The richest offering of live, high-definition TV in

The richest offering of live, high-definition TV in flight.
Stay in touch with the world beyond your cabin by bringing more channels of live, clear
TV to your airline-class executive or VIP aircraft. Rockwell Collins’ Tailwind® 550 features a
powerful antenna for superb signal reception of high-definition, encrypted content. Your
passengers can make the most of their in-flight time, selecting among live sports, financial
updates, entertainment, political events, news, weather and more.
More live programming to make every flight more enjoyable.
Watch a live football match on your way to Abu Dhabi. Catch the
stock market recap en route from London to Berlin. Get live news
updates throughout your flight from New York to Los Angeles. With
Tailwind 550, your cabin experience is richer, with more viewing
choices than ever before – all in high definition.
Tailwind 550’s new, advanced antenna picks up more satellite
signals than ever before. For instance, the antenna’s ability to
receive stronger satellite signals has resulted in the reception
of over 100 more channels (HD and free to air) in European
and Middle Eastern regions.
Get all the primary English-language channels, such as CNN and
the BBC. As you fly across regions, you’ll also get local-language
channels. In the Middle Eastern region, these include Al Arabia,
BeIN Sports, Dubai Racing and CNBC, all available in Arabic.
Hundreds of high-definition satellite TV programs are now at your fingertips while traveling in the United States, Europe, the Middle East,
India, western Russia and eastern China.
Seamless service in the air and on the ground
When you travel long distances, your aircraft crosses different
TV broadcast zones. The Tailwind 550 ensures that your cabin
smoothly acquires the new signals within each region. The system
constantly monitors your aircraft’s location and uses multiregion
auto-detection technology to switch TV signal receivers as needed.
All you’ll notice is that your favorite high-definition content keeps
seamlessly flowing.
Before takeoff and after landing, your Tailwind 550-equipped
aircraft maintains its high performance with technology that
overcomes the special challenges of ground-based signal reception.
One source for a live-TV system that stays innovative
Turn your live-TV needs over to Rockwell Collins and you’ll enjoy
years of reliable performance and attentive service.
Forward-thinking system design – the Tailwind 550 will
complement the advancements of your other cabin technology for
years to come. For example, maybe you’re considering an upgrade
to monitors with 4K picture resolution. The Tailwind 550 already
delivers the signal quality that ultra-high-definition monitors need
to perform at their best.
Personalized content and multiple-zone viewing – offering
combinations from two to 32 unique programming receivers using
the IMU-2 or the optional IMU-16s.
Radome excellence – combining efficiency and durability with
pleasing aesthetics that maintain the beauty of your aircraft’s
exterior. The radome’s aerodynamic design creates less drag
and is 38 percent more efficient than previous models. Rugged
quartz-laminate construction is translucent to television signals
for better reception.
Annual subscriptions let you customize and select the specific
programming options you want. Should you need programming
assistance, our Member Services Center is available to you 24 hours
a day.
Thoughtful engineering runs throughout the system. It meets all
the requirements for airworthiness on VIP and VVIP aircraft like
yours. Its performance features include:
Tailwind-ready aircraft
An unrivaled signal-receiving antenna (FMU-4000) – the result
of our ongoing investment in antenna technology to capture the
broadest, highest-quality satellite TV reception for your cabin.
Combine the Tailwind 550 with any cabin
management system on aircraft such as:
The FMU-4000 is equipped with a micro-horn array for maximum
full-band performance. This fuselage-mounted antenna rotates 360
degrees while pivoting -10 to +90 degrees for a greater up/down
look angle. A high dynamic reaction rate enables the antenna to
move two to three times faster than other antenna. This keeps it
on signal for uninterrupted TV viewing even during aircraft takeoff,
landing, banking and climbing.
>> Boeing Business Jet
>> Airbus Corporate Jet
>> Boeing B747, B757, B767 and B777
>> Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330
and A340
Learn more about how the Tailwind 550 system can bring a new
level of enjoyment to your cabin, with real-time content that’s
exciting and informative.
Building trust every day.
Rockwell Collins delivers innovative aviation and high-integrity
solutions to commercial and government customers worldwide.
Backed by a global network of service and support, we stand
committed to putting technology and practical innovation to work
for you whenever and wherever you need us. In this way, working
together, we build trust. Every day.
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