How to use ASD Reading on an iPad.

How to use ASD Reading on an iPad.
You can enjoy ASD Reading on an iPad too!
ASD Reading is designed to be done on a computer with an Internet connection.
However, you can also use ASD Reading on iPads with the help of an app that makes Flash content
available on the iPad.
One of the best performing apps we have found is called Photon Browser. It
currently costs US$4.99 (though their website lists the regular price as US$9.99. You
can find the Photon Browser here:
or by searching for “Photon” in the App Store on your iPad.
When you run ASD Reading on an iPad don’t forget to set ASD Reading to use the on-screen keyboard.
To do this, when you log in and you go to the reader page, at the top of the page just below the "Click to
continue" button is the option.
Select the option to "Use an onscreen keyboard for the program.”
(Please note that we do not have any relationship with the company that makes this Flash browser for
iPad. We are merely recommending it as a useful solution.)
How to use ASD Reading on an iPad
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