Values Celebration Week Speaker Survey

Values Celebration Week Speaker Survey
Hello all!
Spring 2017 Values Celebration Week will take place on March 6-10. We are currently exploring options for a speaker, and would love to have your
feedback to help us make a decision. Below you will find three(3) potential speakers that are available to us. Please read the description provided
below and watch the short clip of each of our speakers, then chose the speaker that you would like to see at our Values Celebration Week.
Mike Dilbeck-
Mike is a Chicago-based filmmaker turned advocate. Since 1990, he has created educational projects aimed at empowering young people. He has
produced more than 60 educational and promotional film projects for Higher Education organizations, over the past three decades, earning awards
and a reputation for challenging negative social norms in college student communities.
He now dedicates himself full-time as the leader of RESPONSE ABILITY: A Call for Courage. He is a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and founded his
chapter at Texas Christian University. He also served his international fraternity as Assistant Executive Director. Mike is a member of the National
Speakers Association and holds the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). The CSP is the speaking profession’s international
measure of professional platform competence and is held by less than 12 percent of speakers worldwide.
David Stollman-
David Stollman Are your fraternities and sororities held back by chapters and members who don’t get it or who just don’t care? Do you have members
who are there for the wrong reasons? Well, it’s time to drag them, push them, fine them, beg them or dare them to attend David Stollman’s keynote.
Keynotes Buy In or GET OUT! Drop the Drama Fraternity and Sorority Life Recruitment Programs Buy In or GET OUT! Too often, good leaders and
good chapters are not able to succeed because they are too busy cleaning up after the ones that don’t get it. Much of the time organizations are
fighting against the negative image these members create. Imagine how much more could be accomplished if they were part of the solution, instead
of part of the problem. David Stollman is ready to take the wheel will say the things that you wish you could. Let him confront them in his funny,
interactive and moving style. His message will inspire those that want to care about the core values of Fraternity and Sorority Life—fellowship, service,
leadership and scholarship, and he will challenge your members to embrace the best and get rid of the rest. This keynote will touch on topics that
range across all major issues facing today’s members. Learning Outcomes As a result of attending this program, students will: have renewed
motivation to live up to their ritual’s teachings, have a better understanding about the degrading effect perpetuating negative stereotypes have on the
Fraternity and Sorority Life community, understand their role in breaking stereotypes, and holding others accountable to do the same, and remember.
Sara Lowery-
Sara Lowery has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Salisbury University, and her Master’s degree in Higher Education Student Affairs from
Texas Tech, where she learned that everything is bigger in Texas.
Currently, Sara serves as the Coordinator of Student Life at Salisbury University, where she oversees 16 Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations and
New Student Orientation. During her time there, she has received many awards such as Outstanding Staff Member, Outstanding Contribution to
Student Life and the Multicultural Student Service Award, to name a few. She also was named a “Raider Who Rocks,” from Texas Tech.
Sara has a great passion and sense of urgency to see students be the absolute best version of themselves possible. Aside from her personal
accomplishments and professional endeavors, previous abroad experiences in Ghana and other parts of Africa, have prepared Sara for speaking with
students and supporting them through leadership endeavors in college and beyond. Sara lives passionately by two basic philosophies: anything is
possible, and the only way to lead is by example.
*Disclaimer: No speaker is GUARANTEED through this survey
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