Downloading Library MP3 Audiobooks to the e

Downloading Library MP3 Audiobooks
to the e-ink Kindles or Nook (without using the Overdrive App)
Novi Public Library has joined with other TLN libraries to purchase materials for Download
Destination, a 24/7 collection of downloadable media provided by OverDrive. You can
listen to audiobooks (MP3s only!) on Kindles and Nooks that have audio capabilities (like
text to speech). The Kindle Fire has different directions.
Take Note: You will need to use a computer (Mac or PC) with OverDrive Media Console
installed on it to manually transfer the MP3 files to your device.
Install Overdrive Media Console by visiting
Important! You may have to upgrade Windows security. Visit to upgrade.
Once downloaded, Overdrive Media Console looks like this:
Find & checkout your eBooks from Download Destination (Limit 6) Go to Click on the eBooks/Music tab to access Download Destination:
Please Note: In order to access the OverDrive Advantage collection of additional
titles available to NPL card holders, SIGN-IN first with your library card and PIN.
From Download Destination you can find available MP3 Audiobooks, by using the
Advance Search feature. Use the Format option to select only MP3 Audiobooks and
then click the “only show titles available” box at the bottom if you want to download
an item right away. Once you find a title you’d like to listen to, follow the checkout
process, and then click on the Download button.
Once the download button is clicked OverDrive Media Console will open, and a popup window will show the default location where the file will be saved (something like:
FILES\My Documents\My Media\MP3 Audiobook). Take note of that location, or you
can choose another location where you’d like to save the audiobook – like on your
desktop - by clicking the Browse button. Click OK.
A download window will open. You can choose all or some of
the parts to download. The default is to download all parts.
Then click OK.
OverDrive Media Console will open and will show the progress of your download.
Download time depends on your Internet connection and the size of the audiobook.
When the download finishes, you’ll see it in
Overdrive Media Console and you’ll also see
the folder for the audiobook in the location where
you saved it. Here it was saved on the Desktop.
Next, plug the device
into your computer
with the USB cable.
Then open My Computer. You will see the
Kindle/Nook drive. It may be called
Removable Disk(E:). Open the folders on
the device drive, and drag the audiobook
files from the computer into the Kindle
Music folder. (you can also copy & paste
the MP3 file into the Kindle Music folder). For
the Nook you will drag or paste it into the
Digital Files.
Once you unplug the Kindle, you should be
able to find the MP3 audiobook by going
to Menu and looking in the Experimental
Folder. It should then play through the "Play
MP3’’ option.
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Updated: Aug. 2013, MJR
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