Network License Manager and Client Toolchain Installation Guide

Network License Manager
Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
This guide is intended to help you to install HEW and the Network License Manager and
obtain a license key (if entitled). It will cover:
Installing the network license manager
Registering your purchase and applying for a license key
Receive and install the license key
Installing additional purchased licenses
Installing the client software
Configuring the client PC
Support Information and FAQs.
This product comes with 2 CD-ROMs:
Server CD-ROM
This is used on the server to install the license server Windows service and license key.
It contains the software necessary to manage your HEW licenses across a network. With this
CD-ROM you will find a Purchase Verification Code, located on the disc box. The Purchase
Verification Code entitles you to apply for your software license key from Renesas Technology.
License keys are issued as part of the Product registration process, see Section 3. The license
key will enable full and unlimited use of the purchased Renesas Toolchain.
The PC selected to run the license server Windows service does not need to be a filer server
system or any specific hardware server. Any desktop PC running Windows XP or Vista is
suitable, but it must be accessible over a network from all the clients. A fixed IP address is
Client CD-ROM
This is used on each client to install the toolchain, and contains installers for these Renesas
micro-controller families:
SuperH RISC Engine Family
M16C/80, M32C Families
M16C and R8C Families
H8, H8S and H8SX Families
R32C/100 Families
See versions.txt (in the root of this CD) for details of versions and the time limits associated with
each toolchain.
The client software can be used on the PC selected to run the license server.
Renesas' manuals are supplied in PDF format. Each toolchain has a separate set of manuals
that are copied to the hard drive at install time. The installer will add a link to the appropriate
index on the start menu. The HEW IDE software has its own manual describing the debugger
and code-builder functionality.
Sentinel's manuals are supplied in HTML format. To open this, start the server CD-ROM's
autorun utility and use Manuals > SentinelLM System Administrator's Help. It will launch a web
browser to display the Welcome page (if the browser blocks some scripts, you may need to
enable content to fully utilize the help).
Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
First Steps
Install Sentinel RMS License Manager Windows™ service (section )
Register your purchase (section )
Add license key to server and its file (section )
Install toolchain software (section )
Configure client to interrogate server (section )
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
HEW Network License Manager Installation
The License server can be any computer running the Windows™ operating system that
is connected to the network using TCP/IP. It can be a server or workstation. For more
information please read the System Administrators Guide available on the License
Server CD.
The CD-ROM is designed to auto-play when inserted into the CD-ROM drive. If it does
not operate:
Open “My Computer” from the desktop
Locate and open the CD-ROM drive
Double-click the “autorun.exe” icon to run the menu program.
To install the license server either
click the “Install SentinelLM” button
from the front-end menu or browse
the CD to run the
"SentinelLM\setup.exe” program.
This will run the installer.
Click <Next>
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
License Agreement
Please read the agreement and
select the "I accept…" radio
Click <Next>
Customer Information
Use the defaults.
Click <Next>
Destination Folder
You cannot change this location
Click <Next>
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
Setup Type
Choose a Complete installation.
Click <Next>.
System Firewall Settings
Ensure that the checkbox
remains selected.
Click <Next>.
Ready to Install
Click <Install> to proceed with
the installation.
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
The setup will run, briefly
showing a setup status bar.
Now click <Finish> to complete
the installation.
Checking the Service installed
To verify that the service is running, open the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services to
display the list of installed services. Scroll down the list to locate a service named "Sentinel
RMS License Manager" and ensure it is configured to run automatically.
Registering Your Purchase
Once you have installed this product we ask you to register it with us. Registration serves the
purpose of enabling your support entitlement with Renesas and also applies for your license key
for the toolchain you purchased.
The product has four identifying elements. They are:
The Product Code (located on the Customer Information Sheet)
The Serial number (located on the back of the server CD case and Customer
Information Sheet)
The Purchase Verification Code (located on the back of the server CD case)
The Site Code, displayed by the server CD autorun utility.
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
Obtain the Site Codes
On the server CD autorun utility, click
<Register for key>. This will display two site
Note: You can highlight the site codes and
copy them to the clipboard as text.
To register now, click <Register Online> to
open your web browser at the Renesas
registration page.
To register later, visit the Product Registration
page or post/fax the form supplied with the
Online registration guide:
• Enter the information requested on the form including the other essential identifying
elements and your company and contact details.
• Remember to register all the seats at one time to minimize your administration.
• Click the “Continue” button
• The details will be checked for basic errors and displayed back to you, if they are
correct please click “Continue”.
• You will be asked to confirm your commitment to the Export Control of Technologies
regulations applicable, if you agree click “Submit” and your registration will be emailed
to Renesas Technology for processing.
• You will be contact via the email address you have entered if there are any problems.
Note: The client installer will add a shortcut on the Start menu to the Product
Registration page. Your users do not need to register separately.
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D004975 _11_v07
Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
Receive and install the license key
Once your registration has been processed and accepted your “License Key” will be emailed to
you. This needs to be registered with your License Server to allow the workstations to operate
beyond the trial period.
Quick method
To add the key run the autorun.exe utility from the server CD-ROM and click the “Add Key”
button. A dialog box will open allowing you to import the key from a text file or paste the key
directly from an email (ensure there are no linefeed characters as these will prevent the key
from operating). Use the OK button to add the key to the server - a command prompt window
will open as the "lslic.exe" program is launched.
Note: It is important to retain the HEW License Server CD-ROM in the drive while adding the
Interactive method
To check the server's status and add a key interactively, use the "wlmadmin.exe" program from
the "SentinelLM\Admin.W32" folder:
If the server is not listed under Subnet Servers, use Edit > Defined Server List to enter
the IP address of your server.
Select the server name and expand the tree control to view the available licenses.
If the license is not present, right-click on the server name and select "Add Feature >
From a file > To Server and its File". You can then browse to the file containing the
license emailed to you.
View report showing the license could be added OK, or a failure code.
Note 1: If the license key is not added to '… its File' then the feature will be lost when the server
is restarted.
Note 2: The license key does not need to be added to the clients.
Installing additional purchased licenses
Additional licenses may be purchased and registered with the license server. You will be
supplied with additional Product media providing another Product Verification Code and Serial
number. This must be registered in the same way as before – see Register the Product. Your
new license key can then be installed as described in Receive and install the license key.
Note: It is not necessary to install an additional License Server. The existing site code will be
used for registration.
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D004975 _11_v07
Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
Client Software Installation
The CD-ROM is designed to auto-play when inserted into the CD-ROM drive, if it does not
Open "My Computer" from your desktop
Locate and open the CDROM drive
Double-click the "autorun.exe" icon to run the program.
Note: The following assumes no other Renesas products have previously been installed. Some
dialog boxes may not appear if they have. The example dialogs shown here are for the H8
compiler, the other toolchains will have the same process but the dialogs may differ in small
The first item shown allows the user to
choose which compiler toolchain will be
installed, please select the correct radio
The AutoUpdate utility is automatically
selected; we recommend users select it
for installation to keep their tools up to
You will be asked to choose the setup
Select appropriate language and Click
The appropriate installer will now be run.
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D004975 _11_v07
Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
The Welcome dialog box will be
displayed, please click <Next>
The HEW license will be shown,
please read and click <Yes>
The “Region Selection” dialog box
will be shown, please select your
region and click <Next>
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
If no previous installation of HEW has
been detected you will be asked for the
destination folder. It is recommended
that you choose the default location.
If a previous installation is detected this
step is skipped. The HEW4 installation
will deploy to the same location as your
previous installation and overwrite it.
Note: If you wish to retain multiple
instances of HEW you will need to
rename the file HEW2inst.ini prior to
running this setup. This file is located in
your Windows directory, typically
The Review dialog will be shown, click
<Next> to begin the software
During the installation process a
progress bar will be shown.
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
At the end of the installation you will
see a screen showing you the “Site
Please ignore this Site Code.
This is for the client, and is not
needed for a network license key.
Click <Next>, then <Finish> to
complete the installation.
On completion of the installation
another language choice dialog will
be shown, please choose the
language you wish to use, then the
AutoUpdate installer will start.
The installer will ask you to install the
utility to the Startup folder. We
recommend you follow the default
option of allowing this.
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D004975 _11_v07
Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
The Confirmation dialog will be
shown, click <Install> to complete
the process.
A progress bar will be shown, also a
browser-based message may appear
in the background, please read the
message and close the browser after
the installation is completed.
Now click <Finish> to complete the
installation of AutoUpdate.
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
Configuring the Client
To configure each client:
Open HEW.
On the Welcome dialog box, click <Administration...>.
On the Tools Administration dialog box, expand the Toolchains section and select
the toolchain.
Click <Properties...>.
On the Properties dialog box, select the Environment tab.
Click <Add...>.
Enter these details:
Value: <server's hostname/IP-address, e.g.>
Click <OK>.
The Environment Variables list will now include a line:
Click <OK> to close the Properties dialog box.
Click <OK> to close the Tools Administration dialog box.
Note 1: These steps must be repeated for every toolchain & version installed. This may require
additional work when using the AutoUpdate feature, which will default to the stand-alone license
Note 2: The client installation will include various shortcuts that are intended for registering and
licensing stand-alone clients. These should be ignored by your users as they will not improve
the client license status.
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Network License & Client Toolchain
Installation Guide
Support Information and FAQ
Technical support for HEW in the form of FAQs, application notes and downloads is available
via our websites: – Global – Europe, Middle East and Africa – North America
Customers can receive further technical support from their appropriate sales office.
Please visit our website for details on our support services
Renesas Technology Europe Ltd Product Support cannot provide technical assistance to users
who have not purchased and registered the relevant product.
1. After adding the network license key, why do some workstations still use the trial
Please ensure the steps in section (6) have been followed.
2. How can I check the license server is running?
Run the “WlmAdmin.exe” program from the server CD's "\SentinelLM\Admin.W32" folder.
Refer to section (3) 'Interactive Method' & the Sentinel Administrator Guide for more
3. How can I check that a workstation can access the server?
First check that the TCP/IP channel is available by using the “ping utility” supplied with
Windows™. To test that a license is accessible, run the “testlic.exe” program from
“\SentinelLM\Admin.W32”. This will attempt to reserve a key reporting “OK” if successful.
4. How many clients can share a seat?
When the toolchain is run, the client retains the seat for 30 minutes. After this period it is
released and may be used by another client.
5. After the last seat is used, all seats lock out for 30 minutes. What now?
If the environment configuration is not performed, the clients may initially work OK using a
subnet broadcast or directed server lookup (e.g. by the often prompted LSHOST
environment variable). The only reliable method is to force the server lookup to a fixed
location using the LSFORCEHOST environment variable.
Please ensure the steps in section (6) have been followed.
6. How do I use a commuter license?
Run the "wcommute.exe" program from the server CD's "\SentinelLM\Admin.W32" folder on
the client. Refer to the Sentinel Administrator Guide for more information. You must also
change the LSFORCEHOST environment variable name to _LSFORCEHOST as the
commuted license requires the normal server lookup algorithm to locate the commuted
license on the client (it runs a mini-service to fulfill this feature).
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