Welcome to your new iPad Air - South Fayette School District

Welcome to your new iPad Air
Audio Out
Home Button
Lightning Port !
Lightning USB
12 Watt Wall!
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Powering On & Off
The iPad Air powers on and off by holding down the Sleep/Wake button until the following image appears
on the screen. !
This is how you will know for sure that your iPad is fully powered OFF. !
This is different from Sleep Mode, when the iPad is in low power, and the screen is black.!
It is recommended to completely power off your iPad and power back on (a power cycle) once every few
weeks. This will allow the internal computer to reboot, and can take care of minor operating glitches that
may occur with normal use. To Power ON, simply hold down the Sleep/Wake button until a white  logo
appears on-screen.!
Charging & Battery Life
The iPad Air battery will last up to 10 hours with normal use. These times can vary depending on what the
user is doing on the iPad. i.e. graphical heavy apps may drain the battery faster since more processor
power will be used. Also, battery life may be adversely effected by software problems. See the trouble
shooting section on the last two pages for ways to fix software problems.!
South Fayette Students will be utilizing several educational applications throughout the school day and will
be pushing the limits of the iPad battery. It is very important to make sure your iPad is charged and
ready to go for a full day of school.
Plug Lightning cable into wall adapter at night (unless it is fully charged)!
Unplug when iPad reads 100% (top right corner of screen)!
iPad will function properly at all battery percentage levels.!
Charge iPad when percentage reads below 10%, or when 100% is needed for school.!
Powering Off the iPad is not necessary for nightly charging. Sleep mode will work just fine.!
For an in-depth look at the science behind these batteries, please visit www.apple.com/
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Physical Care
South Fayette School District has provided OtterBox Defender cases for each iPad Air. These cases are
designed to protect the iPad from minor to severe bumps and drops. This is NOT a water-proof case.!
No case is going to offer 100% protection from damage. The iPad can still be damaged in these
protective cases so it is not recommended to actively “test” the durability of the case. Treat your iPad as if it
has no case at all.!
If in the event your iPad is damaged, please follow the procedures outlined by the South Fayette School
District to have your iPad replaced as quickly as possible.!
Do not take the iPad to an Apple Store for servicing, repair, or replacement.
Lightning Cable Care
Lightning cables can become damaged if there is too much stress being put on the ends of the wire. !
Common causes:!
•Wrapping it too tightly around itself or other objects.!
•Storing it in a bag while the cable is still plugged into the wall adapter.!
•Furniture pushing up against a cable that is kept plugged into the wall.!
•Unplugging the cable by pulling on the flexible cord.!
Proper Care:!
•Wrap the cable in a way that doesn't add stress to the ends as shown below.!
• If plugging into the wall behind furniture, use an extension cable to eliminate damage from !
cramped spaces. !
•Always store cable & wall charger disconnected from each other.!
Please follow the same procedures to replace a damaged cable as outlined for a broken or damaged iPad.
Damage caused by
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Proper wrapping for
App Usage & Security
South Fayette School District understands that security is top priority for students and parents. With
consideration to security, Apps will only be able to be installed by their IT department.!
Each iPad will be contain a content filter that will direct all web traffic through South Fayette School District
servers. !
This will help filter out any inappropriate/dangerous content that can be found on the web. Although it is a
very important security measure to put in place, it is not flawless. Please be vigilant of your child’s internet
usage and report any potential content filter flaws directly to their teacher.
Trouble Shooting
Through the course of using your iPad, you may run into performance hiccups or glitches. There are two
important troubleshooting tactics you can use to fix these issues.!
App Reset !
Commonly called “turning off an app” the App Reset will take care of minor issues that may be occurring
within an app itself. Quickly pressing the Home Button twice will launch the App Switcher. From here you
can scroll back and forth through your most recent apps. !
Simply swipe up on the offending app to reset it.
App Switcher
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Swipe Up!
on app
Trouble Shooting (cont.)
Hard Reset !
This is the last resort to troubleshooting. Anything software related that’s not solved by this will require
reinstalling apps or the system software itself. If you are having any issues that cannot be resolved, please
contact your child's teacher.!
If a software issue is causing your iPad experience to be inoperable or distracts too much from the user
experience, a hard reset may be the solution to the problem. !
It is as follows:!
To reset, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you
see the Apple logo.!
The iPad will restart, and hopefully rectify the issue.
Hold Sleep/Wake
Hold Home Button
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