Integrated Lightweight Gaming Audio System
COUGAR MEGARA is an Integrated Lightweight Audio System that has been designed to become the
new standard for lightweight gaming audio. This earset integrates state of the art audio technology
with two microphones, a highly ergonomic design and a set of features that directly target gamers’
Main features
Ultimate Sound Quality
200H’s in-ear sound system is based on a
13.5 mm driver that provides crystal clear
sounds. The highly isolating ear tips (which
come in three sizes) allow you to
experience the clearest sound in the market
for a device of its class.
Dual Microphone
Two microphones allow 200H to serve you
perfectly in any situation. In most situations, the
integrated omni-directional microphone allows
you to make clear voice calls or use your voice to
control your phone. When the time comes for
gaming, simply plug in the detachable
microphone that will keep close to your mouth
to ensure that none your commands to your
teammates (and taunts to your rivals) gets lost.
Main features
One earset for all your devices
200H’s 4 pole connector provides full
compatibility with the vast majority of
mobile devices (and many laptops!), while
the included 3 pole adaptor / splitter will
allow you to separate audio input and
output for use in computers. In short, 200H
is compatible with all devices you might
want to use it with.
Extraordinary comfort
The ultra-light design of 200H allows
you to use it in extended periods of
time without fatigue and the 3 sizes of
ear tips allow it to fit perfectly in your
ear, while the in-ear rubber hook will
keep it firmly and pleasantly in its
Detailed Features
Superb Audio Quality
COUGAR MEGARA brings you the best sound quality available in a device of its class. With a 13.5 mm driver and an in-ear
earbud design that will keep background noise out and provide you with crystal clear sound, COUGAR MEGARA will give
new life to your games and music.
Convenient Controller
COUGAR MEGARA’s incorporated controller will allow you to access, in a fast and comfortable way, key functionality of
your device.
Anti-Entanglement Flat Cable
The ultra-resistant flat cable will prevent the frequent cable entanglement suffered by other devices (and the consequent
irritation it generates!).
Ultra-Light Design
MEGARA’s materials have been carefully selected to minimize its weight without sacrificing durability, which will allow
you to use if for extended periods of time without experiencing tiredness or discomfort.
In-Ear Hook
One of the problems of using earphones instead of headphones is the ease with which most models on the market will
jump out of your ear at the slightest of movements. COUGAR MEGARA solves this by incorporating a comfortable and
flexible silicone hook that will seamlessly insert itself in your ear, keeping the earbuds in place.
Ultimate Clarity
Different environments require different solutions, and sound input is not an exception. For important in-game
communication, MEGARA’ detachable microphone allows you to capture sound right from your mouth, making sure your
instructions to your teammates do not get lost. When the time comes to go out, you can simply detach the microphone,
for MEGARA’s second microphone will work perfectly for phone calls, voice instructions for your phone and similar tasks.
Multi-Sized Ergonomic Ear Tips
Three sizes of ear tips are included to guarantee a perfect fit with your ear and perfect isolation.
Driver Size
Speaker Max. Input Power
Speaker Sensitivity at 1KHz
92 dB ± 3dB
Speaker Impedance at 1KHz
16 ohm +/- 15%
Speaker Frequency response
20Hz - 20KHz
Removable Mic Directivity
Removable Mic Sensitivity at 1KHz
-44dB ± 4dB
Removable Mic Frequency
100Hz to 5kHz
Removable Mic Impedance
In-Line Mic Directivity
In-Line Mic Sensitivity at 1KHz
-42dB ± 4dB
In-Line Mic Frequency
100Hz to 5kHz
In-Line Mic Impedance
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