Clue Network Server

Clue Network Server
Installs the software and the dictionaries on a server machine (the server). You will also need to install the
software or shortcut on the clients that connect to the server to acquire the grant to use one or more
dictionaries, thus sharing a limited number of licences among a greater number of users.
Application: ClueNetwork_Server.exe
Run ClueNetwork_Server.exe to start the installation wizard. You can change the language used during
installation by clicking the Language button.
Click Next to continue.
Procede with the default placement or select desired destination for both program files and the shared
dictionary folder..
When you click Next, Clue is installed in the chosen folder. In the final wizard window you can create a
shortcut and/or launch Clue.
Click Finish to exit. Cluewill then request the licence code:
Enter your license code in the textbox and click Ok.
The latest version of the licensed dictionaries is downloaded automatically.
At the end of the process you are asked to verify that the folder C:\ClueServerAppData is shared to the
relevant users and that the port 8001 in your firewall (if present) is unlocked.
After sharing the folder ClueServerAppData, run the test that pops up to ensure all components are
installed and functional
Close the first test window as instructed
The test will then procede to complete.
Once the test are passed, you need to install the client software to run the Clue application..
Clue Client
Shortcut installation
The installation creates the needed shortcuts to the client machines, while the Clue software will actually
be running on the server.
Once ClueNetwork_Server is installed, you will find both the client configurator and the client installer in
ClueClientConfigurator.exe allows you to customize the client installation with the following options:.
Use UI: This option enables or disables the installation UI on the client.
Seleect werther to Run the setup as administrator
“Copy…”: To optimize performance, you may copy the dictionary files to the client. You may also decide
how often you want the client to check the server for updates to the dictionary files.
Once saved, the above options will be saved in a configuration file.
To run the setup on your clients, simply run ClueClient.exe from
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