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The Alaska Railroad owns a land reserve in Seward that encompasses about 328
acres. Much of this land is used for train operations. This includes the rail yard where
train maintenance and maneuvering occurs, as well as the passenger depot and terminal facilities. Operating lands also include the docks and adjacent uplands, which
support intermodal operations.
Railroad land not used to support railroad operations, or not set aside for future
capital and expansion opportunities, is made available for lease or permitted use.
Local businesses and government agencies have already leased or permitted about
four dozen acres, leaving several dozen acres still available in prime development
areas located within a busy waterfront context. For real estate developers and businesses, a key attraction of the area is its easy access to transportation hubs, including
the port, rail and airport. Moreover, railroad land lies at the heart of Seward commerce, just a short distance from the small boat harbor and downtown.
To support and encourage investment in the community, the Alaska Railroad is
developing a Master Land Use Plan in close coordination with the City of Seward.
The plan outlines areas available for current and future train operations, potential
railroad business expansion, for permitted use by marine / logistics enterprises and
utilities, and for lease to developers and business investments.
For information about permitting and leasing opportunities, contact the Alaska
Railroad Real Estate & Facilities Division office in Anchorage at (907) 265-2670.
Seward Intermodal Facility Rental
Located at 913 Port Avenue on the West Dock, the railroad’s Dale Lindsey Seward
Intermodal Facility is available for rent mid-September to mid-May, when it is not in
use to support passenger train operations. Remodeled in 2003, the building features
a 25-foot ceiling, heated concrete floors, and walls decorated with scenic banners.
With ample adjacent parking, the 24,000 square-foot facility includes remarkable
open space that can accommodate sizeable gatherings. Capacity ranges from 800
(sit-down dinner) to 1,675 (standing room). For rental information, including availability and pricing, contact the Seward Dock Office at (907) 265-2209.
For Seward Dock Information:
Contact the Alaska Railroad Seward Dock Operations Office
Physical Address: 913 Port Avenue
Dale Lindsey Seward Intermodal Facility
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 95
Seward, AK 99664
Christy Terry, Seward Port Manager
(907) 265-2209 or
Lynn Hettick, Assistant Seward Port Manager
(907) 265-2696 or
For Real Estate Information:
Contact Alaska Railroad Real Estate & Facilities Division
Physical Address: 327 W. Ship Creek Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 107500
Anchorage, AK 99501
Anchorage, AK 99510-7500
Fax: (907) 265-2450
Andrew Donovan, Real Estate Director
(907) 265-2617 or
For Rail Transportation Information:
Contact Alaska Railroad
Marketing & Customer Service Division
Physical Address: Anchorage Historic Depot
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 107500
431 W. First Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99510-7500
Tim Williams, Freight Sales & Marketing Director
(907) 265-2669 or
As the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward’s waterfront annually draws
thousands of residents and visitors to the stunning shores of Resurrection Bay in the
Gulf of Alaska. This strategic ice-free deep-water port (sea floor elevation is -42 feet)
conveys a wide variety of commodities and natural resources, with cargo exported to
international markets as well as imported to Alaskan customers and communities. The
area is ripe for growing commerce, and the Alaska Railroad’s local infrastructure and
land assets offer important catalysts for economic development.
Mooring Dock
Uses: Preferred short or long term berth for vessels
200 ft
736 ft
Cruise Ship
Freight Dock
400 ft
Uses: Preferred for passen-
Size: Originally 620 by 200 feet. In 2007,
Size: 736 by 200 feet
the dock’s north half was widened 120 feet
on the east side to provide more room for
trucks and equipment to maneuver.
Docking: On both sides
Docking: One (1) side
Surface features:
Surface features:
Compacted gravel surface
Double track extends to end of dock,
flush with surface
Top-of-dock elevation: 20 feet MLLW
Designated front ramp unloading / loading area
8000+ sq. ft. paved area with electrical power and water service
Cranes and boom trucks available through terminal use permit holders
Four (4) 70-foot high mast light towers for illumination
Ample space for temporary cargo lay-down and storage
Fenced perimeter, card access gates and security cameras
320 ft
200 ft
Cruise Ship Dock
for passenger vessels.
West side equipped with severn (7)
fenders and nine (9) mooring bollards.
One (1) mooring dolphin with a single
bollard 71.5 feet from the end of the
dock (accessible by a catwalk)
600 ft
ger vessels, including large
3,000(plus)-passenger cruise
ships. Also available for freight.
Uses: Preferred for freight, but available
Size: Approximately 1700 feet long
Docking: One (1) side; fenders and dolphins at
A high percentage of Seward Port users make intermodal connections through
the Alaska Railroad terminus on the waterfront. Annually, more than 186,000 people
and all types of cargo enter or exit Seward via the railroad dock facilities. Docks are
directly connected to the state’s rail system, which carries freight, resources and passengers to key hubs in Whittier, Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Denali and Fairbanks/
North Pole and communities in between. Dock facilities and the railroad support freight
routes around the state through connections to ports, rivers and roads in every region.
not handling cargo. Also available for light freight,
equipment, stores and personnel transfers.
Each side equipped with 10 fenders and 12 mooring bollards.
2 mooring dolphins: 300 and 400 feet from the end of the dock.
Asphalt surface
Top-of-dock elevation: 24 feet MLLW
Three 70-foot high mast light towers for illumination
Both sides have metered potable water connections with flow up to 150 gal/min
Electrical hook-up 3-phase up to 600 amp / 480 volts
240-by-100-foot Dale
Lindsey Seward Intermodal
Facility on shore side of pier
Intermodal connection for
cruise and other maritime
Partially paved and fully lit
parking area
Circular driveway for bus, shuttle and private vehicle pick-up/drop-off
Pathway connects pedestrians to downtown walking corridors
Paved rail passenger platform offers a safe train-boarding area
200- to 250-foot intervals
Vehicle Access
Articulated gangway
Fenced perimeter for secure storage
Dock Security
An 8-foot fence encloses Freight Dock uplands. Rolling gates at three access
points can be locked as required. A security guard shelter is located at the north
(shore) end, and entrance to the Freight Dock can be secured for vessels as required.
The Cruise Ship Dock has a security guard shelter at the shore end, next to the
terminal building. Locked gates secure the dock on either side of the terminal.
An 8-foot fence is installed along the shoreline between the three docks and video
surveillance cameras are installed in strategic locations. Contract security services
for the docks can be arranged through the Alaska Railroad.
Dock Use and Documentation
All vessels must complete a Berthing Application and provide a manifest at least
96 hours prior to docking. A Terminal Use Permit is required for cargo operations or
vessel servicing. The Alaska Railroad docks are open labor docks.
The Alaska Railroad Corporation Seward Terminal Tariff document applies to all
vessels using the wharves and /or facilities owned or operated by the Alaska Railroad
in Seward. The document outlines the rates, fees, rules and regulations for wharfage,
dockage and other terminal services. The most current Seward Terminal Tariff is available online at > Freight Services > Tariff Rates.
The Berthing Application, Terminal Use Permit and Terminal Tariff are available
from the ARRC Seward Dock Office staff located in the Seward Intermodal Facility.
Marine Services
Seward businesses provide many maritime services (noted below). The Seward
Chamber of Commerce lists businesses,
their services and contact information in
an online directory at >
About > Seward Marine Service Directory.
Stevedoring / cargo handling
Marine refueling
Waste handling and removal
Electricity and other slip utilities
Cargo transport / distribution
Equipment rental
Marine gear and supplies
Boat storage
Marine equipment and electronics repair
Full-service shipyard / drydock
Marine welding and fabrication
Crew / passenger ground transportation
Crew social and recreation support
Crew and passenger medical services
Marine education, training and research
Seafood processing and packaging
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