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Introducing CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2017
CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2017 is the complete
required by technical illustrators. From intuitive
solution for visual communication and technical
projected drawing and enhanced boundary effects to
publication — print, online and to mobile devices.
new node customization and selection, Corel
Industry-leading file compatibility, precise illustration
DESIGNER 2017 offers everything you need to create
tools, and productivity-enhancing features streamline
clear and accurate technical illustrations. A large
the workflow of today’s technical communication
collection of powerful and dedicated illustration tools
professionals and technical graphics users, simplifying
simplifies the creation of high-quality technical
single-source publishing of standards-compliant
communication projects, including sophisticated
technical publications for a global market.
documentation, detailed assembly instructions, user
and maintenance manuals, and more.
Corel DESIGNER® 2017 is renowned for its specialized
tools and features designed for the specific tasks
Reviewer’s Guide [ 1 ]
The industry-leading file format compatibility of
With CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017, you’ll work
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 ensures that technical
more efficiently and productively thanks to a wide
graphics professionals can access critical data from
array of new and enhanced features — from
various sources and deliver technical files in a readable
workspace customization options to support for Ultra
format. You can export to over 100 file formats, so you
HD and multi-monitor workflows.
can exchange files with colleagues and clients
worldwide and produce a range of downstream
outputs, including 3D PDF.
You can also rely on compliance with various
standards-based systems thanks to enhanced support
for technical publication standards, including
WebCGM, S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, SVG and PDF.
Collaborating with colleagues and clients has never
been easier. Whether it's AutoCAD® DWG® and DXF,
Adobe® Illustrator® CS/CC, Adobe® Photoshop®
CS/CC, Microsoft® Publisher, or Adobe® Acrobat®,
you can access and repurpose data from a wide range
of formats.
You can take advantage of Lattice3D Studio Corel
Edition to open, edit, and modify 3D models and
import 3D views into your technical illustrations. This
3D visualization application is fully integrated with
Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW® and Corel® PHOTOPAINT™, so you can easily output 3D files to highquality vector illustrations and bitmap renderings. As
an optional add-on, Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel
Edition has enhanced native file format support for 3D
CAD systems and exchange file formats.
[ 2 ] Reviewer’s Guide
Corel DESIGNER 2017 also offers enhanced Translation
Memory System (TMS) support that allows for costeffective production of multi-lingual technical
What’s more, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017
provides professional creative design and image
editing applications, such as CorelDRAW 2017 and
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2017, which are ideal for
producing downstream outputs from a technical
illustration or imported 3D design, such as marketing
collateral, graphics, and presentation materials.
Choose your purchase option
Upgrade Program
In the interest of user choice, there are several
The CorelDRAW® Upgrade Program is the hassle-free
CorelDRAW Technical Suite purchase options.
way for technical illustrators and technical graphics
Perpetual License
price. If you own a version of CorelDRAW Technical
At Corel, we strongly believe that you should not be
forced into a rental model if you don’t want it. For a
onetime payment, a CorelDRAW perpetual license
gives you the right to use the software forever, with no
extra monthly cost. By purchasing a box, download
version or volume license version of the product, you
get access to the full benefits of a specific version,
and there is no need for a permanent Internet
connection. With the optional Upgrade Program or
Maintenance Program (for volume licenses)
customers can additionally benefit from receiving
major version upgrades immediately when they
users to keep their toolbox up-to-date at the best
Suite with a perpetual license, you pay one affordable
fee once a year, and you’re assured of working with
the latest design tools, new file compatibility, and the
most current technology. And as long as your account
is active, you’ll automatically get the latest version of
CorelDRAW Technical Suite. Best of all, sign up once
and forget about it. In addition, if your needs change,
you will continue to own the last version you received
through the upgrade program.
Volume License options for teams and organizations
CorelDRAW Technical Suite can also be licensed for
become available.
teams and larger groups in an organization. Both
subscription license — are commonly referred to as
A CorelDRAW® Subscription is an affordable way to
stay up-to-date with the latest tools and
enhancements of CorelDRAW Technical Suite. It offers
a cost-effective alternative to paying the upfront cost
of the software. Instead, you’ll get a full,
downloadable version of CorelDRAW Technical Suite*
that remains entirely functional for as long as your
subscription is active. You decide how and when you
want to use it. An annual plan offers an overall
discount, with the option to auto-renew or end your
subscription after the 12-month period. Your
subscription entitles you to the latest performance
enhancements and updates. It also entitles you to the
options — perpetual license, and software
the Corel Transactional License program (or CTL for
short) and are available to order from one of our
many authorized Channel resellers. Organizations
who purchase CorelDRAW Technical Suite licenses in
volume can secure a much lower overall cost to the
organization. If perpetual license owners want to stay
current with new releases however, they can opt in for
the Maintenance program. The Corel Maintenance
Program guarantees that customers automatically
receive all new releases during the lifetime of the
program, as well as benefiting from advanced support
and cumulative cost savings if additional seats are
next major version upgrade for as long as your
For more information about the Corel Licensing
subscription is active.
program, please visit
* A account and Internet connection are required to
download and use the application and manage your subscription.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 3 ]
Customer profiles
Technical communication
Technical graphics users
These users often have formal training in a technical
tasks and include knowledge workers in medium to
or graphics field, such as technical illustration or
technical writing. They work in discrete manufacturing,
automotive, aerospace, high tech and
telecommunications, architecture, engineering and
construction (AEC), and apparel industries.
The graphics created by technical illustrators are used
in assembly instructions, user guides, illustrated parts
catalogs (IPCs), maintenance manuals, schematics, or
wiring diagrams. These documents are output to
various media, such as print, the web, mobile devices,
and interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs).
Technical communication professionals in today’s
global markets need to create technical publications in
multiple languages for a worldwide customer base.
The ability to work seamlessly with Translation
Memory Systems (TMS) used in the localization
workflow is critical to streamline processes.
In addition, many organizations rely on content
authoring and management systems, so they seek
solutions that can be easily integrated.
These users are often self-taught in graphic-creation
large enterprise environments, such as manufacturing,
automotive, telecommunication, pharmaceuticals,
chemicals, and energy industries.
Among their many tasks and responsibilities is the
need to create a variety of graphics, including
diagrams used in presentation materials, floor plans,
schematics, and marketing materials.
These users may create graphics from scratch or base
them on legacy files. They often work collaboratively,
and the graphics they create may later be imported
for reuse with office-productivity, diagramming, and
desktop-publishing software.
In a typical organization, there may be many technical
graphics users spread across several departments.
They are not generally required to use the software
daily, and as such, they do not often get opportunities
for extensive training.
Organizations require cost-effective and easy-to-use
solutions that enable their users to repurpose legacy
files and 2D CAD data — and eventually 3D CAD data.
They also need tools for creating basic technical
diagrams and publishing standardized outputs.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 5 ]
What’s included?
Corel® CONNECT™ 2017: This full-screen browser
connects you to the suite’s digital content library,
and lets you search your computer, local network,
and online sources to quickly find the perfect
complement for an illustration. Fully integrated, it
is also available as a docker in Corel DESIGNER,
CorelDRAW, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.
Lattice3D Player: This 3D viewer is integrated
with Corel DESIGNER 2017 for the insertion of 3D
data assets in technical illustrations. It provides the
ability to modify 3D views and display modes.
Corel CAPTURE™ 2017: This one-click utility lets
you capture images from your computer screen,
which is especially useful for creating illustrated
software documentation, such as user guides.
Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ 2017: This professional
image-editing application lets you quickly and
easily retouch and enhance photos for both
technical communication and creative graphics
PhotoZoom Pro 4: This plug-in lets registered
users export and enlarge digital images from
Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition: This 3D
authoring application lets you create vector
illustrations and photo-realistic renderings from
3D views, including cross sections and 3D element
modifications, such as the creation of exploded
Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications 7.1: This
integrated development environment includes 64bit support and helps you streamline your
workflow by automating tasks.
Microsoft® Visual Studio® Tools for Applications: This
toolset includes the power of the .NET framework,
so developers can create time-saving plug-ins and
add-ons with Visual Studio to automate tasks and
extend functionality.
Duplexing wizard: This wizard helps you
optimize your work for two-sided printing.
Barcode wizard: This wizard lets you generate bar
codes in a wide range of industry-standard formats.
Corel DESIGNER® 2017: This specialized
application streamlines the technical graphics
workflow by offering precision vector drawing,
page layout, and diagramming tools that meet
the demands of technical illustrators and technical
graphics users.
CorelDRAW® 2017: This intuitive vectorillustration and page-layout application is the
perfect partner for Corel DESIGNER. It offers
graphics users additional creative graphics and
design tools that are ideal for more artful
endeavors, such as marketing collateral outputs.
Corel Font Manager™ 2017: This standalone font
management application lets you find, organize,
and preview local fonts, as well as online fonts on
the Content Exchange.
Corel® PowerTRACE® 2017: This convenient
utility lets you quickly and accurately convert
bitmaps, such as scanned blueprints, into editable
vector graphics.
Supporting applications
Reviewer’s Guide [ 7 ]
More than 4,000 industry-standard Architectural,
Electrical, General, Mechanical, and Tools symbols
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017
system requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1 or Windows®
7 SP1, in 32-bit or 64-bit, with the latest updates and
service pack installed
More than 350 templates, including more than 40
technical ANSI, DIN, and ISO standard templates
10,000 high-quality clipart and images
Intel® Core® i3/5/7 or AMD Athlon™ 64
2,000 high-resolution digital photos
Over 1,000 TrueType and OpenType® fonts
Over 500 interactive frames and photo frames
1 GB hard disk space (for typical installation
without content)
Over 600 fountain, vector and bitmap fills
Mouse, tablet, or multi-touch screen
1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
DVD drive (required for box installation)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
Internet connection is required to sign in to
authenticate CorelDRAW Technical Suite, receive
performance and stability updates, access online
content, and use some features, such as QR Codes
or the Content Exchange. You can use CorelDRAW
Technical Suite offline. As a subscription user you
need to connect to the Internet at least once a
Online Help files
User Guides (PDF and eBook formats)
Video tutorials
Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition
system requirements
For processing 3D CAD assembly data we
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7
(64-bit editions) with the latest updates and service
pack installed
8 GB RAM or more
1280 x 800 or higher screen resolution
Internet connection required for product
activation and installing updates
Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition is included and installed
with CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017. The Lattice3D
Studio CAD Add-On product unlocks additional
functionality for the integrated application.
[ 8 ] Reviewer’s Guide
Key features
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 is a complete and costeffective solution for authoring visual communications for
publishing to print, online, and mobile devices.
Give it a try
Working with isometric drawing
Press F10 to display the document grid.
Technical illustrators require specialized tools,
designing to the exact specifications of visually
detailed assembly instructions, complex user manuals
and multi-faceted documentation. CorelDRAW
Technical Suite 2017 provides projected drawing,
illustration, callout, dimension, boundary and imageediting tools that help users work with precision and
deliver the accuracy required for any type of technical
communication project.
On the Drawing Plane toolbar, click the Top
Click Window  Object Coordinates to open the
Object Coordinates docker.
Click View  Toolbars  Transform to open the
Transform toolbar.
In the Object Coordinates docker, type 20 in both
Object Size boxes, and click Create Object.
Type 10 in both Object Size boxes, and click Create
Object to create a concentric square.
Enhanced! Projected drawing: In response to user
feedback, projected drawing in Corel DESIGNER is
more intuitive. Now you can create new objects and
edit existing ones using the dimensions and
coordinates of the active projected plane. The UI
displays the projected-plane values that you’d expect,
so you can accurately draw, move, copy, stretch, and
scale objects, giving you increased precision and
productivity when authoring isometric drawings.
Note the Transform toolbar and Object
Coordinates docker display the projected height
and projected width values.
Click Window  Transformations  Size to open
the Size page of the Transformations docker.
Type 1 in the Copies box, type 5 in the X and Y
boxes, and click Apply to create a new shape
instead of modifying the selected square.
On the Drawing Plane toolbar, click the Front
10 Click the 3-Point Rectangle
tool in the toolbox.
11 In the drawing window, point to the left corner of the
largest rectangle, drag to bottom corner, and release
the mouse button.
12 Move the pointer down to draw the height, and
Note the Transform toolbar displays the actual
height in the active projection.
13 On the Transform toolbar, click a top point on the
You can draw and edit using the scale of the projected axes
according to the settings of the active projected plane.
origin locator
and enter the precise height in
the Object Size box, and press Enter.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 9 ]
Enhanced! Boundary options: When 2D CAD files or
New! Prominent interactive sliders: It’s easier than
previously converted line drawings are used as the
ever to work with object fills, transparencies, blends,
source for technical illustrations, sometimes there are
extrusions, drop shadows and more thanks to
gaps in lines that were supposed to form a closed
enhanced interactive sliders that are more visible.
shape. This can lead to time-consuming manual
reworking of the illustration. To that end, Corel
DESIGNER 2017 offers more flexibility when using a
boundary around multiple shapes to create a single
closed curve object. You can now include open lines in
the object being created with the Boundary effect. A
new gap tolerance control lets you specify a distance
between the end points of open lines. End points
within that tolerance are temporarily repositioned to
close the gap between objects and allow a boundary
to be created.
Prominent interactive sliders simplify working
with object fills, transparencies, and more.
New! Selecting adjacent nodes: Corel DESIGNER 2017
and CorelDRAW 2017 offer enhanced node selection
that simplifies working with complex shapes. You can
now select adjacent nodes on curves by using the
You can extend curves to create boundaries in
shapes that have small gaps between curves.
Shape tool while holding down Shift. You can also
change the direction in which the nodes are selected.
Enhanced! Vector previews, nodes, and handles:
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 simplifies shaping
curves and objects with redesigned nodes and
handles that are easier to see and manipulate.
Enhanced vector previews help you edit more
efficiently by ensuring nodes and curves stand out
against background colors in your design.
You can select several adjacent nodes (left), and you can
change the direction in which the nodes are selected (right).
New! Copying curve segments: Another new timesaving enhancement in Corel DESIGNER 2017 and
CorelDRAW 2017 is the ability to copy or cut a specific part
of a curve segment. You can then paste it as an object,
making it easy to create new adjacent shapes with similar
Enhanced previews, nodes, and handles
don't get lost in background colors.
[ 10 ] Reviewer’s Guide
Give it a try
Using enhanced node editing
Click Tools  Options.
In the Workspace list of categories, click Nodes
and handles.
In the General settings area, do any of the
• To change the node size, choose a size from the
Node size list box.
You can copy, paste, or duplicate pieces of existing curves,
allowing you to reuse curve segments in your projects.
• To change the node shape, choose a shape for
New! Custom node shapes: Corel DESIGNER 2017
cusp, smooth and symmetrical nodes from the
Node shape list boxes.
and CorelDRAW 2017 simplify shaping curves and
• To show or hide the direction of selected curves,
enable or disable the Show curve direction
when editing check box
objects by assigning each node type a unique shape,
making it easy to identify smooth, cusp, and
the look of nodes to best suit their workflow or project
In the Colors area, choose Custom from the Color
scheme list box., and do any of the following:
with new options for customizing their shape, size,
• Open the Main color picker, and choose the
symmetrical nodes. Technical graphics users can tailor
color used in nodes and handles when an object
is selected for editing.
and color. They can also accelerate modifying
elements in designs by choosing to show the direction
• Open the Secondary color picker, and choose
of curves and using a range of drawing tools to edit
the color used in nodes and handles when
additional objects are selected for editing with
the Shape tool or when you are editing vector
effects such as extrusions
• Enable the Show node types in different colors
check box to display each node type in a
different color.
You can assign each node type a unique
shape, making them easy to identify.
tool in the toolbox, and sketch in the drawing
New! Custom colors for previews and curve editing:
New color personalization options help you edit
objects more efficiently by letting you choose the colors
for nodes, handles and previews that will stand out
against underlying colors, making them easier to see.
With a document open, click the LiveSketch
Click the Shape
tool, hold down Shift, and
select adjacent nodes.
Press Ctrl + C to copy it or Ctrl + X to cut it, then
Ctrl + V to paste it.
New! Hiding and displaying objects: Corel DESIGNER
lets you hide objects and groups of objects so that
only the sections you want or need to see in a project
are displayed. When working with complex designs,
the ability to hide a particular element in your drawing
You can choose custom colors for
nodes, handles, and previews.
can be a great time-saver. It ensures that you don’t
inadvertently select and edit an object that you hadn’t
Reviewer’s Guide [ 11 ]
intended to work on, and it lets you experiment with
use fonts that are not installed in your drawings and
your designs more easily.
New! Drop shadows with Gaussian Blur feathering:
Drop shadows are a great way to enhance elements in
your designs. In Corel DESIGNER 2017, you can create
more realistic drop shadows that have natural-looking
feathered edges in an instant thanks to the Feathering
direction button on the property bar.
New! Correcting perspective distortions: With the
You can hide individual objects or groups of objects on a
layer without hiding the entire layer.
Enhanced! Knife tool: With the enhanced Knife tool,
you can split vector objects, text and bitmaps along
straight, freehand or Bézier lines. You can create a gap
between the split objects or have them overlap. You
can also choose whether to convert outlines into curve
objects that can be manipulated or keep them as
outlines. And if you’re unsure, Corel DESIGNER can
eliminate any guesswork by automatically choosing
the option that best preserves outline appearance.
Straighten Image dialog box in Corel DESIGNER,
CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can correct
perspective distortions in photos that have straight lines
and flat surfaces. Now in a few clicks, you can easily fix
photos of buildings, landmarks, or objects that appear
in the wrong perspective or that were taken from an
angle other than directly in front.
Symbol Manager docker: Technical illustrators often
use symbols for standard drawing components, which
can appear multiple times in an illustration. To that
end, the Symbol Manager docker simplifies creating,
editing, and managing symbols, including custom
defined symbol libraries. Corel DESIGNER 2017 also
offers over 4,000 technical symbols, helping you
quickly add precise detail to technical illustrations.
Alignment and Dynamic Guides docker:
When creating a design, alignment and dynamic
guides give technical illustrators speed and precision.
Alignment guides help you position objects more
quickly and lay out a drawing with precision by
Splitting objects with the enhanced Knife tool
appearing on the fly with suggested alignments to
existing objects on your page. Dynamic guides help to
Font list box: With the Font list box in CorelDRAW
align, draw, and move objects in precise relation to
Technical Suite 2017 applications, you can view, filter,
other objects. You can use the Alignment and
and find fonts easily. In addition to the font filters
Dynamic Guides docker to access and modify the
available before, you can filter fonts based on weight,
configuration of these guides more quickly.
width, supported scripts, and more. You can also use
keywords to search for fonts. In addition, any folders
or font collections added to Corel Font Manager are
accessible from the Font list box in Corel DESIGNER,
CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, allowing you to
[ 12 ] Reviewer’s Guide
Fully customizable, dynamic guides are temporary
guides that appear from the following snap points in
objects — center, node, quadrant, and text baseline.
With gravity snapping, technical illustrators snap the
cursor to various points in objects, making it easy to
create and position objects accurately. And so you can
work more efficiently, gravity shortcut keys let you
activate a single type of gravity snap.
Technical graphics professionals need to easily
exchange files with colleagues and clients worldwide.
To that end, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 provides
industry leading file format compatibility, including
enhanced support for 3D CAD, CGM (including
WebCGM, S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200), SVG, DWG, PSD,
The redesigned CGM export dialog box offers more settings
for advanced support for industry-standard CGM profiles.
AI, PDF and RAW formats. The ability to export to over
Enhanced! File format compatibility: Corel
100 file formats, including 3D PDF, ensures hassle-free
DESIGNER has enhanced support for the latest
file sharing.
versions of two formats widely used in technical
publications, WebCGM and SVG, ensuring that you
Enhanced! CGM support: Corel DESIGNER delivers
can easily exchange files with colleagues and clients
advanced support for CGM files, an industry-standard
worldwide and produce a range of downstream
format critical to a range of sectors, including
outputs. Corel DESIGNER also offers a range of PDF
aerospace, defense and automotive. If your drawings
options, including publishing your document as a 3D
are used in interactive electronic technical manuals
PDF or to the ISO compliant PDF/A archiving format.
(IETMs), you can make those files even more
In addition, if a PDF that you’re importing contains
information-rich by adding hotspots to callout shapes.
objects that fall outside the drawing page, you can
Then, when you output a drawing to a CGM V4 file,
now leave them intact or crop them to the drawing
the callout is responsive when clicked or hovered over.
page. You can import from and export to more than
A redesigned CGM Export dialog box gives technical
illustrators complete control when outputting a
drawing to a CGM file. More CGM V4 profiles are
supported, including S1000D (2.3, 3.0, 4.0, and 4.1)
100 file formats, including EPS, DWG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG.
What's more, files saved in the AI or PSD file format
can be easily imported to Corel's ecosystem where
work can continue without missing a beat.
and ATA GREXCHANGE (2.8-2.12). Metadata support
is improved, including enhanced Application Structure
(APS) attribute handling. You can also now include
Information Control Number (ICN) when using the
S1000D profile and Graphic Number (GNBR) when
using ATA GREXCHANGE. Corel DESIGNER also offers
better CGM file importing, with improved handling of
bitmap elements in CGM files.
You can work and share with confidence using enhanced
support for technical publication standards.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 13 ]
Enhanced! 3D authoring: Lattice3D Studio Corel
tilt and gives you full control of your brushstrokes in
Edition has been enhanced for CorelDRAW Technical
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017. What’s more, there’s
Suite 2017. This 3D-authoring application lets you
no stylus driver to install, so you can get to work right
open, edit, and modify 3D models and import 3D
views into your technical illustrations You can now
create vector illustrations and photo-realistic
renderings from 3D views and send them to Corel
DESIGNER or CorelDRAW, where you can import 3D
models as 2D vector graphics to your drawings. You
can also import IGES files, a 3D CAD exchange format
that supports solid geometries. Lattice3D Studio Corel
Edition also offers enhanced search-and-select
functionality, a more streamlined UI, and improved
display options for selections.
New! Stylus tilt, bearing, and rotation: Increased
support for a number of real-time input factors let you
get more out of your stylus. In Corel DESIGNER, the
new Expression tool lets you use pressure, tilt, and
bearing to vary brushstrokes, and the improved Eraser
tool is now responsive to your pen or stylus. Plus,
You can use your RTS-compatible
device to control your brushstrokes.
New! Microsoft Surface Dial support: If a Microsoft
Surface Dial is part of your workflow, Corel DESIGNER
offers native support on Windows 10 to give you a
greater range of ways to create and interact with
stylus support has been enhanced in Corel PHOTOPAINT for the Eraser tool, the Paint tool, and other
brush tools.
The Surface Dial can help you zoom in and out as well as
undo actions while you’re working.
Insert 3D Model: Unique to Corel DESIGNER 2017,
when you import 3D models, you can place them and
resize them interactively similarly to other imported
objects, and combine them with 2D vector
illustrations, text, and images in the same document.
Increased support real-time input factors
lets you get more out of your stylus.
You can embed a 3D model (XVL file), which gives you
the option of editing the 3D model within the Corel
Enhanced! Windows Real-Time Stylus Support:
DESIGNER (DES) file at any time. What’s more, if you
You can use your RTS-compatible pen tablet or device
directly with the embedded 3D model, eliminating the
to work on the fly. Support for the Windows Real-Time
Stylus delivers truly responsive pressure sensitivity and
[ 14 ] Reviewer’s Guide
share the file with other users, they’ll be able to work
need to distribute both the DES and external XVL files.
You can link a 3D model, which automatically updates
it in a DES file whenever the XVL file is modified in
Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition.
Give it a try
Inserting a 3D model and publishing it to 3D
With a drawing open, click File  Insert 3D Model.
If this menu command is not available, you must
update your installation to include Lattice3D
Locate and open the XVL (*.xv2) file that you want
to insert.
To embed the 3D model, disable the Import as
linked file check box.
You can embed or link 3D models in drawings.
3D PDF support: You can publish technical drawings
You can modify the view of the 3D model, or
access stored views and cross-sections that were
created in Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition.
to 3D PDF from Corel DESIGNER 2017, giving you the
power to create documents that combine text, vector
Drag in the drawing window to insert the file at the
desired size and position.
Click File  Publish to PDF.
In the Publish to PDF dialog box, click Settings,
and choose Acrobat 8.0 or higher from the
Compatibility list box to ensure that the 3D model
is interactive in PDF readers.
In the Publish to PDF dialog box, click Save.
to being ideal for electronic distribution, it can also be
In a PDF reader that supports 3D PDF viewing, such
as Adobe Reader, open the file you created in step
used for print, with the 3D content being printed in its
The 3D model can be rotated, panned, and more.
graphics, images, and embedded 3D models. Using a
PDF reader that supports 3D PDF viewing, the end
user can interact with the 3D model. They can
intuitively rotate, move and size it, access assembly
and part structure information, and take a look inside
a 3D model by displaying cross-sections.
3D PDF is an excellent cross-media format. In addition
default view.
New! Send to CorelDRAW: In addition to
transforming 3D views to vector graphics for
technical-illustration authoring in Corel DESIGNER,
you can now also send an active 3D view in Lattice3D
Studio Corel Edition to CorelDRAW. The vector
graphics output from Lattice3D Studio can then be
used as source files for the creation of marketing
collateral and other creative deliverables based on
engineering data.
You can create 3D PDFs.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 15 ]
Technical communication professionals are always
seeking new ways to streamline their workflow and
work faster. CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 offers a
wide array of time-saving new and enhanced features.
You can customize your workspace to suit the way you
work, take advantage of Ultra HD and multi-monitor
support, create illustrations with localized text for a
global market, and more.
Enhanced! TMS support: The creation of technical
documentation for a global market and the reduction
of localization costs offered by a Translation Memory
System (TMS) has been enhanced. Now when
exporting text in a drawing to the XML Localization
Interchange file format (XLIFF) — the industrystandard format for sharing translatable text between
a TMS and software — recognition of the source
language has been improved in Corel DESIGNER 2017.
In addition, the translated text you receive back now
always respects the original formatting. This lets you
create a language-specific file with identical content
and formatting, except the translated text strings.
Alternatively, a new option for importing translated
text into copied text objects on a separate layer allows
for the creation of multi-lingual documents with
language-specific layers, which can be turned on and
off as needed.
Give it a try
Working with translated text
Open the sample file TMS-workflow-sample.des.
This file can be found in the sample files, available
for download:
The sample file contains text.
Click File  Import for Translation.
Locate the folder where you want to save the file
that will contain the translated text, and click Save.
In the Open dialog box, choose the file
TMS-workflow-sample-EN-DE.xlf, and click Open.
This XLIFF file contains German translations of all
text objects in the file TMS-workflowsample.des.
Click Open.
The English text is replaced with German text.
In the Object Manager, show the FR layer using the
Show or Hide button and unlock it using the Lock
or Unlock button.
The FR layer contains copies of the original English
text objects.
In the Object Manager, make the EN layer
containing the translated German text visible using
the Show or Hide button and lock it using the Lock
or Unlock button.
Click File  Import for Translation.
Choose the file TMS-workflow-sample-EN-FR.xlf,
and click Open.
This XLIFF file contains French translations of all
text objects in the file TMS-workflowsample.des.
Corel DESIGNER simplifies the creation of technical
documentation for a global market.
In the Object Manager, hide the FR layer visible and
show the EN layer using the Show or Hide buttons
to switch between languages displayed in the
multi-lingual document.
New! Support for UltraHD 5K displays: An updated
interface and support for 5K monitors means that
technical communication professionals can
comfortably view Corel DESIGNER, CorelDRAW, and
Corel PHOTO-PAINT on even the most high-definition
monitors, including UltraHD. This allows designs and
photos to be edited at their native resolution while
[ 16 ] Reviewer’s Guide
maintaining the subtlest details in the image. And with
to the next release or a trial version to a full license,
more pixels to work with, several windows can be
and even renew a subscription can all be found here.
opened side-by-side for an efficient workflow.
New! LiveSketch™ tool: This revolutionary tool uses
an Artificial Intelligence technology called a neural
network that gives users an entirely new way to bring
their vector designs to life. LiveSketch is perfect for
kick-starting a project and getting the idea in your
imagination onto the screen in front of you. Great
when working with a stylus or on a touch-enabled
device, it combines the speed of sketching with
flexible stroke-adjustment controls so you can begin
You can scale the UI up to 250%.
Enhanced! Windows 10 support: Thanks to our
your design concepts using hand-drawn vector curves
right from the get-go.
relentless pursuit of delivering the highest quality user
experience, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 is fully
compatible with and certified for Windows 10. Corel
delivers enhanced reliability and performance, so
users can maximize their productivity when working
on the world’s most popular operating system.
New! Advanced multi-monitor support: Per-Monitor
UI scaling and improvements to multi-monitor
support allow technical graphics professionals to take
advantage of the sharpness and fidelity of new HighDPI monitors and laptops while still using lower-DPI
monitors to maximize design space (requires
supported hardware and Windows 8.1 or later). This
ensures that UI elements scale properly and appear
crisp and legible on screens of all resolutions. For
example, you can drag a document out of the
application window and place it within a second
screen, dedicating one monitor to a drawing or image
Capture design concepts using hand-drawn vector curves.
The LiveSketch tool lets you capture design concepts
using hand-drawn vector curves. If you’ve ever used a
scanned sketch as the basis for a project, you’ll quickly
see the time-saving possibilities that the LiveSketch
tool offers. Not only does it eliminate the need to scan
and trace a drawing, but it also gives you total control
over how your strokes are adjusted and converted to
curves. Intuitive settings let you easily fine-tune how
CorelDRAW 2017 meshes with your sketching
and the other to frequently used dockers and
New! Product Details tab: You can learn about the
product and your account in the updated Welcome
Screen in CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017. The new
Product Details tab provides important information
about the product, user account details, and
authentication status. Users can also find useful
information about product updates. Links to upgrade
Strokes before (top) and after (bottom)
stroke adjustment: discrete overlapping strokes (left),
folded strokes (middle), chicken scratch (right)
Reviewer’s Guide [ 17 ]
Strokes created with the LiveSketch tool are adjusted
New! Touch-friendly UI: Tablet Mode support makes
and added to existing curves based on the time and
it easy to sketch on the fly and make quick
distance between them. You can set the time it takes
adjustments using touch or a stylus. The new Touch
to activate stroke adjustment after you've stopped
workspace streamlines the UI to maximize the size of
drawing and the distance at which strokes are
the drawing window by displaying only the tools and
automatically added to existing curves.
commands that you're most likely to use in the field
on a tablet. All other features are still accessible in a
couple of taps. And if you prefer working with one of
the desktop workspaces when you're in Tablet mode,
you can choose whatever UI configuration works best
for you. You can now also save time and work faster by
panning and zooming in a single gesture.
With the timer set to 0 milliseconds (left), successive strokes
are converted into discrete curves. With the timer set to 1
second (right), successive strokes are joined into a single curve.
You also have the option of combining all strokes
drawn within the specified time frame into a single
curve, regardless of the distance between them.
The Touch workspace offers a touch-friendly environment
with access to all the essentials.
An example of an object created from
strokes joined into a single curve.
If you want to extend an existing curve, simply hover
over it until it turns red and continue to sketch. The
subsequent stroke is seamlessly added to the existing
curve, allowing you to sketch, adjust and edit on the
fly. When you include an existing curve into a sketch,
the resulting curve inherits the properties of the
existing curve.
Regardless of your sketching experience, you'll be
amazed how quickly you can produce impressive results.
[ 18 ] Reviewer’s Guide
Corel Font Manager: When the number of fonts on
your system become less of a benefit and more of a
hassle, Corel Font Manager is the answer. It lets you
easily handle, organize, and explore your typeface and
font collections by giving you the tools to control
every aspect of your typography workflow. Whether
you want to find fonts for your projects, organize fonts
for easy access, or manage unneeded fonts, Corel
Font Manager has the tools you need. It lets you
access online fonts from the Content Exchange, which
can be installed or downloaded to use later. You can
browse and search online and local fonts, preview font
glyph sets, add custom font collections, and more.
When you add folders and create collections, all your
fonts, including ones that aren’t installed, become
accessible from the Font list box in Corel DESIGNER,
CorelDRAW, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. This means
that you can use fonts that are not installed in your
drawings and documents. In addition, any collections
that you create appear as font filters in the Font list
box of the main applications, so fonts can be filtered
to show only the ones included in specific collections.
color of the area surrounding the drawing page in
Corel DESIGNER to set up the optimal environment
for each project, reduce the overall workspace
contrast, or increase the legibility of design elements.
You can set the UI color to optimize your work environment.
You can customize the color of window borders in
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 to match your
personal preference. If you use more than one of the
suite’s applications simultaneously, you can set
different border colors for each, which lets you quickly
identify them when switching programs.
The Corel Font Manager simplifies exploring, organizing,
and managing your typeface and font collections.
New! Import legacy workspaces: CorelDRAW
Technical Suite 2017 lets you reuse Corel DESIGNER
workspaces that were created in versions X6 and X7.
You can also import CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTOPAINT workspaces that were created in versions X6,
X7, and X8. You have the flexibility of importing some
workspace elements and excluding others. You also
You can set border colors to switch between programs faster.
have the option of adding them to your current
Give it a try
workspace or creating a totally new UI configuration.
Customizing the UI
And choosing which workspace elements to import or
export is faster than ever.
New! Fully customizable UI: CorelDRAW Technical
Click Tools  Options.
In the Workspace list of categories, click Appearance.
In the Size area, move the slider to the right for
larger UI items, and to the left for smaller UI items.
Suite 2017 offers more UI customization options than
The scaling level is relative to the scaling level of
the operating system. The default setting is 100%,
which means that UI items in the application
appear the same size as similar UI items in the
operating system. Scaling by 200% makes the
application UI items appear twice as large as the
UI items of the operating system.
ever before, allowing you to tailor your design space
to create a unique work environment. Newly
redesigned icons permit scaling up to 250%, and you
can lighten or darken the application background by
choosing a theme.
CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 offers flexible
In the Color area, choose from the Theme list box.
desktop color scheme options. You can change the
Reviewer’s Guide [ 19 ]
Give it a try
To make the workspace lighter or darker, you can
choose one of the following themes: Light,
Medium, Dark, or Black.
To change the border color of the application
window and dialog boxes, open the Window
border color picker, and choose a color.
To change the color of the area surrounding the
drawing page, open the Desktop color picker, and
choose a color.
Instant customization: The toolbox, dockers, and
property bars contain handy Quick customize buttons
which will help you tailor the interface to suit your
workflow. These buttons offer a fast and convenient
way to add dockers to your workspace, add or remove
tools from the toolbox, and add or remove items from
a property bar.
purchase AfterShot Pro for the ultimate RAW
workflow, experience Corel ParticleShop for amazing
bitmap effects, and more. In order to access this
collection of tools, you need to be connected to the
Accessing eBooks: The Corel DESIGNER 2017 User
Guide, CorelDRAW 2017 User Guide, and Corel
PHOTO-PAINT 2017 User Guide are now available as
eBooks. Published to the EPUB and MOBI file format,
the eBooks brings most comprehensive and up-todate information about product features to your
eBook reader. Following the user guides on an eBook
reader saves you switching between program windows
on your system, allows you to keep learning on the go,
and ensures access to the suite’s Help files when you
don’t have Internet access.
New! Community website for developers: With
support from the new Developer Community site, you can
create your own automation tools. There’s a variety of
useful resources, including in-depth programming articles
and code samples, which can help you automate tasks
with macros and create custom features. And when you
have questions, you can turn to a community forum,
knowledge base, or the FAQ page. For more information,
Object Styles: This productivity-enhancing feature
The Quick Customize buttons make workspace
customization fast and easy.
Open documents in floating windows: So you can
set up your workspace in the way that best suits your
style, Corel DESIGNER offers options for how your
documents open. You can have a number of
documents visible simultaneously in floating windows.
Or if you want to focus on one at a time, you can open
files in a the default tabbed view.
Get More docker: You can expand your collection of
tools by downloading for free or purchasing
applications, plug-ins, and extensions directly from
within CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017. You can
download your free license of PhotoZoom Pro,
[ 20 ] Reviewer’s Guide
ensures a consistent visual style in technical
publications, making it easy to comply with military
and civil aerospace standards, such as S1000D and ATA
iSpec 2200. Object styles lets you edit a style or a style
set once and have the changes applied instantly
throughout a project. What’s more, a pop-up appears
when you hover over a style in the Object Styles
docker, offering a quick preview of the style before it’s
Color Styles docker: The Color Styles docker lets you
use styles and color harmonies to manage colors and
quickly implement project-wide color changes, which
is especially useful for producing iterative designs and
varying graphic outputs. The Color Styles docker also
offers convenient View Options, including Hint View,
Transparency: You can apply transparency to
which provides a visual indication of all document
individual color nodes within a fountain fill, allowing
objects that use a specific color style, and Page Sorter,
you to adjust an object's transparency so that all
which displays thumbnails of all pages in a multi-page
objects beneath it are partially visible.
document and previews changes as you adjust colors.
You can also click View  Page Sorter to access
thumbnails of all pages in a document, with live
previews of changes you make to the document’s
color styles.
Transparency settings are accessible in the Property
Manager docker in Corel DESIGNER 2017 (and the
Object Properties docker in CorelDRAW 2017), making
it fast and easy to apply and adjust object
QR Codes: With Corel DESIGNER 2017, you can add
scalable QR codes to a drawing, allowing you to give
technicians in the field the ability to access online
technical documentation from printed documentation
or machine labels using a smartphone. It’s easy to
customize a QR code and analyze it to ensure it can
be read by QR code readers, mobile devices, and
Multiple document interface: You can work with
It is fast and easy to apply and adjust object transparency.
multiple documents in a tabbed view, which helps you
Enhanced! Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2017: This
stay organized and quickly switch between several
professional image-editing application offers
active documents.
technical illustrators and technical graphics users a
broad range of professional and advanced photo-
editing tools, which are ideal for producing highquality photo-based technical documentation. Corel
PHOTO-PAINT 2017 includes a variety of new tools
and creative options for retouching photos, correcting
distortions, blurring images, and enhancing your
The Healing Clone tool discreetly removes unwanted
You can easily work on multiple documents simultaneously.
spots and imperfections from an image by painting
with sampled texture and matching it to the color of
Content Exchange: The Content Exchange is an
the area that you’re retouching. In a few clicks, you
online repository that integrates with Corel CONNECT
can seamlessly repair and blend a blemish or scar into
and the suite’s applications, making it quick and
the rest of the photo.
effortless to access and share vector fills, bitmap fills,
and fountain fills with a community of other users.
You can instantly set any asset that catches your eye in
the Content Exchange as a favorite, which is a quick
and convenient way to keep a list of content that you
might want to download later.
With the enhanced Straighten Image dialog box, you
can correct perspective distortions in photos that have
straight lines and flat surfaces. Now in a few clicks, you
can easily fix photos of buildings, landmarks, or objects
that appear in the wrong perspective or that were
taken from an angle other than directly in front.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 21 ]
The Gaussian Blur special effect is now available as a
lens, so you can blur images without overwriting the
original image. When you create a lens, the changes you
make are non-destructive, so any edits are displayed on
the screen through the lens rather than applied to the
image pixels. The lens is created as a separate object on
a layer above the image background so you can edit the
lens and the background image separately, maintaining
the original’s data and quality.
And so you can set up your workspace in the way that
best suits your style, Corel PHOTO-PAINT offers
options for how your photos open. You can now have
a number of documents visible simultaneously in
floating windows. Or if you want to focus on one
image at a time, you can open files in a the default
tabbed view.
[ 22 ] Reviewer’s Guide
Advanced 3D CAD repurposing: Lattice3D
Studio CAD Corel® Edition (optional add-on)
For organizations that require additional 3D editing
frame. 3D CAD file format support has been updated,
capabilities and direct access to 3D CAD assembly
including improved STEP file importing. You can take
files, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2017 offers an
advantage of enhanced annotation features, display
upgrade to Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition. This
options, and more. You also have the flexibility of
add-on provides native assembly and part file support
adding specific options from the standalone version of
for 3D CAD systems used in discrete manufacturing,
Lattice3D Studio, such as the Process PDF Template
such as the automotive, aerospace, and machinery
option, to a Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition license.
industries. Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition lets
users do more with CAD files without the steep
Enhanced! Lattice3D Studio Corel Edition: A series
learning curve of 3D CAD software.
of enhancements are designed to help you work faster
Lattice3D Studio CAD streamlines the workflow of
technical communication professionals by reducing
the need to consult design engineers when preparing
graphics content. It supports a broad range of native
3D CAD file formats, such as assembly and part files
from CATIA, SolidWorks, PTC Creo Parametric
(formerly Pro/ENGINEER), Autodesk Inventor, NX,
SolidEdge, and more. It also supports 3D CAD
exchange formats, such as JT, IGES, STEP, and
Enhanced! 3D CAD file options: You can send
multiple 3D views to Corel DESIGNER as vector
illustrations in one go. What’s more, you can resend
newer versions of views stored as snapshots to update
existing illustrations in a DES file. In addition,
illustrations sent to Corel DESIGNER no longer include
a background rectangle, so objects behind the
imported illustration aren’t hidden by a rectangular
and with more precision. You can now customize the
color of markers for increased visibility. Search results
are highlighted in the Assembly tree and Manufacture
tree panels and sorted by part number, simplifying
finding drawing components. A new option lets you
specify the range of neighboring parts to be
displayed, helping accelerate the design-review
process. And when making rectangular selections, you
can now choose to include all touched components or
only ones that are wholly enclosed.
Enhanced! Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition:
This optional add-on delivers a variety of productivity
enhancements. When sending a snapshot to Corel
DESIGNER, you can specify which parts will be
outlined, significantly reducing file size. You can also
align notes to a specified link. The new Selection
Process view displays only parts that you specify, so
you can easily compare the selected parts to the entire
model view. To simplify managing assemblies, you can
Reviewer’s Guide [ 23 ]
highlight ones that aren’t registered in the
construction changes are common. With Lattice3D
Manufacture and Process trees, reducing the chance
Studio CAD, you can update early designs at any time
of having missing parts. And when you’re publishing
due to changes determined by construction.
to Microsoft Excel, you can customize the size of
Disassembly views, animations, and other 3D
images in the report.
authoring functions are maintained, so that you can
Update / replace assembly functionality:
Once a design moves to the production phase,
efficiently update technical illustrations with the most
current revision of the manufacturing design.
The update or replace assembly functionality offered by Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition
helps you ensure that the most current manufacturing revisions
are reflected at any time in the visualization workflow.
Update a 3D-sourced illustration: To speed up
publication with a preliminary 3D design and update it
technical-publication authoring, CorelDRAW Technical
with the final design instantly.
Suite 2017 with Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition
offers the Auto Detection and Update command. It
updates 3D visualizations created in Lattice3D Studio
CAD, stored snapshots, cross-sections and animated
procedures — including process animations for
illustrating complex, multi-step assembly, disassembly,
or maintenance procedures — based on the
modifications applied to the CAD source data. It also
lets you automatically generate updated vector
illustrations to replace ones in DES files that were
created using the Send to Corel DESIGNER
command. The illustration specifications, such as view,
positions of the objects, line weights and export
settings, are fully recognized and maintained. As a
result, the illustrations are recreated using the updated
3D model and inserted in the same place as the
original, allowing technical illustrators to start a
[ 24 ] Reviewer’s Guide
You can automatically update
3D-sourced illustrations.
Give it a try
Updating a 3D-sourced illustration
To try this feature, Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition
is required. The trial version of CorelDRAW Technical
Suite 2017 includes Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition
(30-day trial).
Evaluation tools: Before 3D models and data can be
used in downstream applications, the integrity of the
3D model requires validation. Lattice3D Studio CAD
provides assembly evaluation tools for geometry and
measurements, interference check, and collision
detection so you can quickly verify the integrity of a
3D assembly.
In Lattice3D Studio CAD, open the sample file 3Dassembly-v1.xv2.
This file can be found in the sample files, available
for download:
Click File  Send to Corel DESIGNER.
In the Send to Corel DESIGNER dialog box, make
sure the Add snapshot check box is enabled, and
click Send.
In Corel DESIGNER 2017, the 3D illustration is
inserted in the active page. If the application is not
running, it will launch automatically.
Click File  Save.
In Lattice3D Studio CAD, save 3D-assembly-v1.xv2.
Open the sample file 3D-assembly-v2.xv2.
This file contains a modified version of the 3D
Click File  Auto Detection and Update.
In the Auto Detection and Update dialog box,
choose the file 3D-assembly-v1.xv2 in the Edited
XVL box.
Click OK to all warning messages that appear.
10 In Lattice3D Studio CAD, click the Apply and
Execute button.
In the Auto Detection and Update dialog box,
enable the Update Illustration in Corel DESIGNER
check box, and click OK.
Additional 3D CAD tools: With Lattice3D Studio
CAD, you can edit 3D models and combine 3D
models from different CAD sources. It provides a rich
3D CAD toolset that lets you modify and transform 3D
parts, shapes, and assemblies.
Animation tool set: Lattice3D Studio CAD provides
a full set of animation tools, including a dedicated
editing console as well as a method for automated
creation of disassembly animations. Process
animations can be created to capture complex, multistep assembly or maintenance procedures with
detailed instructions. The hierarchical structure of the
Assembly Tree view and the ability to create custom
tree structures for disassembly and process
animations gives you full control over the creation of
assembly, sub-assembly, and part structures for use in
illustrated assembly and maintenance instructions.
The 3D illustration is updated in the DES file.
Reviewer’s Guide [ 25 ]
Online and mobile outputs: Lattice3D Studio CAD
supports output of 3D models to HTML5 and for
mobile devices. By using the highly compressed XVL®
file format, you can share complex models with
virtually anyone, using the free Lattice3D Player as
browser plug-in for desktop/laptop or iXVL apps for
iOS. XVL is the most lightweight 3D format in the
industry, enabling data to be compressed to an
average 0.5% of its original size with high accuracy.
For example, a 500 MB 3D CAD assembly file can be
shared on mobile devices as an XVL file with an
approximate file size of 2.5 MB.
3D outputs: With Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel
Edition, you can output to various 3D file formats,
including 3DS, DXF, IGES, OBJ, STL, U3D, and VRML.
You can also publish directly to 3D PDF from Lattice3D
Studio CAD Corel Edition, using a PDF template with
animation controls.
[ 26 ] Reviewer’s Guide
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