SMC Instructions for rehearsal CD with Audacity

Instructions for rehearsal CD with Audacity program
The Audacity computer audio program will give you great control over the rehearsal CD as you learn
music. The program is free and can be downloaded from Download
version 2.0.5 to your computer. The program works with Windows and Macs.
You must first rip the rehearsal CD to your computer hard drive in order to use Audacity. If using
Windows, rip the music files to a .WAV format and store them in a folder on the hard drive. Apple users
follow directions found in Audacity Help section. Audacity will also read MP3 files.
When you start the Audacity program on your computer, you will see this screen. Follow the
instructions below to rehearse your music.
The interface may seem intimidating at first because Audacity is a full featured program. However, you
are going to use only a few of the commands and buttons. Don't worry, you can't harm anything. If you
get stuck, just close the program and reopen it - No Harm! Enjoy!
Listening to music selections with Audacity
1. To open a track on your computer, click File, then Open.
2. Go to location of music tracks, choose a track to rehearse and double click. Left and right
channels will appear on screen (the squiggly lines). The top is left channel and the bottom is
3. Click Play button to hear audio of music track. You can follow the music track on the screen as
you follow your paper score.
4. Amplify your voice channel by moving the volume control slider to the right (+). You can also
decrease the volume of the right channel by moving its slider to the left.
5. Click Pause button to pause the playback, and Stop button to stop audio playback.
6. Special Controls:
To expand the time scale click View, then Zoom In. Notice that the audio channels on
the screen expand along with the time scale. Click View, then Zoom In again to further
expand it.
7. Space Bar: use the space bar to control start, stop and repeat. With your mouse, click anywhere
on the track that you want to practice. Touch the space bar and the playback begins. Touch
the space bar again and the music stops and the cursor returns to its original position. Touch it
again and the section repeats. Now you can repeat a chosen section as many times as you wish.
To go to a different place on the track, simply click with the mouse to choose a new location.
8. Slowing the tempo: sometimes you may wish to slow the tempo as you learn a section. On the
top list of commands click Effect, then click Change Tempo on the drop down menu. A box with
a slider will appear. Moving the slider to the left will slow the track and moving right speeds
it up. Click OK, then Play. Notice that the pitch does not change. You can adjust the playback
for the speed you desire.
9. When finished with a music track, click File, then Exit, then NO to Save Changes. If you have
more than one track open, continue to click NO until the Audacity program closes.
The only commands you will use on the top list are File, to Open or Exit; View to Zoom In, and
Effect, Change Tempo to slow down or speed up playback of a track.
Helpful Hints
Expand the time scale by clicking View, then Zoom In at least twice to better follow the
audio on the screen in your score.
Use the time scale as you play the music track and make notations of the elapsed time on
key sections of the music.
Slow the track down as you rehearse until you are comfortable; then rehearse it at normal
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