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User Guide
Sept, 15 2014
Ver. 1.0.0
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FCC Regulation
1. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) This device must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesired
2. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the
party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority
to operate the equipment.
NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply
with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of
the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide
reasonable protection against harmful interference in a
residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can
radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in
accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful
interference to radio communications. However, there is no
guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular
installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference
to radio or television reception, which can be determined by
turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try
to correct the interference by one or more of the following
Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
Increase the separation between the equipment and
Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different
from that to which the receiver is connected.
Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician
for help.
948 Box * 1
3.5mm male
to RCA male
Audio Cable * 1
3.5mm male
to RCA Female
Audio Cable * 1
User Guide * 1
Controller * 1
(Advance &
Deluxe only)
Above Picture for reference only, actual looking based on real
USB to micro USB
Power Cable * 1
MediaWalker 948 Deluxe
System on / System off
WiFi access or USB access
(as card reader)
Voice Recoding and Stop
Power is ready
System is ready
Internet radio
WIFI Connected
Recode Voice/Video
Ethernet Connected
Battery Charge
Battery Done
Remote control access
MediaWalker 948 Advance
System on / System off
WiFi access or USB access
(as card reader)
Voice Recoding and Stop
Power is ready
System is ready
Internet radio
WiFi Connected
Recode Voice/Video
Ethernet Connected
Remote control access
MediaWalker 948 PRO
Power is ready
System is ready
Internet radio
WiFi Connected
Remote control access
(MediaWalker app)
Ethernet Connected
MediaWalker 948 Extra
Power is ready
System is ready
Internet radio
WiFi Connected
Remote control access
(MediaWalker app)
Ethernet Connected
When (PWR) Red + (RDY) Green = Orange,
means the MediaWalker Music Box is Ready to
When (TUN) Blue turned on means MediaWalker
948 is working on connecting Internet Radio.
When (WiFi) Red + (ETH) Blue = purple and
flashing, means Ethernet and WiFi is working
When (REC) Green turned on means
MediaWalker 948 is recording from the Mic.
When (CHRG) Red turned on means the Battery
is under charging.
When (DONE) Green turned on means the
Battery has been fully charged.
When (ECHO) Blue is flashing means the echo of
receiving the remote command.
Plug in the Power:
Use micro USB power cable to connect the +5V/1A adapter to
MediaWalker 948 and turn the power switch to power on.
Connect to Speaker and/or Amplify:
Use either 3.5mm stereo audio cable or SPDIF fiber optical
cable to connect the MediaWalker 948 with Speakers and/or
Connect the up-link network:
You can use either wired Ethernet cable or Wireless WiFi to
connect the up-link network (WAN).
Default status to connect up-link (WAN) using the wired
Ethernet port.
User can change the configuration of setup to use wireless WiFi
to connect up-link (WAN).
**Note: The Ethernet port change to service as LAN when set
WiFi to up-link (WAN).
Insert the SD card and/or the USB disk will perform the storage
of MediaWalker. It will be able to play music from the storage
and share the content through the FTP Server service.
** Play mode notice
LAN mode mobile phone connect to MediaWalker 948 by WiFi
directly as a clinet in the LAN.
WAN mode: mobile phone connect to MediaWalker 948 from
WAN side through upper level host router as a client of host.
The MediaWalker 948 supports AirPlay, UPnP, and DLNA
(DMS +DMR). It is as easy as just connect your playing device
with the WiFi of the MediaWalker 948 and start to play.
Following is the picture of the play back from AirPlay, UPnP,
MediaWalker 948 supports Multi-Cubic Play for flexible control
and lots of fun to play your music.
You can play with multiple resource (different sound) to multiple
device (different MediaWalker 948) with multiple controller
(different mobile phone) at same time.
The multiple resource can come from anyone of your mobile
phone, MediaWalker 948 DMS, and any other media server.
The multiple device can be any one of your mobile phone,
MediaWalker 948 DMR, and any other media render.
Multiple controller can be any one of your android phone,
iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac.
MediaWalker 948 will have no problem and smooth switched
between above any controller.
Thanks to Multi-Cubic Play, your family no need to use the
MedialWalker 948 by always either search for the same remote
controller or find the same phone to active the device. Every
one of your family can use his/her own phone to control the
MediaWalker 948 to get HiFi music.
Power on and get Mediawalker 948
ready to work.
Connect the Power with
MediaWaler 948 and switch to
power up.
Wait till both “PWR R” and “RDY G”
LEDs turn on and light out orange
color to indicate the system is ready
to work.
Turn on your playing device such as iPhone, iPad,
Windows, Mac, and/or Android phone.
Turn on the WiFi setting of your playing device and search
the AP with SSID name as “mw948X_XXXXXX”.
Choose to connect the AP with such SSID by key in default
password as “12345678”.
It will show s the AP connected if connection successful.
If neither can’t find the SSID of the MediaWalker948 nor
can’t match the password to connect, please press more
than 5 second on the “RESET” button to re-start the
MediaWalker948 on default setting.
Default setting:
DHCP range:
2.4GHz CH1,
Auto CH Select “On”
Ethernet port (RJ45)
Ath0 port (WiFi)
LAN mode
RF Channel:
Up link to WAN:
Down link to LAN:
Management ID:
Management Pass:
Playing the music wirelessly
a. Use iPhone and iPad to play:
Start the music player of
iPhone and iPad and slide the
touch screen from bottom of
the screen to activate the
Choose the mw948X_XXXX
device to start the WiFi
Airplay music.
Use MS Windows and Mac os
to play:
Please install “iTunes” on
your computer before start to play.
Start the iTunes application and click on the middle of
top command bar to activate the
Choose the mw948X_XXXX device to start the WiFi
Airplay music.
Use Android Pad and Mobile Phone to paly:
You can use any APK supports UPnP/DLNA that
downloaded from Google Play APK market. There is
a lot of APKs on the market supporting UPnP/DLNA
such as Media House, iMedia Share, UPnP Monkey,
BubbleUPnP, AllCast, and MirageDLNA…etc.
Almost all APKs who named it supports UPnP/DLNA
can be used to play music to the MediaWalker 948.
Use Remote Controller to play
(Deluxe and Advance only)
You can use the IR remote
controller to control the
MediaWalker 948.
No need to use extra playback
device, you can use the R/C
to activate the function
described as following:
Power on/off
Internet Radio
Play USB/SD card music
Forward/Add channel
Backward/Delete channel
Use MediaWalker APP to play:
Download the
MediaWalker APK from
ker.apk and install on
your Android mechine.
You can download the
APK by using the QR code
and install the APK too.
Start up the MediaWalker
APP after installation.
Local Player
Click the slide command
tag at the most upper left
corner and choose the
Local Player to list down the music
contents in your Android machine.
Click on the music you want to play
to start the Play Control menu.
The most right Play-out Control
button will
control the
music to
play either
on local
or WiFi to
ker 948.
DLNA Player
Click the slide command tag
at the most upper left corner
and choose the DLNA
Player to list down the DMS
and DMR device in your
Click the DMS which you
want to play from and the
DMR which you want to
play to.
Click on the ok to start to
choose the music from the
list on the DMS.
Click on the chosen music
to start the DLNA play.
Internet Radio
Click the slide command
tag at the most upper left
corner and choose the
Internet Radio to list down
the available Radio station.
There are couple different
category to group many
radio stations. Click on the
radio station you like will
start the radio playing.
You must have your
MediaWalker 948 connect
to the Internet through WAN
connection either by
Ethernet or by WiFi. Without
the Internet connection,
MediaWalker 948 is
impossible to receive the
Network Radio from
FTP Client
Click the slide command tag
at the most upper left corner
and choose the FTP Client
to start the FTP service.
Your mobile phone need to
connect with the WiFi of
MediaWalker 948 to be able
to access the FTP server on
You will find the FTP site
with the same name as the
WiFi SSID name.
Choose the Site name and
click on the login to start the
FTP service
You can upload files from
local side to Remote side.
You can download files from
remote side to local side too.
There is a list of extra
commands by long press
the file item which has been
Remote Control Panel
Use Remote Control Panel
in MediaWalker APP to
control MediaWalker 948.
By click on the slice
command list you can see
the item of Remote Control
Panel can be chosen.
Use the remote Control
Panel in the MediaWalker
APP to control the
MediaWalker 948 will similar
as using the real IR R/C.
It will perform following
function to control
MediaWalker 948.
Power off
Internet Radio
Play USB/SD card
Web Cam
The MediaWalker 948
supports the web cam
The USB camera need to
support the UVC (USB
Video Command) protocol.
You can just plug in the USB
camera to start the real time
MJPEG HLS server
Once you has plug in the
USB camera (UVC
supported), you can click on the slide command
list and choose the Web
Cam to view the web cam
video stream.
The web browser on you
mobile phone need to
support the MJPEG decoder
to be able to view the video.
To use either the original
google browser come with
your android phone or the
Google Chrome web
browser is suggested.
Click the slide command tag
at the most upper left corner
and choose the Setup to be
able to start the configuration
setup of the MediaWalker
Choose WiFi to login to the
configuration setup of
MediaWalker 948.
The default login Name :
The default login Password:
Account Section
You can see the WiFi
configuration page after
successful login. Click on
the Show Password, you can
see the default login name
password in the Account section.
It is necessary to set the DLNA Mode Setting
for work with the DLNA
controller (DMC) to be able to
be found.
If the controller is connect
with MediaWalker 948 by
WiFi directly, you need to
choose “LAN” mode.
If your controller connect the
MediaWalker 948 through a
router/AP, which means both
the mobile phone (Controller)
and MediaWalker 498 connect on the same
router/AP, you need to choose the “WAN”
WiFi Configuration Section
The Default IP of MediaWalker 948 is
You can find the default SSID
mw948X_XXXXXX and WPA password in the
WiFi Configuration section. The default WiFi
WPA password is “12345678”
The default WiFi channel region is China and
the Auto Channel Selection is enable
All of these parameter can be changed.
Internet Configuration Section
Default WAN Type setting
using Ethernet to connect
Internet and using DHCP to
get WAN IP.
If you are using the Ethernet
to connect the Modem (ADSL)
directly, you should change to
use PPPoE to dial out.
You will need the PPPoE
Username and PPPoE
Password from your ISP provider.
MediaWalker 948 supports
using WiFi as WAN Type.
It means you can click on the
WiFi to setup MediaWalker
948 to connect Internet
through upper level router/AP
by WiFi connection.
Once you choose to work in
this mode, you will need to
choose the Remote AP SSID
to tell MediaWalker which
router/AP you will connect.
By click on the search tab of
the Remote AP SSID, it will
list out all the available
router/AP for your choose.
Pick up the SSID you want
MediaWalker 948 to connect
with and key in the password
of the remote Router/AP to
allow MediaWalker to login.
Any changes you have made
need to be submit to keep the
change. The changed
parameter will not effected
without submit process.
Restore factory setting
It will set all of the changes
back to factory default which
same as described on page
Force to restart the system
It will force the MediaWalker
948 to reboot.
Choose About to view the
Firmware version of the
MediaWalker 948 with the
listed SSID and the APP
version on the mobile.
By double touch on the
screen for more than 5
second, you can manually
start the firmware update
Click on the Version Update
will start the firmware update
process. The MediaWalker
948 must connect the Internet
to be able to update the
firmware from the web site
The firmware process will
support both Beta version
weekly overnight build and
Stable version (monthly stable build).
You can always get the most up to date new
function and bug fix from the Beta version.
Download PDF