P2621 Carbon Monoxide Ventilation Fan Controller

6 Guttman Boulevard, Charleroi Industrial Park, Charleroi Pennsylvania 15022
P2621 Carbon Monoxide Ventilation Fan Controller
A. General:
The Gas monitoring system shall continuously measure and display Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas
concentrations and provide alarms when preset limits are exceeded. The gas detection system
shall consist of integrally mounted CO gas sensor and controller providing 10,000 sq. ft. of
protection per sensing point.
The Mechanical Contractor shall be responsible for furnishing and installing the CO Fan
Controller. Installation of the CO monitor shall be 3-5 feet off of the finished floor. The monitor
shall be mounted in an area with freely flowing air. The Electrical Contactor shall provide all
external wiring terminations for both the control and power and any conduit required. Start-up,
training, calibration, and coordination are the responsibility of the Mechanical Contractor.
B. System Components:
1. P2621-CO/VC CO Ventilation Fan Controller, as manufactured by Conspec Controls, Inc.
The CO fan controller shall be a microprocessor based processing system with self-testing
diagnostics. The CO system operates on 24VAC. The system shall continuously detect, monitor,
and display concentrations of carbon monoxide gas. A (3) three digit graphic LCD display shall
be used to display the system and sensor information to the user. One (1) SPDT relay contact
(240VAC @ 10 A) shall be provided and open in the event of a CO concentration in excess of
35ppm (wired failsafe). An 85db alarm horn shall also be provided. The enclosure shall be NEMA
4X weatherproof and nonmetallic. Four (4) front facing LED’s shall be provided labeled: Power
(green light), Fan (yellow light), Alarm (red light), & Fail (red light). Mounting brackets for the
purpose of attaching the unit to a flat surface shall be provided. Carbon Monoxide sensor shall
be electrochemical type. The sensor shall have a range of 0-500ppm, with resolution of 0.5ppm.
Unit shall automatically compensate for temperature and humidity over a range of –4 F to 125 F,
and 0 to 90% relative humidity. CO controller shall also include a LA City Approval Label located
on the front panel. A vandal-proof tamper resistant screw shall lock the front panel,
B. System Operations:
CO controller is factory preprogrammed with alarm levels of 35ppm and 200ppm. Unit shall turn on
fans when a CO level exceeds 35ppm. Fan will operate for a minimum of 2 ½ minutes to eliminate
short cycling. The 90db horn shall alarm when CO concentrations exceed 200ppm for 15 minutes.
CO controller will automatically reset when CO concentrations fall below the alarm levels. If power is
lost or control loop is broken fans will activate. Multiple units shall be interconnected via a series
connection of relay contacts. CO controller shall have a (1) one-year warranty (parts&labor) from
date of shipment from factory.
D. Manufacturer and Model
1. Conspec Controls Inc. 1-800-487-8450
a) P2621-CO/VC CO Fan Ventilation Controller
b) Represented By:
(724) 489-8450; Fax: (724) 489-9772
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