Instructions for Physicians` Office Staff Directory via EJMD (not iPad

Instructions for Physicians’
sicians’ Office Staff accessing Radiology images, Lagniappe, Order Sets, Phone
Directory via EJMD (not iPad):
1. Browse to
2. If you have previously used or, skip to step 3.
a. Download the Citrix Plug
Plug-in necessary for running PowerChart/Radiology Images by
clicking on the appropriate link on the Secure Web Portal Login Page.
b. If a Security Warning
rning is presented, click Run.
c. The Citrix online plug
in will install silently and display the following when complete.
Click OK.
3. Login to the site using your standard EJMD credentials.
4. Click on one of the links on the left side of the screen to aaccess
ccess EJMD, MDPortal, or GE RIS. You
will not need to login again.
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