User’s Manual
Thank you for purchasing our USB 2.0 Hub. This easy plug and play external device is a full featured
Universal Serial Bus Hub. It allows your computer to connect to USB interfaces joysticks, modems, digital
speakers, printers, digital cameras, monitors, and many other USB devices.
1. Compliant with both USB (Universal Serial Bus) Specification 2.0
(Data Rate 1.5/ 12/ 480 Mbps) and Revision 1.1 specification.
2. Includes 1 upstream and several downstream USB ports (depends on model).
3. Plug and play.
4. Over-current detection and protection.
5. Connects up to 127 USB devices.
6. Support for following OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98SE and MacOS 10.x or higher
System requirements:
1. Pentium 300MHz or similar, with at least 64MB RAM or better system
2. Available USB-port at your system
One upstream port and several downstream ports, depending on the model.
CE emissions and FCC regulations for home/office use
Self Power: 5V 3.5A
Hardware Installation
Turn on your PC and boot fully.
Plug the Mini-type connector into the upstream port
Plug the A-type connector into a computer or USB hub downstream port
Your OS will install the Hub automatically or follow the instructions of your OS.
After fully installation you can connect USB devices or hubs to the hub’s downstream ports.
Important Note:
The Hub must be connected to a USB 2.0-compliant host in order to function in high-speed mode
(480Mbps data rate). If the Hub is connected to a USB 1.1-compliant host, it will operate only in low-speed or
full-speed mode (1.5Mbps/12Mbps).
USB 2.0
Graphics Adapter
Digital Camera
Digital Video
PDA/Cell Phone
MP3 Player
Flash Driver
Safety Instructions
Always read the safety instructions carefully
Keep this user’s manual for future reference
Keep this equipment away from humidity.
If any of the following situation arises, get the equipment checked by a service technician:
• The equipment has been exposed to moisture
• The equipment has been dropped and damaged
• The equipment has obvious sign of breakage
• The equipment has not working well or you cannot get it work according to this user’s manual.
Q1: Can I connect or disconnect devices while the computer is powered?
A1: Yes, you can connect or disconnect any USB cable or devices,
because USB is supporting Plug & Play and Hot-Plug
Q2: Can I use my old USB 1.1 devices with the USB2.0 hub?
A2: Yes, you can. USB 2.0 is downward compatible to USB 1.1, but please note,
you can use only Low-and Full speed (1.5 / 12Mbps) with these units.
Q3: Can I use USB 1.1 cable to connect the hub and devices?
A3: Yes, you can, but it may cause connection problems by connecting USB 2.0 high speed
peripherals. Therefore it is recommended to use only certified USB 2.0 cables.
Q4: After successful installation of the hub and connecting external USB devices,
some of the devices don´t seem to work. – What should I do?
A4.1: Please check all connections and try again, when you are sure the connections are correct.
A4.2: If you did not connect any power supply to the hub, connect an external one and try again.
Make sure it works properly.
A4.3: If you have an external power adapter that comes with your external USB device, connect
the power adaptor to the device and power on the device. Check also the correct driver
installation of your device in your operating system.
On any further problems please contact the technical support under www.digitus.info
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