UHF reader Product sheet

Product sheet
UHF Reader
Reader UHF
The UHF reader from neXus is a long-range reader designed for both indoor and outdoor environments.
Read range is adjustable and extends up to five metres with passive UHF card in the format CR80.
The card reader has four antenna outputs.
Each antenna is connected to the reader via
a coaxial cable. The standard length of the
coaxial cable is three meters and it has a
maximum distance of five meters. Readers
and antenna complies with ISO 18000-6C,
EPC Class1 Gen2 standards. The reader
­operates at a frequency of 868 MHz. Reader
dimensions are height 114 mm, width 97
mm, and it only weighs 170 grams.
The antenna is designed for outdoor use
as well as industrial environments. The
compact design of the antenna makes it is
easy to install even where there is limited
space. Antenna dimensions are height
256 mm, width 266 mm and depth 30 mm.
Reader and antenna
in scale size.
UHF Reader
žž Applications: access control, logistics management, etc.
žž Both indoor and outdoor enviroments.
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Product sheet
UHF Reader
žž RFID: ISO 18000-6C, EPC class1 Gen2.
žž Cable lenght: from 3 to max 5 meters.
žž Frequency: 868 MHz.
žž Input power: 10W.
žž Power input: 7,5-12VDC, 600-650mA
žž Polarization: RHCP (standard) or LHCP.
žž Interfaces: RS232C, RS485, Wiegand
žž IP Rating: IP66.
žž Read range: up to 5 metres.
žž Dimensions: 256x266x30 mm.
žž Dimensions: 114x97 mm
žž Temperature Range: –30° – +55°C.
žž Weight: 170 grams.
žž Humidity: 85%.
žž Antenna outputs: 4
žž Temperature Range: –10° – +60°C
žž Humidity: 90%.
žž IP Rating: IP20
UHF Reader
Art No
UHF long range reader
UHF antenna (range 5 meters)
Wall bracket for UHF antenna
Art No
UHF table reader
UHF card
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