.3. Wire Horn Ring Transfer
1.4. Slide Switch
1.4.1.Position 1 – Rear Lights
1.4.2.Position 2 – ALL Lights
1.4.3.Position 3 – ALL Lights and Siren
2. AUX Relay wiring from SS2000 Siren to be brought to Terminal strip located near siren
2.1. 12 Position, 20 AMP, double row, screw terminal
2.2. GGE-20-12P-R or equivalent
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August 4, 2016
Boston Police Department
Telecommunications Division
3. Provide and Install Federal Signal Es100, QTY 2
3.1. Mounted under hood, facing forward
4. Provide and Install Headlight WIG WAG module
5. Provide and Install Federal Signal Lightbar INTG44-BOS1314
6. Provide and Install Federal MPS600U-BW, QTY 4
6.1. 2, Mounted on Front Grille
6.2. 2, Mounted on Front Fender
7. Provide and Install Federal Signal QuardraFlare 9x7 LED Lights Blue with Bezel, QTY 6
7.1. 2 Driver side TOP
7.2. 2 Passenger Side Top
7.3. 2 Rear Top
7.4. SYNC QuardraFlares
8. Provide and Install Federal MPS600U-BW, QTY 6
8.1. 2 Driver Side Middle
8.2. 2 Passenger Side Middle
8.3. 2 Rear Middle
9. SYNC with Side Micropulse
10. Set all light patterns to SLOW flash pattern
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August 4, 2016
Boston Police Department
Telecommunications Division
Radio / Antennas
1. Install Customer Supplied Motorola APX O5 Radio Mount Mobile Radio
1.1. Radio Power and Ignition Power from Switched Fused Blocks
1.2. Connect Control Head Red and Yellow together to #14 AWG Yellow
2. Install Customer Supplied Motorola MW810 Mobile Computer System
2.1. CPU and Screen Power from Constant Power Fuse Blocks
2.2. Wire Ignition Power from Switched Fuse Blocks
3. Provide and Install, QTY 2, Panorama Antennas BPD-5385 (D) & BPD-5385 (P)
3.1. Mount on roof, near rear of vehicle
3.2. (D) on drivers side, (P) on passenger side
4. Provide and install Sierra Wireless MP70 Modem, Verizon Wireless
4.1. Modem will be powered from Constant Fuse Block
4.2. Ignition will be wired to Switched Fuse Block
4.3. Connect GPS Port to Drivers Side, GPS Antenna
5. Provide and install, six foot, SLATE, Cat 5e, Male-Male Jumper
5.1. Connect to GX440 Ethernet Port
5.2. Connect to MW810 CPU LAN 1 Ethernet Port
6. Provide spreadsheet to BPD Telecom with Vehicle Number, Radio ID and SN, MDT CPU SN
Provide all parts needed to make a complete install.
Equipment Locations need to be finalized with BPD Telecom before
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August 4, 2016
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