Philips AZ1123/78 Datasheet

Philips AZ1123/78 Datasheet
CD Soundmachine
Music on the move
Compact and stylish, this all-in-one player plays all CDs including CD-R and CD-RW. Sit
back and enjoy music convenience with its programmable 20 track replay.
Enjoy your music from different sources
• CD player
• Compatible with CD-Recordable and CD-ReWritable
• FM/MW tuner for radio enjoyment
Easy to use
• CD Shuffle/Repeat for personalized music enjoyment
• Multi-functional LCD display
• Stereo headphone socket
CD Soundmachine
Audio Playback
• Playback Media: CD, CD-R, CD-RW
• Disc Playback Modes: Fast Forward/Backward,
Next/Previous Track Search, Repeat Play, Shuffle
• Loader Type: Top
• Programmable Tracks: 20
• Antenna: FM Antenna
• Tuner Bands: FM, MW
CD player
CD-R/RW Compatible
• Headphone: 3.5 mm
Battery type: LR14
Battery voltage: 1.5 V
Mains power
Number of batteries: 6
• Included accessories: AC Power Cord, User
Manual, Warranty certificate
Output power (RMS): 2x1W
Sound System: Stereo
Speaker diameter: 3"
Volume Control: rotary
• Display Type: LCD
• Display Digits: 2
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
397 x 169 x 246 mm
• Product dimensions (W x H x D):
350 x 127 x 217 mm
• Weight: 1.9 kg
• Weight incl. Packaging: 2.55 kg
CD player
CD-Rewritable Compatible means that your audio
set can play both CD-Recordable (CD-R) and CDRewritable (CD-RW) discs. CD-R discs are
recordable once and can be played on any audio CD
player while CD-RW discs can be recorded and
rewritten multiple times and can only be played back
on compatible audio CD players. The laser pick-up
and CD decoder circuitry of CD-RW compatible
players are specially designed to read the special
audio CD-RW phase-change recording layer,
ensuring you can always play your home-recorded
discs on your audio CD system.
FM/MW tuner
FM/MW (AM) stereo tuner
CD Shuffle/Repeat
The "Shuffle/Repeat" function helps you to get rid of
the boredom of hearing your music played in the
same order all the time. After loading your favorite
songs to the player, all you have to do is to select one
of the modes - "Shuffle" or "Repeat" for your tunes
to be played in different modes order. Enjoy the
different and unique music experience every time
you hook up to your player.
Multi-functional LCD display
Multi-functional LCD display
Stereo headphone socket
Connect your own headphone for a more personal
listening experience whenever you want it. You can
enjoy your favorite music in great sound without
disturbing others by connecting your headphones to
the player.
Issue date 2014-02-05
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12 NC: 9073 101 02646
EAN: 87 10895 96625 2
* Avoid extensive use of the set in a volume higher than 85 decibel
because this may damage your hearing.
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