26321 TTL Flash Trigger for Canonx

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26321 TTL Flash Trigger for Canon
Instruction Manual
Thank you for your purchase of a NAUTICAM product.
At NAUTICAM, we pride ourselves in the ability to recognize the requirements
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level of user-friendliness by allowing stress-free installation and easy
operation of all important functions of the camera.
Please read this manual carefully before using the product, this will maximize
its performance as well as its lifetime.
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Press and slide the battery compartment cover and open it as shown by the
All NAUTICAM Products are warranted against any material and
manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase for consumer
use. This warranty only applies to products purchased from authorized
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• Use only batteries approved for use in this product, do not mix old and new
• Check the battery terminals before installing into the product.
• Remove batteries for storage, do not store the product in an environment
of high humidity.
• Do not leave the product in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
• Keep out of reach of children, failure to do so could result in injury.
• Defective products should be shipped to our distributors for service,
unauthorized disassembling and/or modifications could result in malfunction.
Install the battery. Make sure the +ve and –ve terminals are correctly oriented.
Then return the cover to its original position.
Battery compartment cover
CAUTION: Be sure to turn off the flash trigger before attaching or detaching.
Slip the flash trigger’s hotshoe connector into the camera’s hotshoe until it
cannot goes any further.
Release button
On/off button and power lamp
Locking pin
Press and hold
Hotshoe connector
Flash head
To remove the flash trigger, press and hold the release button and slide it out
from the camera.
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2. Disable the auto power off function of camera
Turning ON the Flash Trigger:
Go to “SET UP” menu and set “Auto power off” to “Disable”.
3. Install to the housing
Press and hole the on/off button for at least 1 second to turn on the flash. The
power lamp turns on and flash recycling starts. Check that the indicator is lit,
when the indicator lights, you can shoot with the flash.
With flash trigger attached, install the camera into the housing the same way
as described in the housing’s instruction manual. Make sure the flash trigger
is turned ON before closing the housing or going underwater.
Setting the Flash Functions by Camera Operation:
TIP: To save the battery life of the flash trigger, turn on 30mins before dive.
When the flash trigger is attached to an EOS DIGITAL camera with an external
flash control function, the following settings are available through camera
menu operations. See camera’s instruction manual for the setting method and
4. Underwater Operation
• Flash firing (Enable/ Disable)
• Flash function settings
- Flash mode (E-TTL II / Manual Flash)
- Shutter sync. (1st curtain/ 2nd curtain)
- Flash exp. Comp
- E-TTL II (Evaluative / Average)
• Flash C.Fn settings
- Auto power off (Enabled/ Disabled)
CAUTION: The following settings are required to set
prior to close the housing and go underwater. Failure to
do so will result in not triggering the external strobes.
1. Disable the auto power off function for external speedlite
Do not turn off the camera at any time during the dive, this will result in
turning off the flash trigger and will not be able to turn back on without
opening the housing.
1. Disable auto power off function for
external speedlite.
2. Disable auto power off function of
3. Turn ON the flash trigger before
going underwater.
4. Do NOT turn off the camera during
The TTL function of this flash trigger will be work in “P” Program AE, “Tv”
Shutter Priority AE, “Av” Aperture Priority AE and “M” Manual Exposure
camera modes.
Go to “External Speedlite Control” under “SHOOT” menu, and scroll down to
“Flash C.Fn settings”.
Flash Capacity:
Compatible housings:
Compatible strobes:
Body: PC+ABS
Approx. 70 x 47 x 28mm
Approx. 44g (w/ batteries installed)
Canon NB-13L x1pc
TTL or Manual
Approx. 1000times
80D, 70D
INON: Z240 type 4, D2000 type 4, S2000
Sea&Sea: YS-D2, YS-D1, YS-01
Select “Disabled” for Auto power off setting.
Current as of 2016-05-11
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