Entraguard ONE
App-Based, VOIP Video-Doorbell / Intercom
Entraguard ONE
Cloud Server
3G - 4G
App-Based, VOIP Video Doorbell / Intercom Mobile Compatible, Wi-Fi or Ethernet Ready
Ruggedized video doorbell units
Easy to install
Remotely open door from anywhere there is an
internet connection
Monitor door video by mobile device anytime there
is an internet connection
Adjustable Door Unlock time
2-way audio and live video stream viewable
on device
Robust, cast-aluminum enclosure
Supports up to 4 mobile devices per
Entraguard unit
Wireless chime available
LED lighting activates when in use
No monthly maintenance charges or App fees
Keri’s new Entraguard ONETM is a rugged single-door VOIP Video-Doorbell/Intercom unit that is designed to secure
an entrance to a residential or small commercial enterprise. The Entraguard ONE from Keri provides a means to
monitor and unlock a door remotely by interaction with a mobile device. The ONE can communicate via VOIP
with up to 4 devices. Using a smartphone or tablet, running an app on either iOs or Android, the Entraguard ONE
can provide video from your door to your mobile device to remotely unlock the door, and store pictures or videos.
Notifications to view live video will appear in the app when the Entraguard call button is pressed, or when motion
events are detected by the on-board camera.
There is two-way audio and one-way video between the Entraguard ONE and the mobile device allowing the tenant
to discuss the nature of the visit and view the caller, prior to releasing the door. Now, even the smaller enterprises
can have affordable electronic door control from Keri Systems with convenient features at an affordable cost.
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408-435-8400  Toll Free: 800-260-5265  Fax: 408-577-1792
Entraguard ONE
VOIP Video-Doorbell / Intercom
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Aluminum Alloy
112 x 135.5 x 52 (mm)
4.4 x 5.3 x 2.1 (inches)
Power Supply:
AC/DC 12V Adapter
Connects to 2.4GHz Wireless Wifi
Direct Cable:
Hard-wired internet connection
via RJ45 Ethernet
Operating conditions:
- 25 to 65°C Weather Resistant IP54
System Requirements:
Internet speed Minimal requirement of 300kb/s
Mobile Device- Smartphone or tablet
with Apple App Store or Android
Google Play Store
Power Supply, Electric door opener,
Doorbell, RJ45 Ethernet
Mounting type:
Surface-mounted or Flush-mounted
Included accessories:
Power supply adapter
(world-wide, 110-240V),
Screw Package, Manual, RJ45
Connector, Wifi Antenna
* Specifications are subject to change
without notice.
Part Number
Entraguard ONE (EG1) VOIP Video-Doorbell Intercom
Presented By:
PN: 01692-001 Rev.C
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