Frequently Asked Questions
W hat is the XTS Touchscreen?
The XTS touchscreen is Russound’s latest touchscreen interface for controlling
Russound systems designed to give easy access and control to any Russound multiroom system with an IP connection.
Does the XTS w ork w ith any Russound system ?
The XTS will work with any Russound controller that has an IP connection. These
controllers include the following: MCA-Series (MCA-88X, MCA-88, and MCA-66), Cseries controllers (MCA-C5, MCA-C3), and the XStream X5.
How is the XTS touchscreen different from the current TS3 touchscreen?
Apart from the completely new design, gorgeous touchscreen display, faster
processor and new software based on the MyRussound™ app, there are some other
key differences to note:
1) The TS3 was limited to controlling only a single zone in a home. The XTS can
control any zone in the home, at any time.
2) The TS3 required a dedicated wire run back to the controller’s keypad port. The
XTS can be connected anywhere on the home network and doesn’t need to be
wired directly all the way back to the controller.
3) Controller hardware limitations only supported 1, 6, or 8 TS3’s in an installation
without requiring extra expansion devices. The IP design of the XTS allows up to
28 total devices in a system. See below for more information.
4) Easy Update Process – The XTS is easily updated by selecting “Check for Updates”
in the Settings menu. The process is simple and easy.
W hat do I do if I don’t have a POE netw ork sw itch? Can I still install an XTS?
While using a POE switch is easy to do, the XTS can also be powered by a simple POE
injector or it can use a standard 12vDC, 2000mA power supply with a 2.5mm barrel.
How m any XTS touchscreens can I use in an installation?
That depends on the controller being used and on its firmware version. Like all
network products, Russound controllers do have a limit on the number of
simultaneous IP connections that they can have open at any one time. At the time
of launch, this number varies from 8 to 28 depending on the controller and its
firmware version.
The MCA-66 and MCA-88 m odels currently support an 8 sim ultaneous IP
connections. This will be increased to 28 in a firm ware release available
before the end of Decem ber, 2015.
Here is a chart that explains this a bit:
Firm ware
Num ber of
Sim ultaneous
IP Connections
2.00.12 or higher
Ver 2.01.00 or higher, due for
release in December, 2015
Ver 2.01.00 due for release
in December, 2015
Availability Date for
firm ware that supports
28 connections
Available Now
Will only support 8 simultaneous
connections – Because this is a
single zone device, only one XTS
would ever likely be connected
to an X5.
Will only support 8 simultaneous
connections. Further expansion is
not expected.
Will only support 8 simultaneous
connections. Further expansion is
not expected.
W hat is m eant by “sim ultaneous IP connections”?
The simultaneous IP connections are the number of devices that communicate with
the Russound controller over the IP network. Every device that uses the Russound
controller’s network connection to communicate with the Russound controller uses
an IP connection. Examples of these devices that communicate with the Russound
controller are the MyRussound iOS or Android app on a phone or tablet, the XTS
touchscreen, and 3rd party control systems (like Control4, URC, RTI, etc).
Note: any other network devices on your network don’t affect the limit of IP
connections to the Russound controller.
When you are planning the number of simultaneous IP connections in a Russound
system, the iOS and Android app only count as IP connections when they are being
used (an installed app alone doesn’t count; it only counts when it’s actively being
used). The XTS, however, is designed to be installed in a permanent location,
allowing for access and control to the controller to always be available. As a result,
any XTS always counts as an IP connection, because it’s always active. 3rd party
control systems (like Control4, URC, RTI, etc) can also use IP connections and
typically only maintain the connection while the control system is being used.
The maximum number of IP connections must be considered when designing the
Russound system. Please reference the table above to determine how many
simultaneous IP connections can be used on a Russound system.
Here’s an example of a typical installation with simultaneous IP connections to give you
a better understanding:
Installation with an MCA-88X
Maximum Number of Simultaneous IP Connections: 28
Recommended number of XTS touchscreens in an installation: up to 20
(Note: By limiting the number of XTS touchscreens to 20, it leaves 8 connections
available for users in the home to simultaneously connect with their iPhones, iPads,
Android phones/tablets, etc.)
Maximum number of Simultaneous IP Connections: 8*
Maximum number of XTS touchscreens in an installation: 8*
Recommended maximum number of XTS touchscreens in an installation: 4* (Note:
By limiting the number of XTS touchscreens to 4, it leaves 4 connections available
for users in the home to simultaneously connect with the MyRussound app on
iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets, etc.)
Reminder: the limit will increase to 28 simultaneous IP connections with version
2.01.XX or higher firmware, due for release in December, 2015.
*Using the maximum number of XTS touchscreens would prevent any phones/tablets
running the MyRussound app to be used in the system.
W hat if I have a large system specified for installation in October or
Novem ber and need to install m ore than 8 XTS touchscreens?
The MCA-88X is available now with support for up to 28 total simultaneous IP
connections to meet your needs until the firmware update is released for the MCA66/88 models.
Does the XTS touchscreen run the MyRussound app?
Yes, the XTS touchscreen runs the MyRussound app, giving you control of your
entire Russound system; however, there are some important differences between
the XTS and the MyRussound App on a phone or tablet. The most important of
these are the new settings options that are available in the XTS settings menu:
1) Screen Timeout Settings – The XTS has a settings option to adjust the screen
timeout to either 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or “No Timeout”
meaning that the screen will always be on and ready to use.
2) Screen Timeout – Follow Zone Power – This is a new setting Russound created
for a wall-mounted touchscreen that might be installed in a bedroom. When
“Follow Zone Power” is set to ON, the XTS display will turn off immediately
when the zone it is controlling is turned off. This means that at night when a
homeowner wants to go to bed and turns off the audio system, there won’t be
a bright touchscreen waiting to turn off in the room. When “Follow Zone
Power” is set to OFF, the XTS will always wait the required period before
turning off its display, regardless of whether the zone is on or off at the time.
3) Screen Brightness – The XTS has a menu setting to adjust its brightness level
for installations in darker rooms like bedrooms or in areas near bright sunlight.
4) Clean Screen – The XTS has this option in its settings menu. This allows the
screen to be cleaned without inadvertently sending miscellaneous commands
to your audio system while you are cleaning it.
5) Check for Update – The XTS does not use the App Store or Google Play Store
for updates. Updates for the XTS are performed by choosing “Check for
Update” from the Settings Menu. If an update is available, the user will be given
the option to install it.
How do I set a static IP address for the XTS?
The XTS uses DHCP for all of its connections. If a “permanent” IP address is
required, using a DHCP reservation (configured in the network router) is
Can the XTS be installed outdoors?
The XTS is not designed for outdoor installations.
Are there any options for using security screws to m ount the XTS in a
com m ercial environm ent?
Yes, you can always replace the two captive mounting screws with the security
screws of your choice.
Can I install the XTS in a Landscape Orientation, or does it need to be
m ounted in Portrait Orientation?
The XTS currently only supports Portrait Orientation. The mounting bracket is
designed for installing vertically in a single-gang box or low-profile P-ring.
W hat other colors does the XTS offer? Can I get a color change kit to
change m ine to another color?
The design of the XTS does not allow easy color changes. Russound is currently
offering the XTS in White. Depending on customer interest, this may be expanded
in the future to offer another color option. There are no color change kits available
for the product. The entire XTS needs to be changed if a different color is ever
made available.
I have a current custom er w ho has TS3 touchscreens. Can I update those
touchscreens to the XTS?
Yes and no. The XTS isn’t a direct drop-in replacement because it is only a singlegang sized device. The TS3 required a two-gang installation and therefore has a
larger opening to fill if you are replacing it with an XTS touchscreen. The other
difference is the wiring. The TS3 is an RNET device that uses a CAT5 connection
back to the Russound controller. The XTS is an IP device that only needs to be on
the same IP network as the controller, offering much more flexibility to the installer.
It can use the same CAT5 cable as the TS3, but the other end of the CAT5 needs
to be removed from the Russound controller and instead connected to an IP switch
on the same network as the Russound Controller. If an XTS is connected to a POE
switch or a POE injector, it can be installed with only a single CAT5 wire.
W hat happens if I accidentally connect an XTS touchscreen into a Russound
keypad port on a controller?
Nothing bad will happen to the XTS if it is accidentally plugged into an RNET keypad
port, but the XTS will not function properly until you give it power and an IP
connection. Unplug the XTS from the controller and plug it into an available
network port (ideally with PoE power) on the same network as your Russound
controller and it will work properly.
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