Upgrade instructions for SimSteering firmware. Caution: Upgrading

Upgrade instructions for SimSteering firmware.
Upgrading the firmware may render the steering system unusable if the process is not followed
Do not turn the power off or disconnect the USB during the upgrade process.
Disconnect any steering wheel cables or other devices that could be damaged by sudden rotation
of the steering wheel.
Keep hands away from the steering wheel during the upgrade process.
Make sure the steering controller is connected directly to the computer via the shortest USB link
possible, remove any USB hubs or USB extenders. If possible connect the control box to a USB 2.0
The firmware can be reverted to an earlier version if needed.
Settings can be lost during this process, ( centre position, damping levels etc. ) make sure you have
them backed up.
1. Check the existing firmware version.
Open the SimSteering control software, the version number listed is the firmware version installed
on the control board.
The latest SimSteering control software can be found here.
2. Download latest firmware version.
The latest software and firmware can be found on our web sites download section.
Download and extract the current firmware version ( 3.8 at the time of writing this guide )
3. Update the firmware.
There are two controllers on the SimSteering system:
The USB host interface ( SimSteering )
The servo amplifier controller.
Run the file SimSteeringFirmware to update the USB host interface first.
Click the Upgrade Firmware button. Wait for the process to finish. ( roughy 45 seconds )
Note :
Some Antivirus software can cause problems with the firmware update program.
Please temporarily disable these during the update process if you are
experiencing problems.
Please also ensure you are running the update program with admin access.
Check the SteeringSystem system is being shown in Devices and Printers. If it is shown as
‘Bootloader’ try the process again and press the Load Firmware button to force the firmware
If it is stuck in bootloader mode and you have tried the above contact support@leobodnar.com
Normal operation :
In Bootloader mode ( Failsafe mode ) - try to flash the firmware again.
4. Upgrade the servo amp firmware
The upgrade process for the servo amplifier firmware is a very similar process but often causes more
problems with failed updates. You can skip this step if there is no new update for the amplifier
Click the update
firmware button
and wait for the
update to finish.
Note :
Use the SimSteering diagnostics program to check the firmware version on the amplifier. If the
version is reported as 0.0 the update has failed and the process must be repeated.
5. Check everything is working.
Check the steering is working as normal. The postion should change when the wheel or motor shaft
is moved and the end stops should be working. ( this is a good sign everything is working normally
with the system )
SimSteering Diagnostics Program showing Amplifier version 3.8 installed
SimSteering Diagnostics Program showing NO Amplifier firmware installed – retry the upgrade
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