THZ52202CA| 3D Protection for iPad Air 2 - Black

THZ52202CA | 3D Protection for iPad Air 2 - Black
Let's face it – you're not climbing Everest with your iPad
Air 2. You need to protect your tablet but your everyday
bumps and drops are tame compared to the hazards you
might find on Everest. With the Targus 3D Protection iPad
Air 2 case, you can keep your device safe without
weighing it down in a bulky case. It’s a rugged case
without the rugged price tag.
Superior Protection - With a ribbed, shock-absorbing tray
and a reinforced cover, the Targus 3D Protection case is
engineered for high-performance protection. 3D Protection
cases pass Mil. Spec. for 4 ft. drops, so you can entrust
your iPad Air 2 to this protective case.
Ruggedized Outer Edge - A rugged case is all about
details. The 3D Protection case has bolstered edges to
protect your iPad against accidental knocks with the
furniture. The case's elastic band keeps the case shut
when you're ready to go. Details keep your iPad secure.
Artistic Structural Design - This is protection you can see.
The structural beam design of the 3D Protection's cover
repels dirt and water, giving you a firm surface to grip. It's
a design you can depend on.
Adjustable Angles for Comfortable Viewing and Typing Your iPad is versatile – so is this case. The 3D Protection
iPad Air 2 tablet stand offers adjustable viewing angles
and the custom tray lets you access all of your device's
buttons and ports. Protective to the core without the
rugged price – that's the 3D Protection.
Reinforced ribbed tray for anti-shock protection
Typing position angle is ideal for comfort
Artistic structural design for more stylish look and feel
Dirt and water repellant exterior coating for easy cleaning
Custom tray design for easy access to all ports and buttons
Secure elastic band closure for more peace of mind
Passes Mil. Spec. for 4 ft. drops
Product Name
3D Protection for iPad
iPad Air 2
Limited 1-Year Warranty
Air 2 - Black
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Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.
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