USB Flash Drive
The KODAK USB Flash Drive is a slim, stylish USB flash drive that’s available in a range of colors and
capacities, and provides a convenient solution for storing, transferring, and sharing great family
snapshots, personal music libraries, favorite video clips, and any important documents you’d like to
keep with you on the go. The KODAK USB Flash Drive is available in capacities from 4GB to 32GB.
Slim, Stylish Design
Serious Storage in a Stylish Design. The KODAK USB Flash Drive has
a slim, stylish look. And with its simple plug-and-play design and
high-capacity options up to 32GB, you can easily take more of your
memories and files with you. The drive can also be used with digital
picture frames—just plug it into a frame and instantly view your photos.
Colorful Options and Great Features. The KODAK USB Flash Drive
comes in a range of colorful capacity options—4GB in black, 8GB in red,
16GB in yellow, and 32GB purple. This makes it easy to find one that
suits your needs and reflects your personality. And with its convenient
key ring loop, you can easily attach it to your keychain, computer bag,
backpack, or purse and go. It also has a protective cap for security and an
LED tail light that blinks during data transfer so you have confidence in
knowing when the job is done. The KODAK USB Flash Drive also works
across various platforms, giving you complete flexibility and ease of use.
Kodak Quality. The KODAK USB Flash Drive provides Kodak quality and
comes with a two-year limited warranty. So whether you’re sharing
photos with friends or transferring music on the go, the KODAK USB
Flash Drive is an excellent choice for reliably storing what matters.
Product Highlights
• Great for storing and sharing photos, music,
video, and important files
• Available in colorful, high-capacity options
to suit your needs and reflect
your personality
• Works with digital picture frames
• Slim, stylish design fits on keychain
• Compatible with both PC and Mac® systems
• Large storage capacities
• Two-year limited warranty
4GB in black 8GB in red
16GB in yellow 32GB in purple
Kodak is a licensed brand of Micron Consumer Products Group, Inc.,
a subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc. By leveraging the superior,
high-quality flash memory and award-winning technology of Micron,
one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flash memory, Kodak and
Lexar memory products deliver reliable, high-quality performance you
can trust.
Some of the listed storage capacity is used for formatting and other purposes and is not available for data storage. 1GB equals 1 billion bytes. For more information, go to
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