Smart Design in a Portable System

Smart Design
in a Portable System
The New Look of Ultrasound.
Terason® introduces the new look of ultrasound. A fusion of Smart Technology and Smart
Resolution Imaging deliver an innovative and intuitive system with elite performance.
The newest member of the ultrasound family affords quick and easy start-up, ideal for
Anesthesia, Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Musculoskeletal, OB/GYN,
Vascular and more. With advanced computer technology and our proprietary design,
the uSmart® 3300 is a powerful diagnostic ultrasound system.
The Best Tools For Your Practice
1 TB Hybrid Hard Drive
Multi-Probe Connector Kit
Smart Resolution Imaging
Ergonomic Soft Keys
TeraVision™ II Durable and Impact-Resistant
Sealed Console
Fast Boot-Up Time
Open Architecture
Smart Console
Smart Guide™
Intuitive Interface
Dynamic Depth
Resolution (DDR™)
Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV)
Large Optical Trackball
DICOM Structured Reporting
Intima-Media Thickness (IMT)
Smart Console Design
Smart Resolution Imaging
A familiar layout just got better!
Reliable and responsive high-quality
buttons and a durable, impactresistant design for added protection
are coupled with ergonomic soft key
positioning and toggle buttons that
reduce keystrokes, providing better
productivity and efficiency.
A combination of Terason’s revolutionary
CDP beamformer technology and unique
IIR signal processing produce an image
with heightened clarity and definition.
This quality coupled with a high-contrast
LCD, with a wide viewing angle of
170o, will provide the best diagnostic
confidence in imaging today.
uConnect® Remote
Exclusively from Terason, this feature
allows for the ability to connect
wirelessly for upgrades, support,
service and collaboration.
A Family of Compatible Transducers
Ergonomic Handle
5C2 Curved Array
Small, Lightweight Connector for
One-Handed Smart Connection
Abdominal, FAST,
Fetal Cardiac, MSK,
OB/GYN, Renal, Thyroid,
15L4 Smart Mark Linear Array
Arterial, Breast, Carotid, Dialysis Access,
Lung, MSK, Neonatal Hip, Nerve Block,
Thyroid, Vascular Access, Venous
9MC3 Curved Array
Abdominal, Cardiac
12L5 Linear Array*
8EC4 Endocavity
Arterial, Breast, Carotid, Dialysis Access,
Lung, Neonatal Hip, Nerve Block, Opthalmic,
Testes, Thyroid, Vascular Access, Venous
OB/GYN, Prostate
8L2 Smart Mark Linear Array
16HL7 High
Linear Array
Arterial, Carotid, Venous
MSK, Venous
4V2 Phased Array
Cardiac, FAST, TCD
8V3 Phased Array
8TE3 Transesophageal
Pediatric Cardiac, TCD
*Not for sale in the US, EMEA
The Terason Commitment
We realize the commitment you make to your patients, and we stand behind every customer. From initial training and online
support, to our easy upgradeability, you can count on Terason to partner with you, building your trust, bolstering your efficiency
and keeping your investment at the forefront of technology for years to come.
uSmart 3300 Ultrasound System Specifications
Imaging Modes
• 2D (B-Mode)
• M-Mode
• Anatomical M-Mode
• Color Doppler
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• Power Doppler
• Directional Power Doppler
• Continuous Wave Doppler
• Tissue Doppler
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging
System Features
• 1 TB Hybrid Hard Drive
• 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Network
• Processor: 2.5 GHz, Intel® Core™ i7
• 8G RAM DDR3 Onboard Memory
• 15" Backlit Polarized Anti-Glare
LCD, Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle
• Removable Lithium Ion Battery
• Imaging Channels: 256
• Dynamic Range: 200 dB
• Video Output: 1024 x 768
• Built-In CD/DVD+RW Drive
• Built-In Camera
• Dual Speakers with Subwoofer
• 4 USB Ports
• Gb Ethernet Port
• 2 HDMI Ports
• DC Input
• Headphone Jack
• Microphone Jack
• Kensington Security Slot
• ECG and Auxiliary Ports
• uConnect® Remote Capabilities
• Windows® 7 Pro Operating System
• Windows® NTFS EFS Encryption
• Cold Boot-Up Time: < 35 Seconds
Imaging Features
• Smart Resolution Imaging
• Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV)
• TeraVision™ II
• OmniBeam™
• Dynamic Depth Resolution (DDR™)
• TeraZoom™
• Trapezoid
• Color/2D
• Triplex/Duplex
• Split Screen
• Full Screen
• Auto Optimization
• 2D Beam Steering
• Application-Specific Presets
• TeraScape™
• Intima-Media Thickness (IMT)
• Smart Console Design
• Optical Trackball (Full-Size)
• Ergonomic Key Positioning
• Reliable and Responsive
High-Quality Controls
• Backlit High-Resolution LCD
• Backlit Keyboard
• Comfort Handle
• Intuitive User Interface
• Tilt Feet
Measurement Packages
• Cardiology
• OB
• Vascular
Physical System Specifications
• System Height: 3.5" / 89 mm
• System Depth: 15.6" / 396 mm
• System Width: 15.3" / 389 mm
• Weight: 14.8 lb / 6.7 kg
Cart Design and Ergonomics
• Sleek Body Style
• Weight: 85 lb / 38.5 kg
• Mobile Design
• 4-Wheel Steering for
Excellent Mobility
• 4 Locking Wheels
• 3 Transducer Holders
• Removable and Washable Gel Holder
• On-Cart Storage Basket
• Transducer Connector Holders
• Cable Management
• OEM Printer Bay
• Multi-Probe Connector Kit (Optional)
• Color Change Controls for Active Mode
• Prospective and Retrospective Capture
• Cine Loop Trim Capability
• Advanced Measurement Tools
• Configurable Report Builder
• Store, Print, Media Export
• JPEG/AVI/BMP/PDF Media Export
• DICOM 3.0
• DICOM Structured Reporting
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