Interface video- and signal cable

Data sheet no DS0303770 EN
2011 • R2-1
Interface video- and signal cable
Article no 0303770
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Technical Specifications
Interface video- and signal cable
Article number
Application Suitable for navigation systems to enable automatic switching to Rear View Camera when using reversing lights.
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C.
Protection IP 67 according to IEC 60529.
Coaxial cable 75 Ohm mini 3 mm; 4 p. female connector, gold;
Tulip connector, yellow;
Wires 0,40 mm², red and white.
Weight 0,05kg.
If you want to add more than one camera please contact ORLACO or your local dealer. If you want to connect
a rear view camera please use a mirror camera. Article number 0303770 is the interface video- and signal cable, other images in this data sheet must be ordered separately.
Art. no 0303770 Interface video- and signal cable
Connector 4p female
Solder side
Female connector
1 = Coax core
2 = Coax screen
3 = Red
4 = White
0,40mm2 red wire
0,40mm2 white wire
(Video signal)
(Video ground)
Tulip connector, yellow
4p female connector gold
Coaxial cable 75 Ohm mini 3mm
Utilisation of the cable in a system
Tulip connector
Art. no 030370
Interface video- and signal cable with tulip connector for
navigation system. Connect to Video 1 (Yellow)
White -12V
Red +12V
Camera Rear view
All data subject to change without notice. All dimensions are for commercial purpose only.
The camera/display systems from Orlaco comply with the latest CE, ADR, EMC and mirror-directive regulations.
All products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001
environmental management systems and all Ex products with the IECEx scheme and ATEX directives.