A. Beer pong is a term used to describe these pong tables that some customers may recognize. The game is meant to
be played with any beverage, and drinking beer is optional. Individuals that choose to use alcohol must be over 21,
and comply with all local restrictions. Party safe. !
B. These rules were designed with three purposes in mind:!
1. Fairness to all players!
2. Efficiency in running a maximum number of games simultaneously!
3. Minimization of possible disputes between participants !
A. Teams!
1. 2 teams per game!
2. 2 people per team!
B. Cup Formation!
1. 10 cups per team!
2. Starting formation is a “tight triangle” formations (rims touching), pointing towards opposite side.!
3. The 10-cup triangle must be centered on the table and the back of the rack must be in line with the back of the
edge of the table.!
4. Cups must not be tilted or leaned against the surrounding cups.!
C. Basic Shooting Techniques & Rules!
1. Players must keep elbows & wrists behind the edge of the table.!
2. Violate the elbow & wrist rule, the shot doesn’t count & that team member loses their turn.!
3. Each team member throws once in a round.!
4. Teams have an option to throw directly into a cup, or bounce a ball off the table and into a cup. The defending
team may swat bounced shots.!
5. If a bounced shot lands in a cup, it eliminates two cups when there are more than two cups on the table.
Otherwise, it counts as one cup. Which second cup is eliminated is the defending teams choice. !
6. If you touch a ball in the air before it bounces or crosses the edge of the table, you must remove 2 cups. If there
are only one or two cups on the table, the team who touched the ball gets one chance each to redeem themselves
by making at least one cup to continue the game. Once one cup is made the game continues (next shot goes to
team who’s ball was prematurely touched). If no cup is made, the shooting team loses. !
7. Double sink rule—if each team member sinks a shot, that team shoots another round! It is possible that, if a team
keeps sinking cups, they will eliminate the opposing team in a run! !
8. If both members of a team sink the same cup that will count as 3 cups (3rd cup chosen by defending team).!
• If there are 3 cups left, 2 cups are pulled and team goes into single redemption (only one team member must
sink shot) to continue game, if not game is over.!
• If there are 2 cups left, 1 cup is pulled and team goes into double redemption (both team members must sink
their shot) to continue game, if not game is over. !
9. If a ball drops in your cup for any reason, the cup must be drunk and removed, even if it is your last one (this does
not apply if it was dropped in by a non-player).!
10. All disputes will be settled by management.!
D. Shootout!
1. Determines which team shoots first.!
2. Does not eliminate either team’s cups.!
3. One competitor from each opposing team looks into opponent’s eyes. !
4. Opponents shoot simultaneously, without breaking eye contact.!
5. Teammates rotate shootout until one team sinks a shot.!
6. Victorious team of shootout shoots first. !
E. Re-Racking!
1. During a game, teams may request twice to have a different arrangement of cups of their choosing.!
2. Teams may only request re-racking when they have 6 or less cups left.!
3. A team may only request re-racking at the start of their turn.!
F. Gentleman’s Rules!
1. If the defending team agrees, the shooting team may request that the last cup be pulled back to the edge of the
table (within an inch) and centered. !
2. If racks are loose, a team may request for current formation to be tightened.!
3. If shooting team sinks a cup, they have the option to either pull the ball or leave it in. !
4. Teams may only request the Gentleman’s rule at the start of their turn. !
5. If the table is in such condition that liquid prevents cups from staying in place in attempt to be centered, you may
notify staff to wipe up this problem. !
G. Final Cup!
1. In the event that both team members sink the last cup, it’s an automatic victory.!
2. If only one team member sinks the last cup, that team can still achieve victory if their opponents both miss in their
shooting (redemption) round.!
3. The opposing team (the team with last cup sunk) goes into redemption and each team member has one chance
each to sink the ball and continue the game. If both members miss, they lose. !
4. This goes on until victory is reached. !
5. In the event that the final cup is knocked over, the cup will be put back and filled with water until the game is over.!
H. Redemption!
1. During a single redemption round, if the first team member makes a cup and redeems then current round goes
back to normal rules and the second team member’s shot counts as a regular shot. !
I. Other Rules!
1. Timing!
• Each round is limited to 15 minutes per round. If game is not complete, whichever team has sank more cups
• There is no time limit on the final round with the exception of the law & our hours. All games must be completed
by 1:30 a.m. !
2. Air-Balls!
• A team may catch an air ball if the ball is shot over the cup rack past the edge of the table(Does not have to be
a clean catch).!
• In the event that an air ball is caught, the team who shot the ball must pull 1 cup of their choosing. !
• If the team who shot the air ball only has 1 cup left the air ball rule does not apply. !
3. Island !
• Any cup stranded on the table, isolated much like a spare in bowling, is termed an “island cup”. If the shooting
team calls “Island!” and makes the shot, it counts as 2 cups, 2nd cup is the defender’s choice. !
• If Island is called and another cup is made besides the Island cup, it does not count. !
• An Island may only be called one time per game per team member.!
4. On Table Rollbacks!
• While shooting, if a ball rolls back to the shooter without hitting the floor, he has the opportunity to shoot again—
behind his back.!
5. Fingering & Blowing!
• In the event that the ball is spinning inside of a cup, the defending team has the option to either pull the ball out
with their fingers or blow it out using their breath (before it touches the liquid).!
• Accidentally knocking over a cup will result in automatic loss of a cup.!
• If last cup is knocked over then team goes into redemption and their cup will be replaced with a water cup if
game continues. !
6. Death Cup!
• If a player sinks a shot into his opponent’s cup before he consumes a beverage, it’s automatic game victory.
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