Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
Read this user manual and keep it with the product
Always follow all safety instructions and local security
Never use accessories not manufactured or approved by
Aura Audio
Make sure no audience or crew member is too close to
loudspeakers when operating with high sound pressure
levels (SPL) Professional loudspeaker systems are capable of
producing sound pressure levels high enough to cause
permanent hearing damage even at exposure times less than
couple of minutes
Please check the Aura Audio website on a regular basis for
latest downloads and updates
In case of any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us
for more information via
We also welcome all comments and system pics from you!
Safety Instructions
Applications and System Options
Prediction with EASE Focus2
Operation with A2R
Directivity Measurements
Declaration of Conformity
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
A2 is a compact passive 3-way line array speaker. It consists
of two (2) 10” low frequency driver, 6.5” cone driver loaded
multi-path waveguide and two (2) 0.65” exit compression
drivers loaded with triple exit waveguides.
Two (2) 10” low frequency drivers are loaded with narrowQ band-pass horn for extra sensitivity which actually equals
two front loaded 12” drivers in SPL over 150-400Hz. Low
frequency response is extended to 65Hz using tuned
combined back volume.
The heart of A2, like in its predecessor A1 is M6 mid
frequency driver consisting of 6.5” neodymium magnet cone
driver loaded with internationally patented multi-path
waveguide. Not only does this technology increase the
sensitivity roughly 10dB but M6 sound channels LPF also
cancel harmonics making distortion levels at max SPL
between 10-20dB lower than standard speaker systems
equal size. M6 also features wide horizontal beam width and
high cut off frequency of 4kHz making it possible to use
small diaphragm lightweight compression drivers for high
frequencies for increased sensitivity and detail. Two (2) A2´s
can be driven with Aura Audio D2k.A1 powered controller
channel or up to three (3) with Powersoft X-series
amplifiers fitted with OEM preset libraries.
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
Front of house systems
Medium to large installations
Music reinforcement with or without subwoofer
A2 compact line array speaker
Full range operation down to 65Hz
A2R Flying Frame for A2 array of 1 to 20 units
A2RG Ground stacking or on a top of XD-series subwoofer
Powersoft X8 - A2 Presets - max 3 units /ch (24 units)
Aura Audio D2x.A2 - max 1 unit /ch (2 units)
Music reinforcement with subwoofer:
XD12 compact subwoofer; operation to 40Hz
XD18 high power subwoofer; operation to 33Hz
A28 Passive End Fire Subwoofer; operation to 38Hz
A28 – Passive End Fire Subwoofer
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
EASE Focus 3 is a 3D system design software developed by
AFMG GmbH. Before using the software visit “downloads”
section in Aura Audio website to download A2 GLL file and
then download EASE Focus 3 software from
Install the software and import A2 GLL file to your project:
Edit / Import System Definition File… => Add Sound Source
Please refer to the EASE Focus 3 User Manual for more
details or contact Aura Audio user support via email
We recommend you always verify the system performance
after the setup is completely ready by measuring frequency
response from at least two or three locations (front of
house, middle of audience area, balcony etc.) and by
listening familiar music material. It is also necessary to time
aline subwoofers to flown array separate and summed
measurements from both subs and tops and adjust delay to
one or both groups accordingly.
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
A2 and A2R flying frames are in conformity with UNI EN
13155:2009. The safety factor is equal to 10:1 on the
breaking load. However there are wide regulation variations
internationally and practices applying to suspension of sound
systems in public places. Consequently, users of Aura Audio
rigging systems should be prepared to take additional safety
assurance measures beyond those outlined in this manual.
! ! ! WARNING ! ! ! Do not suspend more than 18 A2
with one A2R flying frame! WLL for A2 is 700 Kg (1543 lb).
In the following three steps we show how to suspend A2
array with A2R flying frame.
1# Place A2R on top of the first A2 and connect the front
quick release pins first. Pull back the pins to make sure they
are locked. To release the pin just push the button in the
pin and pull back the pin.
2# Connect the angle rod according to Ease Focus
simulation. A2 features 5 choices for angles; 0.5, 2, 5, 7.5
and 10 degrees. A2R only has one connection for angle
3# Hook the motor chains to the A2R bumper. The
motor chains can be connected directly to the A2R using
omega shackle(s) supplied with the system. Now you are
ready to lift and connect the next A2 under the top A2
repeating the steps 1# and 2# above.
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
Frequency Response (+-3 dB): 65–22000 Hz
Horizontal Nominal Coverage (-6 dB): 90 degrees
Vertical Nominal Coverage (-6 dB): 10 degrees
Max peak SPL: 142 dB (free space)
Sensitivity, 1w/1m: 109 dB (free space)
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Crossover: 400Hz and 3.5kHz passive 3-way
Power handling: 500 W rms, 2000 W peak
Recommended HP-filter: 65-80 Hz, 12dB/oct
LF: (2) x 10” cone driver, band-pass horn loaded
MF: (1) x 6.5” neodymium magnet cone driver, horn-loaded
HF: (2) x 0.65” exit compression driver, triple exit
Enclosure: Birch plywood, textured black paint finish
Grille: Cold rolled steel grille, textured black paint finish
Rigging system: Stainless steel, textured black paint finish
Connectors: (2) x NL4, +/-1: IN/LINK, +/-2: n.c.
Dimensions: 700 mm x 310 mm x 460 mm
Weight: 33 kg
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
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Aura Audio A2 MANUAL
Version 1.2
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