OC Mobile Pocket PC Guide

Guide to Using OCMobile
Installing OCMobile
To download OCMobile, go to www.restaurantvision.com/installs.htm select OCMobilesetup.exe
Double click on the install. This should be done on the computer with Optimum Control installed.
Requires version or later.
Be sure that your Pocket PC is connected to the computer and ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device
Center is running.
Be sure all the components
are checked. Certain Pocket
PC’s may have some of these
items already installed.
Make sure these items are all selected:
 Microsoft.Net Compact
Framework v2.0
 Microsoft remote Display
 Microsoft SQL Mobile 2005
 Tracrite Software OCMobile
POCKET PC. So check
 Motorola Datawedge
Once complete look on the Pocket PC to see if any further steps are required.
Exporting the Inventory Worksheet to OCMobile
In Optimum Control, click on the Inventory worksheet window, and select the desired filters
and sorting for the worksheet.
Click the Export button. Make sure that you have your pocket pc in cradle and hooked up to
computer with Activesync running.
Note: If you have not activated your software an activation screen will appear asking for an
activation code. Call Tracrite Software Inc. to receive your activation code.
Counting inventory with OCMobile
1. Tap start, choose Programs. Select OCMobile.
Inventory Counting
1. Tap on Inventory button. The first load of a new count sheet the database will be created,
this may take a couple of moments in which you will see the items being processed.
Once the database has been created the locations window will open. This will be your main root
window for moving from location to location.
Count shows how many
items have been counted
in that location
2. Tap on a Location and enter a count amount using the number buttons at the bottom of the
Click Accept to enter
number and move to next
3. Select Accept and the number will be entered. Note: The Accept key works like an enter key
on your computer keyboard. Tapping Accept will move you the next row
4. To count purchase units, use scroll bar at bottom of screen to move to the right and show
those units.
5. Add your counts as necessary, once complete click the locations button to go back to main
Tip – to Add to a counted amount (for example you counted 23 but want to add 13 to that count).
1. Highlight the counted amount.
2. Click the + and the amount to add.
3. Click Accept and the two numbers will be added together.
Searching for items
1. Tap into the Search box, the keyboard will appear.
2. Type a few letters for the item you are searching for and tap Find. Your list will filter down
based on your search.
3. Once complete, tap Clear to bring back the full listing.
Scanning inventory with a barcode scanner.
Assign barcodes.
Select a Location
Scan the items barcode or UPC code
If the barcode is not found in the system, you will be asked if you wish to assign the barcode.
Click yes.
Search for the item you wish to assign the barcode.
Click Save.
The barcodes will now be assigned and new barcode information will be uploaded to optimum control
upon import to worksheet.
Counting inventory by scanning
1. Scan the item barcode,
2. Enter a count. Note: to add a count each time you scan, select the "Auto increment Counts"
on the main location screen.
3. Scan next barcode
4. To move to another location tap the location key.
Uploading counts
Once you have completed counts, in the main locations screen select "upload counts"
Plug in Handheld PDA to the computer or cradle, make sure Active Sync or Windows Mobile
Desktop is running and you are connected
In Optimum Control – Select inventory count sheet,
Click Import - Your counts will be uploaded. Most times a message will appear indicating
that there are counts in the sheet already. To overwrite the counts click Yes. To add the
counts to the existing counts click No.
New barcodes will also be detected upon save of worksheet. To save the new barcodes, click
Save when prompted. The barcodes will be updated.
Once sheet is complete, click Save Worksheet and Summarize to finalize the inventory.
Exporting Order guide to Optimum Control
1. In Optimum Control, click the Orders button.
2. Select the supplier and or group that you want to order with. As opposed to the inventory
window that has you select locations, the order window exports by groups.
3. Once the listing has been selected, make sure the Pocket PC is connected to the computer
and click Export.
4. You will prompted as to whether PDA is connected and export window will appear.
Creating order in OC Mobile
Tap start, select OC Mobile and choose Order.
Select the Group that you wish to order and a listing of items in that group will appear.
Tap the item and enter the desired amount to order, note that the purchase units appear by
If you wish to order a split case, highlight the item and select "Full" button, this will switch
the unit of measure for that item to the case unit.
To switch back, click the “Split” button and will change back to “Full”
Enter your order for each item and group. Once complete, exit to main Groups screen and
tap Upload Order.
Importing your order to Optimum Control
Click the Orders button in Optimum Control.
Click New.
Make sure your Pocket pc is connected and click Import on the order window. Your order
will appear.
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