Wi-Fi User Policy @ eudevdays.eu

The European Development Days 2016
Wi-Fi User Policy
@ eudevdays.eu
This year, priority internet access will be given to users of the
EDD App. The App can be used to tweet, network, and interact
during sessions.
Wi-Fi is available to all participants free of charge. Due to
constraints at the venue, Wi-Fi capacity is limited. To ensure
everyone has fair and equal access to the internet, we request
that you adhere to the following rules related to Wi-Fi enabled
• Enabling personal hotspots on Wi-Fi devices and private
access points (wireless networks) is prohibited at the event
• Large files can only be sent via cable connections
• If you have multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices, please turn the
Wi-Fi connection off during the event or enable flight-safe
• Limit the App automatic connexions in your device settings
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