Account opening in less than 10 minutes

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Account opening in
less than 10 minutes
Fast. Secure. Complete.
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Snap Account Opening from Pinnacle Financial Strategies lets your employees open
customer accounts in 10 minutes or less from anywhere simply by using an iPad and
Wi-Fi access.
When times change, Pinnacle Financial Strategies
Snap also interfaces with your key vendors for credit/
helps you change with them. Snap Account Opening
account approval reviews, forms, debit card orders/PINs,
uses mobile technology to make it easier and more
online banking, bill pay, check orders, and more.
convenient than ever for your customers to open a new
account, while saving you time, money and paperwork.
All data transmitted is encrypted.
By using iPad technology, your staff can open accounts
Your bank controls all devices through user access.
anywhere there is Wi-Fi access, reducing or eliminating
Secure sign-in is required.
PC workstations, saving on the costs of external devices
Snap uses your bank’s active directory to
authenticate users.
like printers and scanners, and increasing account
opening capacity with no additional hardware. Even
planning for remote account opening events is easier
because there is no need to print paperwork or even
set up a desk. One portable device does it all.
Unlike some tablet technology, Snap Account Opening
interfaces directly with your core and is fully customizable.
It can completely replace your new account opening
system. And when you open an account using Snap, it is
100% complete in real time when you tap “Upload.” No
additional steps are needed to add a new account to your
system. Snap fully and securely replaces your current
desktop processes with greater ease and accuracy and in
less than 10 minutes.
n Driver’s license ID scan saves time by eliminating the
manual keying of customer information.
n Snap opens both consumer and business accounts
on the iPad.
n Drop-down selections and Snap’s intuitive technology
prevent errors, eliminate the need for edits or
customer follow-up, and slash training time.
n Snap customers sign directly on the iPad, completing
all disclosure documents with just a single signature.
Snap integrates with your current workflow.
n Pinnacle experts work with your team to understand
and match or improve your internal workflow process.
n Snap automates manual processes and tasks, freeing
staff to focus on your customers.
Form contents and terminology are customized for
your institution.
When you’re ready to start opening accounts
in a Snap, we’re ready to show you how.
expedite and simplify account
openings while reducing costs
and eliminating paperwork.
Automation of Opening Process | Snap’s fully
Account “Hold” | Snap’s account “hold” feature
automated account opening process enables your
enables your employees to begin the account opening
employees to feel confident that they’ve done everything
process with a customer and then hold the account and
possible to complete account set-up correctly, the first
all information entered up to that point. A joint signer or
time. Snap’s menu-driven set-up and validation process
business authorized signer can visit a different branch,
save a significant amount of time, not only at the new
or your employee can stop by a business or customer
account desk, but also in new hire training. With Snap
location and gather the additional signer information and
Account Opening, new employees become productive
signatures to complete the account opening process,
faster and existing employees make fewer errors.
easily and quickly merging all information into account
documents. You no longer have to lose customers by
eDisclosure and Acceptance | The eDisclosure
requiring all signers to be present at a single branch,
acceptance opportunity is built into Snap’s account
restart the account opening process for each signature,
opening process. This enables customers to understand
or print signature cards for missing signatures.
and acknowledge their choices on receiving account
documents electronically, which is much more
secure than printing documents that may contain
sensitive customer information. When customers
Snap Account Opening from
accept eDisclosures (and the majority of them do), the
Pinnacle Financial Strategies uses
confidentiality of their information is preserved and you
mobile technology to let your
save a tremendous amount of time and expense by
staff completely and securely
no longer having to print disclosures.
open accounts anywhere in just 10
minutes while reducing paperwork,
Disclosure Review | Snap shows all bank disclosures
saving money, and offering greater
for easy review with customers. It requires each document
convenience to your customers.
to be checked off, indicating it was discussed and reviewed
with the customer. This process helps the bank ensure
that employees are reviewing appropriate disclosure
documents, and gives customers additional confidence in
their choices of eDisclosures.
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Encrypted HTTPs
Account Qualification/Verification System
Jack Henry Core System
(All deposit account types)
Account Forms/Documentation System
Document Imaging/Management
Card Access/Issuance System
Online Banking System
Web-based Management
and Configuation User
Check Order System
At Pinnacle Financial Strategies, our customizable performance measurement programs, overdraft
privilege services, streamlined account opening, debit card program optimization, cash-back rewards
programs and business banking solutions are designed to help institutions gain a competitive edge, attract
and retain accountholders, and improve profitability.
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