bombardier cabin electronics system

Take choice and value to a higher definition.
More of what matters in your cabin.
When you fly, getting to your destination is just one of your objectives.
Chances are you also need to continue doing business – with the same level of
technological capability and connectivity in the air as you have on the ground.
And you want options that can transform your travel time into a relaxing and
entertaining experience.
Frequency range
2 – 200 MHz
Bandwidth25 kHz (V/UHF), 300 kHz, 1.25 MHz
and 5 MHz (UHF), 3 kHz (HF)
Data rateFrom 64Kbps up to 6 Mbps
Power output
50 Watts VHF and UHF, open in HF
Operating temperature
Shock and vibration
-40ºC to 55ºC
Audio for Combat Net mode
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
V24/V28 RS232 - PPP
SNMP remote control
Physical Characteristics
391 mm
190 mm
343 mm
Scalable to four channels with a second chassis
Power supply
28 VDC nominal
Galley touch screen allows the flight attendant to control
the cabin systems and entertainment from a single location.
Personal access panel provides cabin command at your
fingertips for the Challenger 605.
What’s even more beautiful:
It’s loaded with HD capability
Your Cabin Electronics System – High Definition (CES HD)
from Rockwell Collins will deliver all this and more.
Developed specially for Challenger 605 and the Bombardier
Global business aircraft, this high-definition system is the
most comprehensive CES flying today.
Wireless remote controls enable cabin control through
a portable device.
Bulkhead display shows all available entertainment
sources, with display sizes from 19 to 24 inches.
Fixed displays up to 32 inches and pop-up monitors
of 19 or 24 inches provide a living-room environment.
Personal HD touch screens provide you with the ability to
control the cabin as well as allow you to watch HD content
at your seat.
Conduct your best business
at altitude.
Entertainment options
for pure enjoyment.
Stay at peak productivity in flight.
Wide variety, at your leisure.
Everything you need to take your office skyward is available to
you with CES HD. From email and satellite telephone service to
printing, scanning and faxing capabilities, your network of business
technologies will be ready to do business when you are.
Movies, television, music, Internet. Settle into any seat in the
cabin and choose your favorite media for hours of entertainment.
Enjoy digital DVD capability, Blu-ray™ content, satellite TV,
interactive moving maps and more. Full control is at your
fingertips with the sophisticated-yet-intuitive graphical user
interface (GUI) touch screen.
Enjoy wireless connectivity with portable devices including your
tablet, laptop computer, iPad®, iPhone®, BlackBerry® and
Android™ devices.
Our CES HD’s unique distributed architecture and an Ethernet LAN
using HTML will provide high data speeds – up to 1 Gigabit – and
high-bandwidth digital connections to every seat in your cabin.
And to ensure that your system stays flexible and fast, it includes
components that are easily upgradable as technology advances.
Awareness is yours, on demand.
With our CES HD for Bombardier, you can keep up with what’s
going on in the world even as you cruise across it. Get live news,
financial and weather updates with Inmarsat SwiftBroadbandempowered satellite connectivity. Access the Internet for highspeed Web browsing or connection with your company VPN.
Follow your flight’s progress with our Airshow® ASXi interactive
moving map, which features new high resolution flight information
and point-of-interest panels.
Your entertainment options include:
>> Integrated iPod / iPad audio and video
>> Hi-res carry-on devices
>> DVDs / CDs / MP3s
>> Blu-ray Discs
>> Game systems
>> Satellite television
>> Airshow interactive moving maps
>> Satellite radio
Wireless or in-seat controls let you adjust the ambience in the
cabin – including lighting and temperature – for your supreme
comfort. For instance, with a few simple touch-screen taps you
can darken the cabin while you take in a movie, watch live sports
or listen to music.
Thoughtful design, inside and out.
From its architecture to the interface you’ll use to operate it,
our CES HD for Bombardier anticipates and responds in ways
you’ll appreciate as owner and user. Seamless integration
of system elements means you can enjoy a high-bandwidth
digital connection and its array of options while retaining all
your local controls.
Smart, flexible architecture
The system’s Ethernet LAN backbone provides control and
connection to you at every seat. You can upgrade to the latest
ethernet Gigabit ring configuration when necessary. This
architecture has built-in redundancies for exceptional reliability.
It delivers high-bandwidth digital connections up to 1 Gigabit.
Control and display devices
You’ll have a range of choices for how you access all the work tools,
live information and entertainment that can flow throughout your
aircraft with our CES HD.
>> Displays – the CES HD offers 10.6-inch LCD touch screens for your
galley and at every selected seat
>> Sleek, remote control units and local switch panels – more ways
to customize the in-flight experience
>> Fresh, intuitive Graphical User Interface
On Global aircraft, the CES HD cabin control function lets you set
temperatures in three independent zones throughout the cabin,
all from the comfort of your seat.
The flexibility of the system makes it easy to customize it to your
cabin. And future upgrades keep cost-efficiency firmly in mind.
Simply swap out individual components as needed and your
system stays state of the art.
Typical Global 6000 configuration
The aft stateroom features a
separate entertainment system
and temperature controls.
Travelers can stay productive with all the business
technology they need in the cabin – email, Web browsing,
satellite phone, printing and more.
Flight crews can relax, refresh and
stay connected in the crew area with
Internet and entertainment options.
Discover the rewards of a system with more.
Our CES HD adds value to your Bombardier Global or Challenger 605 in two ways: It enhances your experience every time you fly.
And it equips your asset with some of the aircraft marketplace’s most highly desired features. With the system’s easy and efficient
upgrade capability, you’re assured a cabin electronics solution that helps retain your aircraft’s value well into the future.
To learn more about how our CES HD can heighten the comfort, capability and value of your Bombardier aircraft, contact your dealer
or Rockwell Collins sales representative.
Worldwide service and support from a trusted source.
As a Rockwell Collins customer, you can rely on us to provide you with flexible and comprehensive service, from initial delivery through
the life of your aircraft. Our worldwide support network offers options such as performance-based maintenance and repairs, engineered
solutions, rental exchange, training and simulation, all backed by the best turnaround times in the industry. Rockwell Collins delivers
reliable solutions, anywhere, anytime – every time.
For information on availability, please contact your dealer or Rockwell Collins representative.
Building trust every day.
Rockwell Collins delivers smart communication and aviation
electronic solutions to customers worldwide. Backed by a global
network of service and support, we stand committed to putting
technology and practical innovation to work for you whenever and
wherever you need us. In this way, working together, we build trust.
Every day.
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