PowerLED Downlight Installation and Operation Manual Ventura

PowerLED Downlight
Installation and Operation Manual
Imtra PowerLED fixtures are uniquely suited for marine,
automotive, and architectural lighting applications. They have
been engineered specifically to take advantage of the latest LED
(Light Emitting Diode) technology offering superior reliability,
minimal power consumption, and far less radiated heat than
traditional incandescent light sources. When installed properly,
these products will provide years of flawless performance.
Most of the downlights in this series are offered with a choice of
LED color in addition to bezel finish options. When installed and
operated with an Imtra approved PWM dimmer, up to 30 fixtures
can be controlled simultaneously from multiple locations.
We encourage you to read this installation guide thoroughly
as there are particular electronic & electrical criteria and other
critical installation details that should be met in order to assure
many years of enjoyment from your new PowerLED product(s).
Avalon 105
The Imtra PowerLED family of products is compatible with
several Automated Control Systems. For more information on
integrating our PowerLEDs with your control system, please
contact us at 508-995-7000 or via email at lighting@imtra.com.
Avalon 155
Avalon 105
Avalon 155
3.18” (81mm)
4.13” (105mm)
6.10” (155mm)
Trim Ring Height
0.08” (2mm)
0.10” (2.5mm)
0.10” (2.5mm)
Cutout Diameter
2.55” (65mm)
3.39” (86mm)
5.36” (136mm)
Recess Depth
1.14” (29mm)
1.53” (39mm)
1.35” (34mm)
Trim Ring Diameter
Input Voltage Range
10-30 VDC
Power Consumption
5.5 Watts
IP Rating
* IP65: “Protected from the ingress of dust and low pressure jets of water from all directions”
It is imperative that the lights are mounted in such a location that
the fixtures are protected from the rear against water exposure.
Also, it is important that the lights are mounted with airspace
around the heat sink housing to allow for convective cooling
of the lights. We recommend a distance of ½” (13mm) of free
space above the housing.
½” (13mm)
Installation Instructions
Cut a circle in the mounting surface according to the cutout
diameter required by your light (see chart on page 2).
Connect the light to a DC power
source following the Wiring
Instructions in the next section of
this guide.
Connect the light to a DC power source. Connect the red
wire to positive DC voltage and the black wire to negative or
If you are installing a Bicolor PowerLED product, the orange
wire should be connected to switched positive DC Voltage.
(Please refer to the wiring diagram on pages 10-11)
3. Once all electrical connections are
made and secure, gently bend
back the mounting springs of your
PowerLED and insert the spring
tips into the cutout circle in the
mounting surface (see Figure 1).
Gently push the light into the
mounting hole allowing the
springs to come to rest on the
inside of the surface, holding the
light in place (see Figure 1).
If you will be dimming your PowerLED lighting, connect
the white and grey wires to the white and grey wires of the
PowerLED PWM Dimmer Module. You may connect as many
as 30 PowerLEDs to the PowerLED Dimmer Module. Please
refer to the PowerLED Dimmer Module Installation and
Owner’s manual for more information.
(Please refer to the wiring diagram on page 9)
4. If you will not be dimming your PowerLED lighting, simply trim
the white and grey wires so that no bare conductor is exposed
and cover the ends of the wires individually with insulation
(shrink tube).
Figure 1
(Please refer to the wiring diagram on pages 7-8)
+ (white light)
+ (color light)
Dim +
Dim –
Wiring Diagram
Single Color Units
No Dimming
Single Switch Location
1-Way Switch
1P/1T - On/Off
The PowerLED family of products comes equipped with
integrated driver electronics. These components are sensitive
to DC systems with voltage drops. Therefore, it is imperative to
select the correct wire size to supply DC voltage to the lights.
This prevents excessive impedance and voltage drops which can
cause premature failure in the PowerLEDs. It is recommended
that the supply wire size be selected according to the ABYC
Wiring Recommendations Chart for a 10% voltage drop. These
charts can be found at www.imtra.com.
Voltage Supply
(battery, converter, etc)
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram
Single Color Units
No Dimming
Multiple Switch Location
Single Color Units
With Dimming
Dimmer Module
3-Way Switch 3-Way Switch
1P/1T - On/On 1P/1T - On/On
Voltage Supply
(battery, converter, etc)
Note on Dimming - When using Imtra’s PowerLED PWM Dimmer Module, it is recommended that both the white and grey
wires are used in order to prevent electrical/electronic interferance with other systems onboard. It is possible to control the
PowerLED lights with the PowerLED PWM dimmer module via
the white wire only by simply omitting the grey wire connections.
Voltage Supply
(battery, converter, etc)
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram
Bi-Color Units
No Dimming
Bi-Color Units
With Dimming
Dimmer Module
Switch - 1P/2T
3-Way Switch
1P/2T - On/On
Voltage Supply
Voltage Supply
(battery, converter, etc)
(battery, converter, etc)
- 10 -
- 11 -
Imtra warrants the light-emitting LSA (LED spotlight assembly)
component of our IML PowerLED spot lights & fixtures for 5 years
from the date of purchase. If the LSA should cease to function within
5 years, return the complete spot light assembly to Imtra for repair or
This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from actions of the
user such as misuse, improper wiring/installation, operation outside of
specification, improper maintenance or repair, unauthorized modification,
lightning strike or damage from a power surge.
The trim ring (bezel) of the IML Power LED spot lights are warranted for
one year.
Imtra specifically disclaims any implied warranties, merchantability or
fitness for a specific purpose and will not be liable for any direct, indirect,
incidental or consequential damages. Imtra’s total liability is limited to
repair or replacement of the product.
The warranty set forth above is inclusive and no other warranty, whether
written or oral, is expressed or implied.
If it should become necessary to return a fixture for service during or
beyond the warranty period, please refer to Imtra’s standard Return Policy
as detailed on Imtra’s website (www.imtra.com) or call Imtra customer
service at (508) 995-7000.
No returns are accepted without a Return Authorization (RA) number.
- 12 -
30 Barnet Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02745
(508) 995-7000 • www.imtra.com
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