USB to RS-232 Adapters
USB-RS232 tested by Copley
Simple to use with CME 2 software
Drivers configure USB as COM Port
Quick delivery from B&B
The modern PC is equipped with the USB Universal Serial
Bus for connecting to peripheral devices. Many new
computers are not equipped with RS-232 COM ports so, an
adapter can be used in place of legacy Serial ports. After
many years of searching and testing, the B&B is the only
reliable device that Copley has found.
The Copley Motion Explorer CME2 software is a JAVA
based GUI used to configure and tune the Copley digital
amplifiers. The amplifiers are equipped with RJ-11
connector for RS-232 serial communications. The Copley
SER-CK “Serial Cable Kit” can be purchased from Copley
but, if your personal computer is not equipped with the RS232 Serial communication port, the USB to RS-232 adapter
is a convenient complement to the Copley Serial cable kit.
Image of B&B Electronics Isolated USB-RS-232 Serial
Interface Converter. Model USO9ML2
Ordering Guide
The USB to RS-232 adapter is not available from Copley
Controls Corp. However, it is available for ordering over
the Internet from many computer interface companies.
The Copley software group has tested CME2 with the USB
to Serial adapter in conjunction with Copley SER-CK kit.
Located on the web at: Use find
item USO9ML2 to locate the specification and drivers.
In Windows, when the USB connector is connected to the
PC, the message “Found New Hardware” is displayed. At
this point the device driver (usually on a CD provided with
the USB-RS232 adapter) is loaded onto a drive. The PC
will look for the driver in the user specified drive and start
the loading process. When the installation is done, the USB
port will have the next available COM port address.
To view the COM port number in Windows, select:
Control Panel \ System\ Hardware\ Device Manager\ Ports
• 2000 V RMS optical isolation
• 15KV ESD surge protection
• Adds a COM port to your PC
• Supports all handshake lines (RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR,
• Protects against surges, spikes and ground loops
• LEDs for transmit and receive lines
• USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 compatible (12Mbps)
• Automatic configuration on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP,
and Vista
• No power supply required (powered from USB bus)
• Includes 1 meter USB cable
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