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FlashGel® Camera and Capture Software
Software Install Instructions and User’s Guide
1. Installation
Important - Please do not connect your camera until the installation procedure has successfully
Insert the installation CD and wait for the
FlashGel® Capture Setup Wizard to
begin. If your computer is not setup to
autoplay CDs, open the CD drive and
double click the file “Setup.exe” to start
the installation.
Click Next to continue.
The next page asks you to Select the
Destination Location. Click Next to
accept the recommended location or
Browse for an alternative location.
The next page asks you to select the
Start Menu Folder for the application’s
shortcuts. It is recommended that you
click Next to accept the
Setup is now ready to install FlashGel®
Capture. Click Next to begin the
The installation will now rapidly
conclude. Completion will be indicated
by the window below. Click Finish to
2. Drivers and the Microsoft® .NET Framework
When you click Finish, the setup program will automatically search your machine for the items it needs
for FlashGel® Camera to operate correctly. This is namely the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0, Service
Pack 1.
If setup determines that you need the
.NET Framework, the following window
will be displayed. Click OK to begin this
In a few seconds, you will be asked to
read and accept the terms of the .NET
Framework license agreement. Click
Install to continue.
After several minutes, the .Net
Framework should have been
successfully installed and you will see
the following window. Click Exit or close
the window.
When the Microsoft® .NET Framework
2.0, Service Pack 1 has been installed,
Setup will begin the process of installing
the correct camera drivers for your
system. Click OK to continue
3. Camera Drivers
Click Next to start the installation
When presented with the license
agreement, please read the terms and
click Yes to continue.
After a short while, the camera drivers
will be installed and you will be prompted
to restart your computer. Click Finish to
close the window.
4. Connecting the Camera
Please connect the camera to an
available USB port. Your computer
should now automatically detect the
camera and prepare it for use.
Once your computer detects the camera,
it will be ready for use a short while later.
Note – depending of the performance of your computer, this step may take up to a minute to complete.
Please wait for the message “Your new hardware is installed and ready to use.” before launching
FlashGel® Capture.
5. Using FlashGel® Capture
5.1 Starting the application
Please ensure the camera is connected, the camera hood is placed securely over the FlashGel® Dock
Launch the application from the
desktop icon or Start Menu.
5.2 Viewing a FlashGel® Image
As soon as the application starts, you
will see a graphical representation of
the FlashGel® Dock on your screen.
When you turn the light on, the camera
will automatically adjust its exposure
settings to show an optimized image.
You will then be able to monitor the
separation of fragments during the
course of the experiment.
Note - the camera is setup for the low-light conditions expected when viewing a FlashGel® Cassette. If
you remove the hood, the image will appear too bright.
5.3 Capturing and saving an image
To capture a still image at any time,
simply click the Capture button.
This action will show a Save As dialog
and give you the opportunity to enter a
filename and choose between three
image types; BMP, JPG and TIF.
On subsequent occasions (and even
after restarting the application),
FlashGel® Capture will remember the
name and location of the last file you
saved. Furthermore, the program will
append a sequential number to the last
filename you saved meaning that you
simply have to click Save to continue.
For example, if your initial filename
was Test, subsequent filenames would
be Test1, Test2, Test3 and so on.
5.4 Printing an image
One size
One size
Includes: FlashGel® Dock,
FlashGel® Camera; box of 9
FlashGel® DNA Cassettes 1.2%
agarose, 12+1 well single-tier
format; 1 ml FlashGel® Loading Dye
and 150 μl FlashGel® DNA Marker.
DNA Starter
Includes: FlashGel® Dock, box of 9
FlashGel® DNA Cassettes 1.2%
agarose, 12+1 well single-tier
format; 1 ml FlashGel® Loading Dye
and 150 μl FlashGel® DNA Marker.
RNA Starter
Includes: box of 9 FlashGel® RNA
Cassettes 1.2% agarose, 12+1 well
single-tier format; Formaldehyde
Sample Buffer; FlashGel® RNA
Marker; and AccuGENE® Molecular
Biology Water. FlashGel® Dock sold
To print an image at any time, simply
click the Print button.
This action will show a print dialog that
will enable you to select the printer of
choice and subsequently print the
Camera Specifications
Hood dimensions: 10 cm [W] x 11 cm [L] x 16 cm [H]
Camera Type:
Image File Type:
Image Resolution: 640 x 480
Bit Depth:
8 bit
Ordering Information
Cat No. Description
57040 FlashGel®
Software/Hardware Requirements
• Microsoft® Windows* 2000/Me/XP/Vista
• Pentium III, 500MHz or equivalent
• 128MB RAM
• Hi-Speed USB - 4 pin USB Type A
*The FlashGel® Capture software is designed for Windows
operating systems. The software will function on most Macintosh
computers using standard operating system bridge programs.
Warranty and Liability
This product was produced utilizing the highest practical standards of
materials, workmanship, and design. Lonza Rockland, Inc. warrants
that the product has been tested and will meet or exceed published
specifications. This warranty is valid only if the product has been
operated and maintained according to the instructions provided.
Lonza Rockland, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in
materials and workmanship under normal service for one year from
date of shipment. If the product proves defective during this period,
Lonza Rockland, Inc., will repair or replace it at Lonza Rockland,
Inc.’s option, free of charge, if returned to Lonza Rockland, Inc.
postage prepaid. This warranty does not cover: damage in transit,
damage caused by carelessness, misuse or neglect, normal wear
through frequent use, damage caused by solvent corrosion, damage
caused by improper handling or user alteration, nor unsatisfactory
performance as a result of conditions beyond Lonza Rockland, Inc.’s
control. Lonza Rockland, Inc. shall not be liable for any damage or
injury to persons or property of any kind arising out of the purchase
or use of the product. Any claim made by the buyer against Lonza
Rockland, Inc. with respect to the product shall be waived by buyer
unless made within thirty days of delivery. In no event shall Lonza
Rockland, Inc.’s liability with respect to any such claim exceed the
purchase price actually paid by buyer. Lonza Rockland, Inc., shall in
no event be liable for incidental nor consequential damages,
including without limitation, lost profits, loss of income, loss of
business opportunities, loss of use and other related damages,
however caused, nor any damage arising from the incorrect use of
the product. Each party hereto shall be excused from liability for
failure to perform due to any cause beyond its reasonable control,
except that this clause shall not operate to relieve buyer of the
obligation to pay the purchase price for merchandise delivered.
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