VMG OVERVIEW Voice-Masking Generator

Voice-Masking Generator
The Risk
Conversations spoken in one room
can easily escape though holes in
the walls, gaps beneath the doors,
or vents, electrical outlets and ducts.
These gaps are typically called
“flanking paths” and are major
contributors to acoustical security
Battery-operated hands-free 4 W amplifier
12 hours operating time with 9 V battery
Simple to use
Use with internal speaker or connect external
speaker via RJ-11 jack
Excellent sound quality
Not Just Noise
This approach beats other masking
systems because the VMG uses real
voice frequencies — not white or
pink noise, which has been proven
ineffective at masking speech. This
technique works best by creating
voice masks that mirror the person
speaking, providing a custom-fit
Doors and walls with poor
attenuation properties allow others
outside of the room to hear what’s
being said inside the room.
Simple Operation
The VMG can be powered for up
to 12 hours on a single 9 V battery
or permanently by a standard
110/220 V ac outlet using the
included 12 V dc power supply.
Safe and Sound Solution
The VMG is a portable, direct-field
Sound-Masking System (SMS)
designed for a variety of speechmasking applications.
Select VMG models allow an external
speaker to be connected instead
of the built-in speaker. This allows
various speaker types to be used
depending on the application.
frequency range
100 Hz–8 kHz
This is truly a voice-masking
device, specifically targeting voice
frequencies using a unique, factoryprogrammable memory chip, which
is programmed according to the
requirements for a particular space to
use either mixed voice and pink noise
or pure voice masking.
One 9 V battery, or
optional 12 V dc
transformer (120/240 V ac)
Battery life
12 hours at half power typ.,
2 hours at full power
Mobile speech privacy can’t get any easier
than this affordable, customizable voice-masking solution
5.4 × 3.4 × 1.2 in
12 oz (340.2 g)
Output sound level 96 dB max @ 4 ft
Simply turn on the unit and place
it against a wall or door, and the
audio generated will vibrate the
structure in such a way that makes it
extremely difficult for others to listen
to sensitive conversations.
▶ Easily hook up the VMG to this external
heavy emitter (select models) and place it on
a wall or door for improved voice masking.
Not shown to scale.
Voice Masking Generator, Mixed voice and Pink Noise,
Internal Speaker
Voice Masking Generator, Voice Only, Internal Speaker
Voice Masking Generator, Mixed voice and Pink Noise,
External Speaker (Heavy Emitter)
Voice Masking Generator, Voice Only, External Speaker
(Heavy Emitter)
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