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Mix it.
Track it. Share it.
• Individual stereo mixes for each musician with up to 16 channels of audio
• Up to 18 tracks of recording to optional SDHC card
• Intuitive interface with full color LCD display
• myMix units can be networked via standard or PoE 100Mbs Ethernet switches
• Dual mic/line inputs with selectable 48v phantom power
• Separate headphone and stereo line outputs
• Name units and inputs as you want them to appear on the network
• Level, tone, pan, effect send, mute and solo controls for each channel
• Effects include hall or room reverbs, or adjustable delay
• 4-band fully parametric master output EQ allows adjustment for any monitoring device
• Ideal for use with headphones, in-ear monitors and speaker systems
• Mounts easily with standard microphone stands and accessories
Mixing with myMix
With myMix it’s simple to create multiple independent stereo mixes with up to sixteen
channels of audio controlled through an intuitive musician friendly interface.
Instead of trying to remember who is on what channel on a
confusing mixing board, myMix allows you to name your unit as
well as each input. Mixing is simply a matter finding the name
and instrument you would like to adjust, selecting the channel,
and making changes to volume, tone, pan and effect send level.
In addition, each channel can be muted or solo’d independently
and a master Mute button is available to silence all channels at
once. So if you want that guitar loud, make it loud. If you want to
hear your singer in a huge Hall reverb, dial one up. If you want
to mute the backing vocals, go for it. Every change you make is
strictly for you and doesn’t affect anyone else on the network.
Additional master EQ
myMix has an additional four band parametric master EQ for
tailoring the output to headphones, in-ear monitors or stage
monitors. Add another myMix to your system and use it to mix
the show through your main PA system.
Every change you make to your mix is constantly updated in the
currently selected profile. If you play in multiple bands, set up a
different profile for each gig. If the power goes out you can rest
assured that your myMix will boot up with the last configuration.
Recording with myMix
Have you ever had a great idea at rehearsal only to forget it two weeks later?
Wouldn’t it be cool to multi-track record a weekend show and have it ready for your
fans the following Monday? Once you have realized all the benefits of being able to mix your
own mix, you’ll want to be able to hear how much better the
band sounds.
myMix is the ultimate device for capturing ideas at rehearsal,
archiving the gig at the local club, or even tracking your next
album. Up to 18 tracks of 24bit, 48kHz time-stamped .wav audio
files can be recorded to optional micro SD, standard SD or SDHC
cards. The moment you hit the REC button a new session folder
is created and each signal is recorded directly from the preamp
to an individual track without processing. An additional stereo
track of your processed mix is also recorded to provide a quick
By pressing the REC button again the session is ended and you
are able to either rename the session or simply keep the default
name and continue on.
Simply transfer the files from the SD card into your favorite
recording software for overdubs, mixing and mastering. Upload
the finished product to your web page or social networking sites
and keep your fans up to date with your latest stuff.
Integrate with myMix
myMix not only integrates with the gear you already have, it unlocks the potential of whatever is plugged into the system.
myMix provides simple yet powerful control over the shape of
your individual mix. Throw a mic in front of an amplifier cab,
DI the latest modeler, run a two mic drum setup, use electronic
drums, combine dynamic and condenser mics - whatever suites
your application.
Do you absolutely require a stage monitor? Then by all means,
crank it up. It will sound better when you are controlling what
is coming out of it . Have you fallen in love with your wireless
in-ears? Mix them in crazy stereo, add lots of effects, and put
yourself into a different musical world. Are headphones good for
rehearsals? Absolutely. Use the ones from your mp3 player, or
splurge on a pricey studio set. When you’ve settled on an output
device you can tweak the master EQ to boost bass in small headphones, cut mids in a powered wedge, or even ring out a main
PA. And if you’re the type of musician whose gear is constantly
evolving, myMix evolves right along with you, storing multiple
user profiles to quickly change between setups.
myMix Applications
Example of myMix in action
The following application example demonstrates
a four piece band using myMix for mixing
monitors/headphones plus an additional myMix
being used to run the main PA system. The inputs
and outputs listed are for example purposes, as
your application may vary. Multiple myMix can
be networked via a standard Ethernet switch (in
this case a 5 port unit) with standard Ethernet
cables. For even more flexibility, myMix units
can be powered over Ethernet by a POE Ethernet
switch that is capable of providing 15 watts to
each unit on the network. Two myMix units may
be connected directly together and do not require
an Ethernet switch.
• Two balanced mic/line combo inputs
with switchable phantom power
• Two balanced 1/4“ outputs with Neutrik™ jacks
• One 1/8” headphone output
• RJ45 for Ethernet connection (standard or PoE)
• External power supply
Learn more at:
Contact us:
6517 Navaho Trail
Edina, MN USA 55439
Impedance (Mic /Line)
2kΩ / 20kΩ
Input Gain
variable up to 56dB
Max. Input Level (Mic /Line)
+14dBu / + 34 dBu
Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz (+0dB, - 1dB)
Impedance (Line / Headphone)
75Ω bal. / >16Ω
Signal to Noise
Distortion (THD+N)
Crosstalk (Master)
< -80dB
Phone & Fax: +1 (952) 657-7889
[email protected]
System Network
100Mbs Fast Ethernet
System Cabling
Cat 5
About MOVEK:
System Latency
Our mission is to develop products
AD/DA Conversion
24-bit, 48kHz
Recording Media
SD or SDHC card
Data format
WAV File, 24-bit, 48kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
134 x 171 x 60mm (5.3” x 6.7” x 2.4”)
Net weight
0.5 kg (1.1lbs)
Included Accessories
external PSU (24V, 12W)
that make musician life infinitely more
enjoyable. Our passion is the business of
audio, the drive for sonic excellence, and
the desire to constantly push the limits of
myMix Microphone Stand Adapter
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