Covert Antenna, LTE Broadband 694-2700 MHz

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Covert Antenna, LTE Broadband
694-2700 MHz
• Global LTE coverage for worldwide
• Broadband coverage: 694-960 & 17002700 MHz
• Extremely slim profile for tight installations
CVL Antenna
Mobile Mark’s new CVL-WLF Series Covert Antenna covers all Cellular & LTE networks from the 694 MHz to 2.7 GHz, including 3G/4G,
AWS, UMTS and LTE. This antenna is ideal for modems with high
data throughput that are designed to operate on multiple networks
The antenna is broadbanded enough that it can be stocked for multiple modems. Regardless of where the modem is designed for use,
the antenna is designed to provide efficient coverage on the bands
that operate in that country.
The antenna has excellent performance characteristics and performs
well at all points in the operating frequencies bands. The CVL-WLF
antenna offers 2 dBi gain with a VSWR rating of under 2:1 across the
The CVL-WLF has a very slim profile: the depth of the antenna is less
than ¼” (6mm). The overall dimensions are also small. The antenna
is approximately 5 ¾” long, including the mounting holes, and 1 ½”
wide (146mm x 38mm).
The antenna features an over-molded plastic radome made from UV
stable polyamide that allows some flexing of the antenna case. This
flexibility, along with the antenna’s slim profile, allows it to fit into a
wide variety of mounting locations.
The CVL-WLF can be mounted either outside or inside a standalone
device, a NEMA box or a vehicle. If mounted inside, the enclosure
• Built-in mounting holes for easy
must be non-metallic; in other words the enclosure must be built
out of a material such as plastic or fiberglass that will not block the
transmission signal.
This antenna is typically configured with 8 feet of RG-174 cable and
an SMA plug connector. Other cable lengths or connector options
are available.
The antenna comes with two building in grommet holes for an easy
and secure installation. If the mounting holes are not needed and
space is an issue, the mounting holes can be cut off. If the mounting
holes are not use the antenna can be mounted with double sided
This CVL-WLF antenna is completely encased in plastic and meets the
water & dust ingress rating of IP69. In addition, it passes the following Military and Industrial standards for Shock & Vibration: IEEE-147,
EN61373, TIA329.2-C and MIL-810G.
Model # Cable
8’ (244cm), RG-174
3’ (91.4cm), RG-174
Radome Material:
Nominal Impedance:
Max power:
694-960 MHz
1700-2700 MHz
2 dBi
UV Stable Polyamide
50 Ohms (nominal)
10 watt
Dimension: 5 ¾”L x 1 ½”W
(146mm x 38mm)
Cables: Connectors:
Two .19” (4.8 mm) mounting holes or double-sided tape
8 ft. (244 cm) RG-174 standard
SMA Plug (Male)
Operating Temp:
Color: -40 to +85° C
Shock and Vibration:
Water Ingress:
IEEE1478, EN61373, MIL-810G, TIA 329.1-C
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Specifications subject to change without notice (3/2014)
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