Using iTunes® 7 for Windows

Using iTunes® 7 for Windows®
If you don’t have iTunes for Windows installed, you can go to to download the latest version.
iTunes 7 includes a feature that automatically obtains album art for your library. However,
iTunes does not embed the art into the files— instead it is stored in a separate folder, and in a
format that Sonos does not play. Step 3, on page 3, will walk you through the process of
changing the format and location of the album art so that Sonos can display it.
Note: You must have an iTunes store account to use the Get Album Artwork
feature in iTunes.
1 Set Up iTunes Preferences
1. Select Start>Programs>iTunes.
If this is your first time ripping a CD, it is important to set your iTunes preferences for the
format and bit-rate you would like to use for ripping. To access these settings, select
Edit>Preferences from the iTunes window.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
click to change music
folder location
4. Select the location where your music is stored. In this illustration, it is set to the default
iTunes Music folder.
iTunes® 7 for Windows®
5. Click the Importing tab.
click to select
import format
This screen allows you to select the quality and type of audio you would like your digital music
to be imported in. Don't be fooled by what programs label as high quality.
Remember, an audio CD has a bit rate of 1411 Kbps, which is high quality. 128 Kbps is 1/11th
of that, which is considered as low quality. AAC and MP3 have a "Custom" setting for choices of
higher bit rates and choosing between constant and variable bit rates.
If you want high quality with Sonos and you are using iTunes, Apple Lossless Encoder is a good
option as it is a bit for bit exact copy of the song, and it supports tags and album art.
6. Click OK to save your preference settings.
2 Rip the CD
1. Insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive. The CD will automatically be detected, and its tracks
will appear in the iTunes window. All tracks will automatically be selected for import. You
can de-select any tracks you don’t wish to rip.
If your album information does not display, you can click Advanced>Get CD Track
Names to have iTunes search for it.
2. When you are ready, click the Import CD button in the lower right-hand corner. The CD
will begin importing to your music library. You can watch the progress as it rips each track
to your hard drive.
To stop the ripping process, you can click the X
in the Importing window.
Once completed, your music will appear when you click the Library tab. It also resides in the
music folder you selected when you set your preferences.
iTunes® 7 for Windows®
3 Obtain Album Art
Note: You must have an iTunes store account in order to use the Get Album
Artwork iTunes feature. If you don’t have one, you will need to set one up before
1. From the iTunes window, select all the tracks on an album (click the first track, and then
while holding down the Shift key, click the last track.)
Selected tracks will be highlighted.
2. Right-click and select Get Album Artwork.
3. Select one of the tracks, right-click, and select Get Info.
4. Select the Artwork tab.
5. Right-click the image, and select Copy.
6. Click OK to close this window.
7. Next, click to highlight all the tracks on the album again.
iTunes® 7 for Windows®
8. Right-click and select Get Info. This will open a window where you can edit multiple
9. Hover over the Artwork field, right-click, and select Paste.
10. Click OK.
Your art is now embedded in each file so the Sonos system can display the album art the next
time you play this album.
Note: If you do not see the album art, make sure that iTunes is set to display cover
art by selecting Show Artwork from the Edit menu.
If iTunes cannot find your album art
Follow the steps below to search the Internet if there is album art that iTunes could not find.
1. If you find the album art on a Web site, right-click the image and select Copy.
2. From the iTunes window, select all of the tracks in that album.
3. In the Now Playing pane, (where it says Drag Album Artwork Here), right-
click and select Paste.
The album art will now display for all tracks in that album.
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