More Money Rejected
Than Accepted?
Increase acceptance
in seconds.
By not cleaning, you risk:
‡ Hidden costs of service
cement, and parts and service expenses
‡ Costs due to equipment replacement,
‡ Manpower associated with "broken" equipment
‡ Annoyed clients due to "broken" equipment
Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®
Th cleaning card design incorporates a special magnetic code to allow the acceptance
of this cleaning card into a variety of different models of bill acceptors. The card is
accepted in 98% of models used in North America, eliminating the guess work of which
card to use on your bill acceptor. Once the cleaning card enters the bill acceptor, the
Waffletechnology® design allows the cleaning card to reach the optical lenses and
other critical components. Use this product once per week to maintain a high
acceptance rate for currency.
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