Philips SCF280/84 Datasheet

Philips SCF280/84 Datasheet
3-in-1 nutrition centre
Fresh and healthy
Preparing healthy food for your baby is vital and starts with sterilizing bottles and nipples
and ensuring the food temperature is just right.
Baby's food never too hot
• Temperature control system
• The baby's food never gets too hot
• Graduated temperature control
Fast and reliable sterilizing
• Kills all household bacteria in minutes using tap water
• Sterilizes up to 6 regular bottles and 4 wide-neck bottles
• No chemicals needed
• Suitable for sterilizing small plastic toys
Healthy baby food
• Optimal preservation of vitamins
Quick and easy food preparation
• Defrosts frozen baby food
• Quickly heats up bottles and jars to perfect temperature
• Steams all types of fruit and vegetables
3-in-1 nutrition centre
• Automatic shut-off
• Fits all bottles: All baby bottles & jar types
• Automatic audio signal routing
• Power supply: 220-240 V
Disinfects completely
Protect your newborn baby from any harmful
household bacteria or germs by disinfecting her
bottles, teats, pacifiers and small plastic toys.
De-frosting baby food
Conveniently defrost any babyfood which you
prepared in advance and put into the freezer. This
means you can have healthy baby food ready
whenever your baby needs it.
Perfect temperature in 5 minutes
This bottlewarmer reliably heats bottles and jars to
exactly the right temperature within three minutes
to make sure your hungry baby doesn't need to wait
long for her food. And no worries about burning
baby's mouth either, thanks to the innovative heating
Steams all vegies
Once your baby starts eating solid foods, you can
prepare healthy steamed vegetables and fruits while
preserving the vitamins and nutritional goodness.
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