Windows 8 x64 AM43 driver installation error – signature test fails

Windows 8 x64 AM43 driver installation error – signature test fails
When you first attempt to install the driver for the AM43 on Windows 8 x64, you may get an error
message "The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt
or the victim of tampering". Then the installation process stops. Below is an example of the error box
that will appear.
To solve this problem, you will have to turn off the Windows 8 checking of the driver's signatures.
Walk thru for turning off driver's signature.
1. Press WindowsKey+I, to open Settings Panel. Click on “Change PC Settings”.
2. On the window that appears, select General on the left side window. Along the right side, scroll
down and choose Advanced Startup – Restart Now.
3. When computer is rebooting, a blue screen with Startup settings appears. Select Troubleshoot,
Advanced Options, Startup Settings. Click Restart button. Choose the 7th bullet “Disable driver
signature enforcement”.
4. After computer is restarted, repeat the driver installation process. You may have to open the Device
Manager and manually install the AM43. To open the Device Manager, move your mouse to the
lower left corner. A small Start panel will appear. With the mouse hovering over Start panel, right
click your mouse. A menu will appear. Choose Device Manager.
5. With the Device Manager opened and your AM43 connected, locate the connected AM43. It will
most likely be as shown below.
6. Right click on “NoLand AM43 Multiplexer”. When menu appears, choose “Update Driver
7. When window appears, click on “Browse my computer for driver software”.
8. When the next window appears, you will need to Browse to the directory where your drivers are
located. Click Next to continue. Note: Make sure the file downloaded from the website has been
unzipped or extracted.
9. After the computer starts the driver installation process, the following Windows Security dialog
pops up with a "Windows can't verify publisher of this driver software" warning. Choose “Install this
driver software anyway”.
10. When operation is successful, you will see the following dialog pop up.
11. To verify connection successful, you can check the Device Manager. Under the Ports heading,
you should see the AM43's COM port listed. (see below) Another method of check if correct is to use
any terminal program available. We have a terminal program called D-port on our website, which is
free to download. With the AM43 connected, you can send a query command “@?”. If connected
correctly, it will display the settings of the AM43.
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