DocuWare Mobile

DocuWare Mobile
DocuWare: Apps for iPhone and iPad
With DocuWare Mobile you can now access your DocuWare file
cabinet directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can load
documents, view them on-screen and, if needed, forward them
using a integrated stamp feature. With DocuWare Mobile, these
devices are adaptable to every day business use.
With DocuWare Mobile for the iPhone
and iPod and DocuWare Mobile Plus for
the iPad, you can carry your file cabinet
with you at all times and access the
documents you need from everywhere.
If you find yourself needing an update
to the financial plan while at a meeting with a client, you can download it
quickly to your iPhone or iPad using
DocuWare Mobile. You can also ap-
prove a new budget, authorize an
invoice payment or sign-off on project
plans all while on the road - all without
having to carry your notebook.
Finding Documents
In order to load documents from the file
cabinet to the iPhone or iPad, you can
use the usual DocuWare search dialog
and task list by entering the search
words using the soft keyboard. Since
DocuWare saves previously entered
index data, you can easily use your
familiar select lists. As soon as you type
in an index field on the mobile device
and touch the “Select list” button, a list
of entries appears and you can simply
choose the ones you need.
Or maybe a predefined select list has already been created by the administrator.
For example, when you enter a “K” and
then touch the “Select list” button, the
list jumps straight to the entries that
start with “K”. You can also use the selective select
list to help you narrow your search
results still further. This combines two
select lists in one. For example, if you
define Invoice for one field and Saved
Data and documents
are transferred with a secure
View documents
without the need to carry a
The select list makes
finding documents quick and
Communicate by
sending documents directly
from your iPhone or iPad
Start the application by touching
the DocuWare icon.
It is easy to type index data on the large screen of the iPad.
by Smith for another field, DocuWare
Mobile returns only the invoices that
have been saved by Smith. You can also use the task list in DocuWare Mobile. Here DocuWare
collects the documents to be processed
and displays them in a list. This is based
on an automatic search with predefined
index criteria. As soon as the task - such
as approving an invoice - is complete,
the entry disappears from the task list
and the document moves on to the task
list of the next person who needs to
process it. View and stamp documents
DocuWare Mobile displays the entries in
the task list in the same way as a search
result list. By using the Infobox you
can find the right document without
having to load each one in the viewer. The Infobox shows the filename, index
entries, date and the file size - sufficient
information for you to determine whether this is the right document.
Documents are easy to view on the
iPhone or iPad’s brilliant and large
display, whether they are text, invoices,
photos or even graphics.
The navigation works in the same way
as other apps, as DocuWare supports the
familiar gestures. In the Viewer you can scroll, enlarge
details or edit the index fields of your
DocuWare Mobile supports the DocuWare stamp feature allowing you,
for example, to approve invoices.
You simply call up the stamp you need,
enter text depending on the stamp type
and set the stamp on the document.
The app can also place the stamp
automatically on a free area of the
document. When you press “Done” the
document and stamp are updated in
the DocuWare file cabinet. The stamp
modifies a document’s index entries to
enable the document to move forward
in the workflow.
Note: The file cabinets, search dialogs,
task lists and stamps that you can access
from your iPhone or iPad are defined in
DocuWare Administration. You can also
easily forward the documents from a
file cabinet to a colleague by using the
e-mail client integrated in the iPhone
and in the iPad.
DocuWare Mobile
Ten questions about DocuWare Mobile
How safe are my documents
on the iPhone and iPad?
Documents are not stored on the
mobile device, but merely transferred
from the DocuWare server to DocuWare Mobile via HTTP. The protocol
can be encrypted using SSL. Access to
the document management system is
as secure as it is when you log in with
your DocuWare login.
And what if my iPhone and
login are stolen?
Inform your DocuWare administrator
so that he can block this login and set
up a new one. You must also get your
phone provider to lock the SIM card. 3
How can I view documents
with multiple pages?
You can navigate in DocuWare Mobile in the same way as in other apps: Drag or flick your finger over
the touchscreen to scroll. With
swiping and sliding, you can scroll
horizontally thorugh a document.
To zoom, you can pinch open and
pinch close: If you place two fingers
on a section and draw them apart,
you zoom in; drawing them together
again shrinks the section. You can
jump to a specific page using the
page selector. 4
Will the documents rotate
when I tilt the devices?
Of course. And they adapt to the size
of the screen too. 5
What file formats can
DocuWare Mobile display?
The app supports the same formats as
Web Client Server, including PDF, TIFF,
JPEG, and Microsoft Office formats.
The files are converted to PNG format
for transmission to DocuWare Mobile. 6
Can I store connections for
multiple servers?
You can store up to five hosts with
their connection data. 7
Do I need to activate
DocuWare Mobile?
The DocuWare Mobile app for the
iPhone can be downloaded from the
iTunes Store free of charge. A Client
License must already be available
within DocuWare Administration so
that when you run the Mobile App,
a DocuWare Client License is used.
It is the same procedure for the iPad
however the app for the iPad is called
DocuWare Mobile Plus. 8
How do I set up DocuWare
Mobile on the devices?
Contact the iTunes Store from your
iPhone or iPad and download Mobile or Mobile Plus. Once the app
is installed, you will find the connection management in the settings of
the device where you can enter the
port, host and access details. You can
obtain these from your administrator.
Once you have stored the connection
details, go to the program folder and
touch the DocuWare icon to load it.
Does Mobile Plus for iPad
offer additional functionality?
DocuWare Mobile Plus supports the
full resolution of the iPad with 1.024
x 768 pixel. With Mobile Plus, you
can also use iBooks: If DocuWare
documents are available as PDF, it is
possible to collect these as electronic
books as in a digital bookshelf. You
may also store the documents via
iBooks on the iPad for later viewing.
With this method you can comfortably provide yourself with the necessary
documents for a meeting. DocuWare
Mobile Plus supports the first iPad
and the iPad 2 with iOS 4.3.
Can I use DocuWare Mobile
on the iPod too?
DocuWare Mobile runs on the iOS 4.0
or later operating system and can be
used on the iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 4, as well as on a third or fourth
generation iPod Touch. To access the
Internet with an iPod Touch you will
need Wi-Fi access.
DocuWare Mobile
Retrieve documents on the iPhone and forward them in the workflow
1. Start DocuWare Mobile:
Protect the app with a login
2. Search: Do you prefer a
search dialog or task list?
3. Retrieve: Results are
clearly listed
4. Info: Index entries provide
information on content
5. Select: Access your DocuWare
stamps also in Mobile Client
6. Stamp: Apply stamp of
approval on the document
For more information, please visit
our website at
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