AMD FirePro™ W4300
Professional Graphics
Best CAD Performance which fits both
Small Form Factor and Tower Workstations
Key Features:
4GB GDDR5 memory
128-bit memory interface
Up to 96GB/s memory bandwidth
Direct graphics memory access
GeometryBoost technology
Four Mini-DisplayPort outputs
DisplayPort 1.2a support
Maximum resolution (4096 x 2160)
AMD Eyefinity multidisplay technology2
AMD PowerTune technology3
Under 50W max power consumption
Discreet active cooling solution
768 stream processors
1.43 TFLOPS peak single precision
OpenCL™, DirectX®, OpenGL API support
PCIe® 3.0 compliant, x16 bus interface
Low-profile design fits SFF and full-size
ATX chassis
Planned minimum three-year life cycle
Limited three-year warranty
Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8.1, 7, and
Linux (32- and 64-bit) support
RoHS, and WEEE compliance
The AMD FirePro™ W4300 is AMD’s highest performing professional
graphics card for CAD that fits in both small and full-size workstations,
offering unprecedented flexibility in its class. It combines a powerful midrange GPU and 4GB of ultra-fast memory with a low-profile card design
and can be installed in small form factor (SFF) as well as full-sized systems.
The AMD FirePro W4300 graphics card is certified and optimized for the
latest CAD applications, including SOLIDWORKS®, PTC Creo®, NX™, CATIA®,
Autodesk® Inventor as well as Revit® and many more. The card enables
engineering professionals to work on large geometry-intense models and apply
GPU-accelerated features in their projects, such as the new Order Independent
Transparency (OIT) mode supported in SOLIDWORKS®.
Maximum Deployment Flexibility
The AMD FirePro™ W4300 is AMD’s highest performing professional graphics
card that fits in both small and full-size workstations offering unprecedented
flexibility in its class.
“No Compromise” CAD Performance
The AMD FirePro W4300 graphics card supports many of the latest GPUaccelerated features and delivers powerful application performance thanks to
its mid-range GPU and 4GB of GDDR5 memory.
Maximum Display Capabilities
Despite its small size, the AMD FirePro W4300 graphics card can drive
AMD Eyefinity multi-display set-ups with up to six monitors and up to
4K and 5K resolution.
With a stable driver that supports over 100 optimized and
certified applications, the AMD FirePro W4300 graphics
card delivers the performance, quality, and
stability you expect from a professional
graphics card.
AMD FirePro™ W4300 Professional Graphics
AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture
Efficiently balances compute tasks with 3D workloads, enabling multitasking that is designed to optimize utilization
and maximize performance.
Reliable Drivers
Multiple AMD FirePro professional graphics driver versions are released several times each year and include
performance and feature improvements. Every version undergoes a minimum of 16 consecutive weeks of testing
conducted by three dedicated quality groups. AMD quality groups perform both manual and automated testing using
the most stressful scenarios our engineers are able to create, plus many challenging ones from our ISV partners and
OEM customers.
DirectGMA (Direct Graphics Memory Access)
Bypasses any need to traverse the host’s main memory, reducing CPU utilization–and avoiding redundant transfers
over PCIe®, resulting in high-throughput, low-latency data transfers.
Allows the GPU to process geometry data at a rate of twice per clock cycle. Triangle rates increase twofold relative to
a GPU that does not possess GeometryBoost.
AMD Eyefinity Multidisplay Technology
Enables highly immersive and powerful multitasking experiences across multiple displays. Each AMD FirePro™ W4300
graphics card is capable of driving up to four displays at 4K resolutions.2
DisplayPort 1.2a and
Adaptive-Sync Support
Simultaneously outputs multiple independent audio streams and display content at resolutions beyond standard
HD (maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160). Adaptive-Sync enables FreeSync™ technology from AMD that allows
GPU control of display refresh rates for tear-free and jitter-free image quality when rotating models or viewing
video content.4
1.43 TFLOPS of Peak Single Precision
Floating Point Performance
Helps speed up time required to complete single precision operations used within Video Enhancement, Signal
Processing, Video Transcoding, and Digital Rendering applications.
OpenCL™ 2.0
AMD FirePro W4300 cards are designed to support OpenCL 2.0. Tap into the parallel computing power
of its GPU and get up to 1.43 TFLOPS of peak single precision compute power to accelerate compute-intensive tasks.
AMD PowerTune Technology3
Performs real-time analysis of applications that utilize a GPU. In the event that an application is not making the most
of the power available to the GPU, AMD PowerTune Technology can improve that application’s performance by raising
the GPU‘s clock speed by up to 30% automatically.
Ready for 4K
Equipped with four DisplayPort outputs with DisplayPort 1.2a support and six display engines, the
AMD FirePro W4300 graphics card can drive up to three 4K displays at 60 Hz or drive up to
four 4K displays at 30 Hz.2
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1. As of October 2015, AMD FirePro W4300 graphics card delivers up to 21% more CAD performance compared to the Quadro K1200 using the geometric average of all four SPECviewperf® CAD-specific tests. Based on AMD internal testing
using SPECviewperf 12.0.1 to measure visual performance and creating the geometric average results of the following four CAD tests: catia-04, creo-01, sn-02 and sw-03. AMD FirePro W4300 scored 47.23 vs. Quadro K1200 which scored
38.99. Test system: Intel E5-1650 v3 3.50GHz, 16GB RAM, Win7 64-bit SP1, AMD 15.201 beta23, Nvidia 354.13. Individual scores for AMD FirePro W4300: catia-04 = 38.79, creo-01 = 43.31, snx-02 = 45.65, sw-03 = 64.86. Individual
scores for Quadro K1200: catia-04 = 35.07, creo-01 = 32.77, snx-02 = 29, sw-03 = 69.35. FP-182
2. AMD Eyefinity technology supports up to six DisplayPort™ monitors on an enabled graphics card. Supported display quantity, type, and resolution vary by model and board design; confirm specifications with manufacturer before
purchase. To enable more than two displays, or multiple displays from a single output, additional hardware such as DisplayPort-ready monitors or DisplayPort 1.2 MST-enabled hubs may be required. A maximum of two active adapters
is recommended for consumer systems. See for full details.
3.AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power are technologies offered by certain AMD FirePro™ products, which are designed to intelligently manage GPU power consumption in response to certain GPU load conditions. Not all products
feature all technologies – check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities.
4.FreeSync is an AMD technology designed to reduce or eliminate screen tears in games and videos by allowing the monitor’s refresh rate to be controlled by and synchronized to the graphics card. Requires DisplayPort 1.2a compliant
monitors that support DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync.
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