Microphone Interface for the EasyUSB Audio Solutions
The PRO MIC I/O expands the Vaddio™ EasyUSB™
audio designs to include 3rd party microphones. The
PRO MIC I/O adds the capability of using traditional
A/V table microphones in a PC conferencing system
when used with the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp.
Front panel controls provide a simplified user interface
(four knobs and two LEDs) for setting the desired gain
on the connected microphones.
Dip switches on the rear panel allow the installer to enable processing functions including a low cut filter, a high
cut filter, phantom power (per microphone), a GPIO for mute status and finally a front panel lock-out to protect the
knobs from the “technical experts” that just can’t resist making a fine adjustment or three.
The PRO MIC I/O provides four (4) microphone inputs on 3-Pin female XLR connectors allowing table,
gooseneck or button microphones to be used in a custom design where microphone type, size, color, texture and
locations are critical to the end user or architect alike. Each input channel incorporates an echo cancellation
processing chain that is optimized for use with Unified Communications software applications such as Microsoft
Lync, Cisco Jabber, Skype, WebEx, Vidyo, GoToMeeting and many others.
Vaddio EasyUSB- PRO MIC I/O - Rear Panel
Diagram: PRO MIC I/O 4-Mic Configuration with
Bose 8 0hm Speakers
PC with
UC App
USB 2.0
(8 ohm)
Cat-5 EasyMic Port Connection
A single Cat-5 cable provides audio, power and control from the
EasyUSB Mixer/Amp to the PRO MIC I/O. This configuration can
be used in conjunction with an EasyMic Table MicPOD providing
maximum flexibility in design.
Up to two (2) PRO MIC I/O
Interfaces can be connected to a single EasyUSB Mixer/Amp for a
complete 8-Microphone USB Audio Conferencing solution.
Four (4) Professional
3 Party Boundary Mics
(Integrator’s Favorite)
Part Numbers
Audio Specs.
Microphone Inputs
Audio Processing
User Controls
EasyMic Port
Control Port
Operating Temp.
EasyUSB - PRO MIC I/O: 999-8520-000
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20kHz, Dynamic Range: >90dB, THD + Noise: <.02%
Four (4) XLR Female, Balanced Mic Inputs, 48Vdc Phantom Power, Mic Pre Amp- Adjustable
Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Automatic Gain Control, Noise Reduction, Automatic Microphone Mixing, HP/LP Filters
Front Panel Rotary Gain Controls, Rear Dip Switches for Audio Processing and GPIO
RJ 45-F Proprietary Interface (audio, power & control), 100’ (30.48m) Maximum Cat-5 Cable Distance
RJ 45-F Vaddio Std. RS-232 Pin-out for Cat-5 Cable
32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C or 273.15 to 313.15 Kelvins) / 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
1.72” (43.7) H x 8.375” (212.73mm) W x 6.0” (152.4mm) D
1.43 lbs. (0.648637095643 kg or 0.10214286 stone)
1-RU Rack Mount Kit for Single EasyUSB Mixer/Amp 998-6000-004
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