Using CampusCE

Using CampusCE
Login: first intitial last name (ex: hpalermo)
Password: gfcmsu01 (you can change this after your first login)
This is what you see when you login. To start CLICK on
This is your profile. Check and make sure all the
information is correct. If not, please make changes.
Then, click UPDATE.
Type in old password (gfcmsu01) and then enter your
new password. Click UPDATE.
Next, click MY PROFILE.
Instructor Profile comes up first. It is another place to
make changes to your information. If you make
changes, click SAVE.
Next click, SCHEDULE.
You can change the dates to see the schedule of your
Once your schedule is displayed, you can print it or
send it to someone.
Next click, EXPERTISE.
Using the menu on the left, you can pick all of your
expertise. When you click on an expertise, it will
highlight blue. Then, click the >> and it will move it to
the right column.
To remove an expertise, highlight the item in the right
column and click on the << to move it back to the left
Next, click REPORTS. This is the page you will use the
This page will list all of your classes. It tells you the
status, term, section. From here, you can edit the
grades and attendance. You can also view and print
the roster.
This is where you will see who is registered in your
Click EDIT, under grades to enter grades.
You can navigate to your roster and attendance, from
this pull down. Let’s do roster next.
The top box tells you what class you are grading.
Under grades, you can use the pull down menu to
select the grade. Remember, non-credit courses are
pass/fail. If you want to add comments you can.
When all the grades are entered, click SAVE.
Next, let’s look at attendance. You can use the drop
down box next to view. Go to ATTENDANCE.
The roster shows student’s names, phone number,
email and status. To see all status, use the pull down.
The default is all enrolled, so if you want to see
everyone, you will need to change it.
To go back to the main reports page, click REPORTS.
On this page, you can track attendance for all class
meetings. To make someone as attended, click in the
box and a checkmark will appear. Once you have
entered the info, click SAVE.
When you are done you can sign out.
To print, click on the
printer icon and follow
your computer’s printing
You can also open it in
Excel. Click on the
disk/paper icon and follow
your computer’s
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When you click, PRINT another window will open with
the class roster. You can use this to take attendance
by hand.
Download PDF